How Lil Wayne is Hanging in the Rap Game by DEFAULT


Now before anybody comes in here calls me a hater or say that I’m jealous of Lil Wayne’s success or whatever any type of sly negative remarks, Let me set the record straight right now. I could careless about his money, I could careless of how many bad bitches he has or how rich he is. It’s not about any of that so anybody that wants to come with that dismissive and played argument of me being a broke jealous hater need to sit down. There was a time where I was actually a fan of his:

I’ve been checking Lil Wayne’s music going back to the days of where he started off as a youngster in the Hot Boy$. I thought the albums such as The Block is Hot, Lights Out along with his 2002-2003 Squad up mixtapes were great because it seemed as if he was doing lyrical pushups trying to step his game up. I’ve always gave him credit for trying to develop his rapping ability and trying to find his niche as a star of the then star-studded NO group the Hot Boys. Especially when you see the top dogs of Cash Money Leaving during that period. I’ve even loved Dedication II and the Drought III along with The first 2 Carter album because he came up in a way where he stood out as a star and broke out of the pack.

But somewhere along the way or during the creative process of The Carter 3, Lil Wayne started to change and that change was for the worst in terms of behavior and later in the terms of his work. He has single handily over the past few years broke almost every rule in the terms of Hip Hop and became an embarrassment.

I’ve never knocked him for his grind because he did a great job of making himself who he is and he’s very intelligent to where he plays the game to where no matter what he says or does.So what are the acts of treason you would say that Lil Wayne has committed among hip hop?? Well take a seat and read 14 reasons why I feel Lil Wayne is hanging on in the game not because he’s nice but by DEFAULT and examples of treason that he’s showcased throughout the past couple of years.

Lil Wayne 2

Ever since winning the Grammy, It seems within every release of his latest mixtape or album that Weezy has basically just became either complacent, plain lazy or GARBAGE. When I heard songs like Georgia Bush, The Walk it Out Freestyle, or Birdman JR, It showed that dude was really trying to prove himself as a rapper and get better. You listen to alot of this garbage today he’s coming with today and You couldn’t help but to either laugh or shake your head. These are some of the most horrible lines I’ve ever heard in my life:

60. “All about my riches/ My name should be Richard” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
59. “Swagger down pat/ Call my shit Patricia” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
58. “All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not ‘four-ever'” (From “How To Hate”)
57. “Don’t call me ‘sir’/ Call me ‘sir-vivor'” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”)
56. “Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack” (From “She Will”)
55. “I put up a wall/ And they just wallpaper” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
54. “Weezy F. Baby/ And the ‘F’ ain’t for fear” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”)
53. “You don’t want to start Weezy/ Cause the ‘F’ is for finisher” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
52. “Weezy F./ For ‘Fuck you'” (From “How To Hate”)
51. “The ‘F’ is for ‘Fuck yourself'” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”)
50.”I put it down like my hand’s hurtin'” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
49. “The weed too loud/ Turn up the volume” (From “I Like The View)
48. “The weed loud/ Like a lion’s roar” (From “Intro”)
47. “You know that money talk/ I am the ventriloquist” (From “Megaman”)
46. “Married to the money/ A true love story” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”)
45. “If time is money/ I’m an hour past paid” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
44. “I get money to kill time/ Dead clocks” (From “John”)
43. “I don’t need a watch/The time is now or never” (From “Intro”)
42. “Times have changed/ Well fuck it get a new watch” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
41. “I tried to pay attention/ But attention paid me” (From “She Will”)
40.”How you niggas want to have it your way/ Burger King?” (From “Megaman”)
39. “I’m trying to walk a straight line/ But the line crooked” (From “Abortion”)
38. “I just touched down/ Kicked a motherfucking field goal” (From “It’s Good”)
37. “I’m all about ‘I’/ Give the rest of the vowels back” (From “She Will”)
36. “You faker than some titties/You get titty-fucked” (From “Intro”)
35. “Eat her ’til she cry/ Call that wine and dine” (From “She Will”)
34. “Just sit on my grill/ That’s that tailgate for ya” (From “So Special”)
33. “I make her come first/ Then I follow the leader” (From “So Special”)
32. “Been fuckin the world/ And nigga I ain’t come yet” (From “John”)
31. “I tried to fuck the world/ And couldn’t even get aroused” (From “President Carter”)
0. “You can sit right on my middle finger for the night” (From “How To Hate”)
29. “I get deep in that pussy/ Dig her out, surgery” (From “Megaman”)
28. “I already know that life is deep/ But I still dig her” (From “She Will”)
27. “When the shit get deep/ I’m never afraid to dive” (From “President Carter”)
26. “I talk shit, I hope it matters/ We climax, without the ladder” (From “So Special”)
25. “If real shit is dead/ Then nigga I’m a bastard” (From “President Carter”)
24. “Bullshit for lunch/ Brown bag nigga” (From “President Carter”)
23.”You don’t need a bus pass/ You need to bust your ass” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
22. “Tools on deck/ Home Depot nigga” (From “Megaman”)
21. “Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms” (From “President Carter”)
20. “I’m beneficial/ I’ve been official” (From “President Carter”)
19. “Boy I’m going in/ Like my water broke.” (From “Intro”)
18. “I’ve been at the top for a while/ And I ain’t jumped yet” (From “She Will”)
17. “I’m 100/ Like a fastball” (From “Megaman”)
16. “I say you rappers sweet/ I pay the incidentals” (From “President Carter”)
15. “I’m shooting for the stars/ Astronauts dodge bullets” (From “Abortion”)
14. “Reality’s a bitch/ And I’ma dance with her” (From “President Carter”)
13. “If life is a bitch/ Then mine a gold digger” (From “Megaman”)
12. “All my bitches nasty like a cold dinner” (From “Megaman”)
11. “Two bitches at the same time/ Synchronized swimmers” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
10. “Nothing standing in my way/ Like nothing’s my security” (From: “Nightmares Of The Bottom”)
9. “Mind so sharp I fuck around and cut my head off” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
8. “I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
7. “I keep some bud/ like Rudy Huxtable” (From “Intro”)
6. “Boy I send them bloods at your ass/ Like a tampon” (From “Megaman”)
5. “I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/ Ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” (From “Abortion”)
4. “We jack son then light up that ‘L’/ Samuel” (From “Megaman”)
3. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” (From “6 Foot 7 Foot”)
2. “All hail Weezy/ Call it bad weather” (From “Blunt Blowin”)
1. “Don’t fuck up with Wayne/ ‘Cause when it Waynes it pours.” (From “How To Hate”)

wayne girls

Rappers have always been accused of being Misogynistic going back to where raunchy lyrics from 2 Live Crew, NWA, Ice T and others made them become targeted by black women rights groups and C.Deloris Tucker. Since the beginning Hip Hop shift in the late 80s, Rappers have always been the target from Conservatives, Feminists where mainly throughout the 2000s Nelly, David Banner, 50 Cent, and T.I. were targeted and had to defend their lyrics on a panel.

Lil Wayne on the other hand time and time again showed NO respect to black women in his records. You can check throughout his whole entire catalog but yet somehow and someway You find more Black Women STILL buying his records and going to his shows. Now before you come blasting me talking about “Well other rappers do it, What about what Eminem said?” Well I’ve tackled that already so lets focus on the subject at hand because Weezy hasn’t really been checked like these other guys.

Whereas Young Berg had his career soul snatched from him for his comments about not liking Dark Butts or Nelly’s career wasn’t the same after he swapped a credit card down a woman’s butt in Tipp Drill, Tunenci on the other hand been getting passes left and right it seems from most Black Women. Where were the women Speilman College whom prevented Nelly from getting a Bone Marrow for his sister because of that Tip Drill video? They took a stance to where he couldn’t even get support on that issue supporting his sister whom had leukemia,but yet their silent right now but when Wayne get on songs such as Right Above where he basically tells you that if he wants a beautiful black woman then the bitch better be a red bone Theres silence or their too busy getting hype to the club over it:

How do you say what’s never said?
Beautiful black woman, I bet that bitch look better red

Now Weezy fans may want to say well, Thats his preference.. Well ok fine. But can you explain how he basically dissed dark-skinned women on his video shoot:

lil wayne 3


There have been instances in hip hop where artists and DJ’s don’t get along. Theres instances where DJs leak songs from albums too early or they bootleg albums on their websites so therefore the DJs deserve to be checked by the artists for it. I wouldn’t have no problems if Wayne even took this out on the people who leaked half of the stuff from the album which was Evil Empire. The problem with Wayne’s stance was that he told EVERY mixtape DJ in the game to eat a dick and even bragged about it by basically saying he can do that because they gonna still put his music on their tapes.

What happened to the uproar behind that? Where was Funk Flex? He was so quick to diss a rapper whom been deceased for 15 years(Tupac) but didn’t say nothing about this? Wait you see him kissing up to Young Money on Hot 97 and dropping bombs on the latest Nicki Minaji joint. How he gonna disrespect Mixtape DJs when they gave re-birth to his career? Sheesh talk about ungrateful

lil wayne 4

In the back of your mind as you follow Lil Wayne’s career or listen to some of his best verses, You have to wonder if Theres always been an high possibility that Wayne had ghost writers. Going back to where his style changed from the basic simple Wobble Wobble NO style rap which was showcased on Lights Out into a more lyrically advance Philly style within his Squad Up mixapes. Gillie Da Kidd has claimed to have written The Carter for him and you can’t help but to notice the differences between Wayne’s style in 2002 and The Carter within 2004 and so on.

It’s also a possibility that Drake and Cory Gunz could have written alot of Weezy’s best constructed raps throughout 2009 and 10. Speculation or not, You can’t really deny or brush the accusations under the rug because if you’ve been following Wayne’s career like I have, You can’t help but wonder. Gillie Da Kidd spoke about this in a 2006 interview. He has since then denied he wrote it but thats clearly out of industry pressure.

Lil Wayne 5

5.Kissing BABY.
THIS HERE would have been spelled doom for any rapper in the 80s and 90s. For those who don’t know also, Weezy and Baby have kissed each other on Rap City and even bragged about doing it during a interview in 106 and Park. He’s been dissed by Juvenile, Gillie Da Kidd, B.G, and others around that time for it but nobody big time or big enough to put his career in the casket.

This also started a slow shift of embracing feminization among black men because slowly homosexuality and moist behavior started to become accepted among hip hop. Best believe if this was 1994, He would have been DONE and possibly would have been Tevin Campbell status by now. This is another prime example of Wayne benefiting off the current soft era of rap. He was even caught kissing his DJ Stevie J on stage earlier this year and damage control from the Young Money Team along came swarming. Can’t deny whats caught on video:


This here would have spelled doom for any mainstream rapper in the past and I’m glad that the Black Community used their power to really check dude for that Emmett Till Line. On the contrary of what many may feel, I don’t really think Weezy really was set out to disrespect Emmett. But that doesn’t mean we should have stayed silent and let horrific situations of our culture become tasteless punchlines. The Till family was on the ball and forced Weezy’s hand which led him to be dropped off Pepsi. It seemed as if he didn’t really care until the Till Family called for a boycott to have him dropped from the Soda company.


When Nas release Nastaradamous, It was looked as if his best days were done. When Jay released Kingdom Come, It was looked as if he lost his touch, When Snoop released Tha Doggfather, It was considered a sophomore Jinx. But when Lil Wayne released garbage albums such as I Am a Human Being II and that atrocious rock album along with the Sorry 4 the Wait, Dedication III mixtapes. His fans considered it to be just “throw aways” and shouldn’t count against him because it’s not his real material.

This is possibly one of the most LAME excuses I’ve ever heard. Anybody that drops a dud, We put it against the artist’s resume. Since when the rules change now because its Weezy? I Am Not a Human Being II was NOT packaged as a mixtape underground release, He released it as a retail hoping to push UNITS. He shot a high budget video with Drake and Future and pushed it as a major single for radio so he was looking for it to sell records! Quit making excuses for this dude to keep releasing garbage albums. The album was a DUD, DEAL WITH IT.


Lil Wayne was always the type to ROLL with street dudes and benefit off others muscle. He’s been basically raised and fathered by Baby and Slim since the age of 15 which meant he’s basically been rich most of his life.

Nobody has ever seen Wayne shoot anybody, Nobody recalled Wayne getting into any fights, putting in no turf work or earning any stripes to become apart of the blood set(Which was highly due to Mack 10’s affiliation). Nobody can vouch or talk about Lil Wayne living somewhat what he raps about. Lil Wayne HIMSELF admitted that the reason why he became a blood was because his BROTHER was jumped in the set. He talked about this on the BEEF 5 DVD which was gonna focus on gangs in hip hop but it since been canceled.This is pretty suspect especially when he came up wearing blue rags as a Hot Boy.

Some real certified OGs such as Rodger T Jones have checked him.

lil_wayne_greatest_rapper_alive 9


Whoever came up with this as a marketing campaign was a genius. When Lil Wayne in 2005 claimed to be the Rapper Alive, I was thinking well thats pretty BOLD and I respect the confidence behind it because any rapper should believe in themselves. But when guys like 50 Cent(Who was selling at the time) came for his neck, Its time to put up or shut up.

If You’re gonna claim to be the best rapper alive, One of the main rules of the game is that You CANNOT duck battles. If you’re the best rapper alive like you claim then you have to show and prove that your battle tested as well. LL did that when he claimed he was the G.O.A.T. T.I. did that when he claimed he was the King of the South, Jay did that when he called himself the GOD MC, What makes Wayne any better? He even said himself that he would never battle because thats for old ass rappers which is also disrespectful to the ones before him.


Kendrick Lamar set off a firestorm this past week when he called himself the King of New York in his verse off Control. He had almost every NY C list rapper coming for his neck but yet NOTHING was said when Wayne disliked New York City aside from Fabolous. Even Mr “I’m Back on My New York Shit” Busta Rhymes didn’t have anything to say as he came across as a true idiot trying to defend Wayne dissing his city.

I have to give Miami a little bit of credit because at least they spoke out. The rapper LMS may have released one of the most vicious diss tracks Ive heard in a long minute at Lil Wayne titled No Leggings. As vicious as it was, It was overlooked by many of the so-called hip hop publications and media so it didn’t really do damage to Wayne because many were quick to dismiss it. Despite all of this Wayne’s music along with his Young Money artists are still being played throughout the both states in the biggest radio stations.

Proving Wayne’s point of people within industry sucking his dick while he continues to disrespect them. How could he disrespect NYC when his Young Money Logo is based on a Yankee Logo? How could he disrespect the City of Miami when he was a Dwayne Wade groupie or in Lebron Jame’s Nike Commercial? These contradictions and bi-polar actions needed to be addressed. The perfect NYC(Jadakiss, Fab, Joe Budden, Papoose) could have put this dude to sleep but I guess they were too concerned with not getting a Drake feature.


11.MOIST Fashion Trends
Theres nothing much to be said here. A picture is worth a thousand words


In People magazine’s “Four Albums That Changed My Life,” Lil Wayne named Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. He said of the album, “‘Lucky Me’ is my favorite song. Wayne revealed, “I actually have ‘Lucky Me’ tattooed on my neck. And I have a verse of that song tattooed on my leg.”

Now this is probably the weirdest scenario of the whole list. Wayne stay baiting and throwing shots at Jay throughout the last 5 years but yet he’s also showed to be one of Jigga’s biggest stans to date. The Carter II Cover of the Hard Knock Life Volume II album(Which is a coincidence of both albums being a sequel to their album series), Wayne has even emulated Jay’s style throughout the early Squad up mixtapes trying to find his niche and even has a TATTOO of a JayZ verse on his lower leg. But yet nobody has called this dude out for this sad shit. The other sad part is Jay has the most power to permanently “Ja Rule” his career.

Exclusive - Lil' Wayne Skateboarding The Morning Of Accident

13. Skateboarding Gimmick.
Seeing how the new hipster wave is taking over hip hop, Wayne all of a sudden became fascinated with the skateboarding culture. Lupe Fiasco was blasted for not being a true skateboarder by many but yet somehow Weezy was able to hop on this wave with no backlash involved despite him NEVER showing any attempt or any interest of the culture at all.

What really happened was that he noticed how much of a cult following the LA based weirdo rap group Odd Future started to slowly develop among young and white angry teens. Lil Wayne saw this as a opportunity to try to appeal to their base because he lost alot of his black fans so he tried to snatch some of OF’s base to say afloat.

Shortly Lil Wayne started to transform from Super blood who Soo Woops and shoots up grandmothers with the rag in his pocket into some hipster wearing big glass glasses, tight-knit clothing and wearing alot of weirdo nerdish clothes. Even his clothing line TruKFit was based on Odd Future’s movement.


14. The Fake ass TMZ stunt.
Seeing that their was hardly no attention for Lil Wayne’s I AM A HUMAN BEING II. It seems that Cash Money came up with a constructed plan to gain Lil Wayne attention and sympathy from people to bring attention to the album. He was already getting MAJOR backlash for his comments about Emmett Till and he had already pissed off the city of Miami for his comments about their team as well.

In the midst of this Lil Wayne all of a sudden has a “seizure” and is rushed to the hospital. Stans, Wayne Groupies, Rappers, Ball players, and friends were all visiting Wayne claiming that “it’s not good” and that he may die. There was confusion throughout that weekend as Cash Money representatives claimed he was in good shape whereas TMZ reported that he was almost in his death-bed. The conflict and confusion caused Mass hysteria among the hip hop community.

All of the Fuck Lil Wayne Tweets turned into “Pray 4 Weezy” Tweets even though Wayne himself told his own fans to never pray for him. Within days of the health scare Wayne tweeted that he’s “Good” and that he wants to thank his fans for being right behind him. He also stated in a video message that he was gonna Tour with T.I. this summer and to Buy I AM A HUMAN BEING II which is in stores. Just like that, Another publicity stunt to get the monkey off Lil Wayne’s back and now he’s back in good graces with those in hip hop once again.


So basically if you look at Lil Wayne today in a nutshell,You’ll see that he’s nothing more buta phony blood flagging, wannabe skateboarding, Culture disrespecting rambling nothing but nonsense moist dressing now considered trash rapper who’s best days were because he was carried from his ghost writers. But due to the soft climate of today’s modern rap era and Industry protection from the suits behind him and Cash Money’s distributor. Lil Wayne has been able to stay afloat and hang on.

He’s still gracing covers of popular hip hop magazines, He’s still getting features from top artists, and his music despite how he dissed many are still being played in major outlets. This is a prime example of the Suits at work protecting their investment and that he’s being used as a tool to feminizes black men with his universal appeal.

He’s already pushed the envelope into accepting suspect behavior into the culture of hip hop and the label is giving him serious protection for it because he’s promoting an agenda that he’s even un-aware of himself. This is also the reason why many rappers have resorted to sneak dissing Lil Wayne instead of going head to head with him and saying his name because he has alot of pull. You burn that bridge and you won’t be getting a Drake feature or support on Radio. Lil Wayne is also powerful based off how much is invested in him and his brand along with his catalog is worth millions.

Him mixing it up with guys such as Fabolous, Jadakiss, Eminem, Joe Budden, Pusha T, or whomever is battle tested would be a major risk to their investment so they secure him despite how often he wants to interact. This practice has been in motion since 2007 and its becoming full circle by how their handling the Kendrick Lamar situation by allowing certain rappers to respond and certain names to not get involved.

So this my friends is the answer to why it seems that Lil Wayne despite everything going against him is hanging into the rap game by the thread. Not because he’s nice or proving that he’s a consistent hit maker but he’s used as a pawn by his bosses to press what Papoose would call Feminzation of the Black Man and as what Jadakiss would say “Molly Music” for young stupid 90s babies who don’t have no clue of the history behind the Culture or cared to learn about it.

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  1. frank nitti says:

    Lil wayne gay as fuck. For that matter the whole cash money click if they didn’t have money it wouldn’t be much said.

  2. Tripple D says:

    Diss Article On Some Old Bullshit

    Lil Wayne: Tha #BestRappaAlive




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