Bizzy Bone-Carbon Monoxide Review

bizzy bone carbon


Bizzy Bone is tired of Bone’s legacy feeling unappreciated. Despite all of the accolades that the 5 member group from St Clair has accomplished in their 27 plus years in hip hop, Its quite obvious that Bone havent received their proper respect from the industry whom constantly copies them. Then to follow up, They got involved in a feud with the Migos over comments they made about being the greatest rap group in 2018 going into now.

Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone have been the most vocal about addressing the disrespect from this new era. Layzie took it to the mic to drop a diss record addressing the Migos and 21 Savage. Bizzy on the other hand went far to the left and addressed the disrespect on Instagram live with a Musket shot gun.  While the move was perceived as hilarious.. Bizzy also backed up his tough talk by releasing one of the best albums of 2019. 

The feud with the industry, the Migos, and 21 Savage has clearly lit a fire under Bizzy and he sounds as more revigorated than ever.  His flow is more polished and he sounds more focused musically than he ever has in years:



Carbon Monoxide is the Bone project true die hard fans been wanting to hear for years. It sounds like Bizzy reformed into 1997 form for this project. Plus the production chose for the album flows fluently perfect with Bizzy. Alpha Mentality is another one of my personal favorite where he’s not only g checking youngsters about his resume’ but also spanking those whom disrespected them on wax.


But the whole album isn’t entirely about attacking critics.. There’s tracks on there that compliment’s Bizzy versatility as a artist and why he’s very underrated.  Stalking Me is reminiscent of One Night Stand that was on BTNHRessuection. Bizzy goes into detail about this crazy woman whom was obsessed with him  He also gives tribute to the wise advice Eazy E gave him on Remember What Eazy Said which production wise compliment Bizzy perfectly.

Overall Aside from 2 songs, Carbon Monoxide is the album that not only Bizzy needed but Bone Thugs N Harmony needed as well. Their legacy was being attacked so it was only right for them to go back into the lab and let this generation know that them St Clair Boys still have something left in the tank!

Vic Rating 10 outta 10

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What REALLY went wrong with the Firm album?


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Did Cassidy let the Culture down?


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Tupac’s 1993 Expo Speech in its entirety


#PLEASESUBSCRIBE, #Like, #Comment & #HitTheNotificationBell…Now for the first time ever, hear #TupacShakur in his own words in this riveting, impromptu speech given in the summer of 1993 at the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana!!! #2Pac was only 22 years old at the time. It also features the late, great #DrKhallidAbdulMuhammad, Tha 5 Star General Jaymz aka James 2X on the speaking panel and #YoungKhanThaDon aka #GZus (M-1) from the legendary underground groups #XNiggaz & #SoldierzAtWar on security (14:53), along with #RobertMuhammad who had a brief cameo in the classic film #BoyzNThaHood. Enjoy. Also, please follow #youngkhanhumblebtv, #youngkhanthadon & #therealhumbleb on Instagram. Sidenote: Both #YoungKhanThaDon & #2Pac were born on June 16th!!! #TheMarathonContinues #PoliceBrutality #ThugLife #2PaclypseNow #Resurrection #AllEyezOnMe #Makavelli #Strictly4MyNiggaz #Juice #PoeticJustice

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Off The Cuff Radio- The Louie Rankin(Ox from Belly) Episode


Probably one of my personal favorite episodes of all time. It was a honor and privilege to have the legendary Louie Rankin(OX) from Belly on our show. We talked to him about everything from Belly, Shottaz, his music career, the battle scene in Dancehall, how he got caught in the middle of the Gucci/Jeezy beef, and what he has in store for 2019


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YNX716, Rae Rose & Ya Boy Twan- Charles Review



The Greselda family tree has been growing heavily throughout the year and through the affiliation with Benny the Butcher, We are now introduced to Rae Rose and Ya Boy Twan. Both of these guys follow the same formula, style, and lingo as the Greselda artists and thats what makes Charles pack a punch. The concept of Charles is he’s the husband of Drug Queen-pen Greselda Blanco so this mixtape/LP plays off that theme of the drug game.


The songs featuring Benny the Butcher and Conway respectively Knives &Roses and Killers Killer are automatically bangers. All 3 of the emcees bring a different element to the table which makes this mixtape nice. Rae Rose’s Mr Piano(produced by DJ Shay) is reminiscence of that classic 90s east coast sound



YNX716 is one of the nicest coming out as well. The collab with Ya Boy Twan and Rae Rose brings out that old classic Diplomats sound on Money & Blessings. He also collabed with 38 Spesh(whom is criminally underrated) on one of my personal favorites titled Love Lost and came through with that wild NY goon energy on NYS of Mind.


Overall Charles is a great appetizer for what to come from this trio. The Greselda family is branching out heavily and with the Roc Nation deal. Look for them to only be more stronger in the years to come.

Vic Rating: 8.0 outta 10

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Madison Jay- Purple Fried Chicken Review

purple chicken


The North Carolina Music Scene has been on the verge of emergence for quite sometime now. Madison Jay happen to be one of those emcees from that class that tends to take his craft seriously. Since the days of Rap Meets Wrestling to this point now, You can feel the musical growth and the enhancement within the bars from that period.   The opening Song The 5th Dimension   gives all off a Little Brother type vibe.  New Zone has a great transition which went from turn up to soulful at the 2 minute mark and it perfectly blends into Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel has that Chopped and Screwed Houston style to it and Madison flips that style with perfection.

The NC/ATL connection between Madison Jay and LD Beats, They took it back to the essence of one rapper/one producer. One of my personal favorite tracks on here is Deeper(Featuring Youniverse) because it has a nice futuristic flow to it. A sound reminisce of that of Outkast:


Overall this EP is a great appetizer of what great things to come between this duo. Between songs such as Enterprise and Fusion which also meshed well with the theme of the tape. There isn’t no real weak points of this EP. This is proof that Madison is capable of great things in this game.

Vic Rating 9 outta 10

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