Off The Cuff Radio-The Suge Knight JR Episode


It took months to finally make it happen and we eventually got the interview going. Suge Knight’s Son Jacob Knight AKA Guapo chopped it up with host King Eric the Great about numerous topics:

His new music
Why he chose the rap name Guapo
The status on Suge’s case
Thoughts on Tekashi 69 and Treway calling themselves the New Death Row
The Straight Outta Compton and Michel’le Movie
What he’s learning from the music business
His thoughts on the current West Coast
Death Row Chronicles
Suge’s depression after Tupac passed
and many other topics!


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Pusha T-Daytona Review



For the best or the worst, Kanye West have been following Law 6 of the 48 Laws of Power throughout the past year. Between professing his admiration for the controversial  and most hated current commander in chief, having had fall out with his so called big brother JayZ and offensive remarks about slavery, It seems that Kanye has been known more for “Courting attention at all costs” and less from his musical creativity. The results of his antics has been lost admiration from his peers and damage to the GOOD Music brand.

In a attempt to refocus the shift from the backlash into the topic of music, Kanye announced in one of his estranged tweets that he was working on several projects. Pusha T’s Daytona was the first lined up after many featuring Nas, Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper, Teyana Taylor and himself.

Kanye continued to push the controversial button by displaying the bathroom full of drug paraphernalia which allegedly belonged to the late Whitney Houston. The cover was welcomed with heavy backlash including from the Houston family and many of her fans; labeling it as “distasteful” Both Ye and Pusha further pushed the lines of controversy with Infared by igniting a feud on wax with Cash Money’s main cash cow Drake. which lead to them having a lyrical back and forth to start off the summer:

The game’s fucked up
Niggas beats is bangin’, nigga, ya hooks did it
The lyric pennin’ equal the Trumps winnin’
The bigger question is how the Russians did it
It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin
At the mercy of a game where the culture’s missing

This showcases Pusha at his finest lyrically. The clever punchlines, the smooth delivery mixed with Kanye’s soul drop reminisce of the glory Late Registration days. It was the perfect way to set up the rollout for Daytona. The rest of the EP for the most part has Pusha playing up to the theme of the cover which is painting pictures of the drug dealing game. Pusha claimed that he wanted to create this project with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx as his inspiration(He even have hard-copies of Daytona in Purple Tapes).Drug Culture is at its all time high with mumble rap, the rise of the opioids, and with marijuana finally being legalized.


Push took this as a opportunity to give his fans whom followed him since the Clipse what they want and thats fly coke induced raps mixed with insightful storytelling and dope production. He does just that with If You Know You Know which is a brilliant opener showcasing the glorification of Capitalism and how the drug game changed. Other noteworthy highlights are What would Meek where both Pusha and Ye are talking $hit to their critics and showcasing their  over braggadocio.
Santeria is a personal favorite of mines.  Its a tribute to his former manager “De’Von Day Day Pickett Santeria”.  Kanye flipped Lil Kim’s and Biggie’s Drugs sample(which is suitable for the theme of the album) while Pusha speaks to his friend within spirit wanting vengeance. It would definitely be perfect for a  Drug Kingpin movie.


Overall Pusha restored the feeling with this project here and may possibly be his best solo effort. Even though Kanye ‘s antics are gonna overcloud the critical judgement of the project it self. If you can separate the man from his views, You would definitely enjoy Daytona for what it is.

Vic Rating : 9 outta 10

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Mac: The Legend of the Camouflage Assassin


When Andre 3000 made his statement about the South having something to say after being disrespected at the Source Awards, I can’t help but to think that Mac is a perfect representation to his statement.  I remember when I first heard him on Ghetto D and thought “This guy is pretty nice! Who is he?” He was pretty solid on Tryin 2 Do Something  but when I heard his verse on Master P’s Only Time Will Tell, I was automatically drawn to the Camaflouge’ Assassins music.

His delievery, how he painted the horrific nature of street life, and uncertainty of his fate was what drew me. Then his verses off Mystikal Born 2 Be a Soldier, and Mia X’s Unlady Like made me want to hear more of the “Assassin, Sniper, Murderer, Son of a bitch” because there was something about Mac that stood out. You can feel his authenticity in his delievery.


The beginining as “Lil Mac”

what people have to realize that Mac wasn’t new to this. He wasn’t one of these guys that was picked up by You Tube over a hit song or had big money behind him on some faux pretence of being “Independent” like today. McKinley Phipps, Jr were like millions of young black males caught in the struggle. Hoping  to use their voice as an outlet to bring forefront of what life as a young black man in America is like growing up in the Magnoloia.  Mac’s career started technically in 1990 at the age of 13 years old. Going under the moniker “Lil Mac” and released an album titled Lyrical Midget which was a local hit due to the single I Need Wheels.


New Orleans mainly focused on a lot of bounce and heavily influenced by the gangsta sound. The rappers at that time period mostly talked kept the subject matter to what was happening in the hood. The subject matter and rap styles for the most part were considered “simple and basic” by hip hop pursuits. Mac was determined to change that stereotype and wanted to prove that the New Orleans rap scene is quite diverse.


Lil Mac before signing with Master P’s No Limit Records joined a click in New Orleans called Psychoward. Psychoward consisted of 28 Emcees and  were considered as the New Orleans version of Wu Tang. Every emcee within that group brought a different flavor to the mix.  But it was mainly Lil Mac that stood out. The group released their debut album titled and gained critically acclaimed all over the board. This was the platform that Mac needed to make himself more established.



mac shell shocked

Signing with No Limit and releasing Shell Shocked
As Lil  Mac stood out from Psychoward, offers from the majors came shortly after. Def Jam most notably offered him a deal and to fly him out to NYC for negotiations. Mac turned Def Jam, Jive, and many other deals down and signed with Master P’s No Limit Records in 1997. No Limit were gaining heavy momentum and adding Mac to the roster only made the Tank even stronger.  Shortly after signing Mac,  Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Slim later signed and they steamrolled through 1998 with no turning back. Mac took Lil off his name and officially became “Mac”. He  finally released his debut on July 21st 1998 and gained critical acclaim as well as charting at #11 on the Billboard.

Mac’s Shell Shocked album was different from many of the No Limit releases from that time period. It had features from the usual suspects from No Limit, but he also showed that he was observant with how the game moved. Shell Shocked had a great balance of smooth songs, soldier songs, dirty south bounce, and songs showcasing his bars. Two of my favorite songs off Shell Shocked was My Brother where he dedicated to his younger brother and Empire where he responds to the critics of Southern hip hop.




Transition period/The release of World War III

Shortly after Shell Shocked was released, Mac started working on his sophomore album titled World War 3. During the process of working on WW3, No Limit were going through a major transition in terms of the production department. Beats By the Pound which were the heart, body, and soul behind the success of No Limit Records left the label, Master P was involved with more entities outside of music and Cash Money started to steamroll into 1999. The albums from No Limit following year didn’t chart heavily like the ones the previous year. Mac finally released his album in September and while it was acclaimed to be the best album from the Tank in a long time, It didn’t do the numbers like that of Shell shocked.

504 boyz good fellas

New Milininum, New Roster

In 2000 Master P started to clean house and revamp the label with a new plan. P had moved No Limit from Priority to Universal. The 504 Boyz was gonna be the first project released on the “New No Limit” and instead of it being an album featuring Just P, Silk, and Mystikal (whom used New Jack City monikers). It was gonna be a compilation featuring new and current talent. P wanted to focus more on the New Orleans bounce flavor as could be heard on “Wobble Wobble” and “Whodi”. But I Can Tell featuring Mac, Mercades, that would remain as the most memorable track on there. It had a nice melody, its raunchy, straight forward, and it remains as a hood love classic to this day.

504 Boyz Goodfellas was a success and eventually went gold. It proved that No Limit still had enough aptitude to compete in the game. But just when things were looking up, They ended up going south once again:  Many had left for personal reasons but for Mac, He caught a 2nd degree murder and manslaughter charge.   Sadly He would be sentenced 30 years to life on September 21st 2001 on manslaughter. World War III and the apperances on the Goodfellas album were the last we would hear from Mac on record.


The fight to prove innocience

Mac has been fighting to prove his innocience for close to 20 years now. There has been many loopholes in his case and there have been proof that Mac wasn’t even the shooter at the club that night. They also covered his story on Investigation:





His Impact in hip hop

Even though his career has been derailed due to his unfair incarceration. Mac has been highly regarded and respected by many of his peers for his contribution to the South. He showed that the south was more than bounce rhythims and gangsta rhymes. He’s heavily responsible for showcasing that the South has alot more to say.  We can only hope that theres a breakthrough in Mac’s case and he can eventually come home to enjoy his family and friends. Share articles like this to show how much Mac really meant to his supporters and hip hop itself.

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Off The Cuff Radio-The Richie Evans Episode


Richie Evans aka Juice from Game’s Black Wallstreet joined the show to promote his up and coming album along with his single “Come and Talk to Me”.

Richie talked to us about his background, how he got signed with Game and his current relationship, possible BWS reunion, the current industry monopoly, wack emcees, and other topics.


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The 9th Legend- I don’t fit in because I was BORN to STANDOUT Review



Whenever 9th lets us know that he’s dropping a new project, I’m automatically ecstatic as a fan of his work, The reason is because he’s  been consistent for years. His unorthodox flow, his reality raps, his home cooked meal production all flows fluidly through all of this projects. From Marvel Ancient to Perseverance to his latest project titled  I Don’t Fit in because I was Born to Stand out. Listening to this album throughout, Its clear that this is possibly his most personal and heartfelt work to date.

If you’re a true appreciation of the soulful vibes of Pete Rock, 9th Legend, Madlib, MF Doom, RZA, Dilla then you’re gonna definitely love this album here. 9th takes you on a journey on his quest to standout.  In the midst of the belief comes strife and struggle. He talks about his influences, how his uncle gave him the game to pursue rap and gives a form introduction to who he is on Said and Done.

On Healing he talks about the personal struggle of helping with his mother whom is currently battling cancer(prayers go out) along with dealing with the everyday struggle of being a artist staying true to whom he is in a forever changing music business. He cleverly samples Nas on Failure is not a option which is where he reminds himself that he can’t fail and gives insight of how he was growing up. Relevant is one of my favorite tracks on here which is reminisce of that classic Little Brother sound. Clientele which features Mustafaah Ali is another gem which brilliant inspires folks to use knowledge as Clientele instead of hustling.

As for guest appearances, 9th reached out to Ila R Da Sandman for that NY flavor on Highway which is the best collabo on the album. MD is featured on Amazing  and Chilling both provided those laid back soulful vibes that 9th is respected and adored for. He lets folks know that he makes music for the people and if you want to sell a record, You have to find your OWN style.

Between losing his grandmother, his mother battling cancer, and battling the everyday heavy burdens a hip hop artist have to endure. 9th took the pain and turned it into classic art. Every project he seems to get more better. If you’re a true hip hop head then this album is DEFINITELY needed in your collection.

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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NEW Harvey Luv featuring Paul Wall and Roletta Spencer- Wit U

We received some new slab from Texas. New DJ Harvey Luv featuring Paul Wall and Ronetta Spencer. It has that Texas flavor! What yall think of the record? Leave feedback!

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Off The Cuff Radio-The Return of Madison Jay

Madison Jay returns for the first time in a year and a half to join the panel. We talked about Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold blocking him on twitter, his impact with Rap and Wrestling, his thoughts on the changes of the music industry, The wrestling business and his current moves. Tune in to Off the Cuff Radio every Friday night at 9 PM Eastern 6 pacific 8 ct!


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