The Impact of Get Rich of Die Trying


The year was 2002.. Hip Hop music was once again going through a cycle. JaRule and Nelly were both dominating with their commercial friendly music, Nas had defeated JayZ in battle and was going on a anti Industry tear, JayZ was on vacation, Eminem was holding it down with The Eminem Show, Camron signed with the Roc, A whole lot was going on within that period. But what people don’t realize is that history was made on June 1st 2002, It was when 50 Cent whom was the hottest artist in the underground signed with Shady Records.




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The Impact of the streets

This modern social media era only knows 50 Cent as this hilarious but ruthless troll on Instagram with a hot TV show(Power). But there was a time where during this period that 50 Cent was probably the biggest artist in the world. His buzz after he recovered from his 2000 shooting became impeccable. He released mixtapes with his new crew members Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck where they would take hit songs and remake them as their own. It got to a point where those remakes were becoming rotation songs on radio!

50’s demand was getting higher and he was featured on J Lo’s and Missy Elliot’s records. He also landed a spot on Eminem’s hit movie soundtrack 8 Mile where he landed his first major hit Wanksta. What made Wanksta a hit was that it took a hilarious dig at his rival Ja Rule and it wasn’t malicious. 50 also worked on developing catching choruses and studied the recipe of hit records from both Em and Dre. 50 switched alot of his style up and knew how to make catchy melodies.



When In Da Club was released.. It was what the doctor had ordered and officially kicked down the door for G Unit. Not only did 50 have a gigantic street buzz but he also had access to Eminem’s mainstream fanbase and Dr Dre’s magic touch. There was no possible way 50 Cent could lose with that juggernaut so when In Da Club dropped, It swarmed the industry like a Tsunami. That record was heard all over the radio, the clubs, the parties, the streets. You name it. 50 already had the smash hit to break him out.. The question was could he live up to the hype?



The Release of Get Rich or Die Trying
The momentum for 50’s album was so huge that they had leaked the album days before its official release to counter bootlegging. The album was also gonna come with a DVD giving the listener a story of 50’s rise from the SouthSide Jamaica Queens to possibly blowing up to be the biggest rapper of the 2000s. The album contained so many impactful records that many can argue that Get Rich or Die Trying inspired the Drill Music Scene. Especially with the track HEAT where you can see in the video where Chief Keef got inspired.

An artist fascination with death has always been a strange draw to records. Being shot 9 times, 50 has said in many interviews that the sound of death excites him and the way he was moving at the time, It scared alot of record execs or artists to not want to really do business with him or work with him. After that near death experience, 50’s motto was he has to Get Rich to survive and he’s gonna die trying to do it. He painted the audio-visual of his near death experiences and having a hit out on his life. Similar to the late Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, 50 clearly studied their playbook of using the concept of death to draw the listener into his world and executed it flawlessly.



The Impact:

Get Rich or Die Trying was possible one of the most impactful albums of all time. 50’s sells was the lightning rod the music industry needed at the time of instant download and piracy snipping away at soundscan numbers. 50 was also the jackpot that Eminem needed to really become a powerhouse for his label Shady. Most importantly for a brief minute, He brought the aspect of aggressive competition and the streets back as a focus point. Plus the album catapulted G-Unit as possibly one of the most popular brands of all time.

Then 50 took advantage of his popularity in ways where even it caught his bosses off for a loop. Starting his own label G Unit Records, G Unit books, G-Unit Clothing, Video games, Vitamin water, and was one of the first to jump on the Social media wave with to Spider Loc).  We may never see a organic run like 50’s ever again.


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Is Social Media effecting hip hop in a negative way?



Despite all of the money being accumulated through streaming within the past decade  It still seems that the entertainment business as a whole is still struggling to adapt to the weekly changes.  Gone are the days of where you had to hand a demo to a record executive or a rapper to get signed, Gone are the days where you literally had to travel all across the globe The internet emergence with YouTube changed the landscape forever. You can become a star within a viral moment.

The young generation have took advantage of the new digital era because they were raised by the internet. So they know how to become tech savvy. However those whom were born through previous generations(especially these music execs) they are having trouble in the very unpredictable market. Artists like Lupe Fiasco has almost 500k followers on Instagram but yet his critically acclaimed albums Wave’s only sold 5k its first week. Ghostface Killah was one of the first artist to complain about how fanfare not matching sales when he went off on his Myspace fans many years back:


Another issue that I have with the social media impact is that its stripping away the creativity behind these artists. Judging by how Tekashi 69 and Soulja Boy figured out the game, They figured out how to get million dollar press off of “fuckery” and less off music. The industry sees this and force these artists to follow suit thinking its gonna generate revenue and clout. Add this along with streaming, It actually cheapens the culture. In hip hop today, You have actual tracks are being replaced by Instagram posts, Diss Records aren’t no longer surfacing but instead through long twitter rants and Instagram posts.

I also did a video about this so definitely check it out and feel free to comment!


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Nipsey Hussle-Victory Lap Review


Its been a long dedicated grind for Nipsey Hussle. From the Bullets Don’t Have no Name mixtapes to transitioning himself as a major entity in the Independent market., Nipsey through his lonely and solid team has created a movement which the industry hasn’t seen since JT the Bigga Figga and Master P. The Crenshaw mixtape made the Industry open its eyes to not only his hustle but also his talent. JayZ even bought 100 copies of Crenshaw which Nipsey was selling for a 100 dollars a pop.

Victory Lap showcases a rapper finally crossing the finsh line and ready to reap the benefits of his hardwork.  He’s also on the mission to show that he’s nowhere like alot of his peers and he lets it be known on the album’s street single “Rap Niggas”


Victory Lap showcases Nipsey at a totally different mindframe. He’s no longer the young gunner aiming at the top from the Bullets Got no Name series, He’s now one of the top earners in the game and the main concern was will Nipsey compromise? He got Puffy on the album, Will he go commercial? Nope. He remains the same ol Nipsey with more growth.

The Track Young Niggas featuring Puffy is a true representation of where Nipsey is at now as he told a visual audio bio-pic of his life coming up from the ground up to where he’s at. The track is self motivation at its finest as he revealed the insides of his hustle by boasting “he owns the masters of his tapes”.

Songs such as Million While Your Young is another favorite of mine where he claimed to have written this song with the intent of making a million dollars.  He also takes time to inspires and guide the youth to stay away from the street life: Streets aint for everybody, get yo grades up,  all that stuntin put a bullet in yo brain huh, you was in the house, not the runaway slave huh”

Between motivating the youth to acquire wealth and paying homage to the West Coast lineage that birthed him on songs such as Last Time I Checced and Blue Laces 2 which Nip talks about coming up in Crenshaw under a time where Death and Violence were the regular appetite for destruction. He also talked about how the system attacks Blacks for teaching and aspiring wealth

The theme of motivation, being self efficient and staying true is a occurring theme throughout Victory Lap. What makes the album so dope is that he doesn’t come across as preachy and corny,  He knew to pick the ride production, the right guest to help him run across the finish line. Musically thats what Nipsey accomplished.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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Off The Cuff Radio- The Derek Majors Episode

We reached out to Missouri and chopped it up with one of the realest up and comers in the game Derek Majors Jr. He talked with us about the lack of realness in the rap game, The impact of the DJ, The influence of Will Smith in hip hop and maintaining a image outside of peer pressure. Great dialogue here!


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Will Cash Money West TAKEOVER 2019?


King Eric aka KingDafi Joe talks about Wack 100 taking over the West Coast operations for Cash Money. Can they get it done for 2019? Subscribe to the channel and leave comments!

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Eminem- Kamakze Review





Look at what you bloggers and podcasters started! After a year of his work being heavily trashed by the media, bloggers, music critics and even his own peers(Joe Budden). Eminem returned out of nowhere and released a new album title Kamikaze. He unleashed a whole onslaught on rappers, critics, haters, and former friends alike. The response to Eminem’s last album Revival had many people confirmed to believe that his best days were behind him.

While this isn’t Eminem’s best album.. This is the album that he NEEDED to release to let people know that he still have the chops to stay relevant and on Kamikaze, He’s commanding that respect.  Ironically enough he released this album on Joe Buddens(Eminem’s most harshest critic as of late) on his birthday.  On the album’s first single Fall.. He addresses all of his peers whom were taking shots at him. Joe Budden, Tyler Creator, MGK, Lord Jamar all got hit:


He unleashes more of onslaught on songs such as the Greatest, and Kamikaze where he takes aim at the current trend of mumble rap and Iggy Azella for what he felt was the worst freestyle he ever heard on Shade 45. I’m also feeling the track Normal where Em talks about how he wishes he can have a normal relatonship and paints the picture of a troubled relatonship he was experiencing.


Em also wanted to flex his lyrical muscle and show that he can still go with the best of them on the mic. Joyner Lucas received the best look of his career by teaming up on the rapid fast flow exercise Lucky You. He also reunites with his Bad Meets Evil partner in crime Royce Da 59 on Not Alike taking more shots at the current industry trend of mumble raps. When Eminem is angry and motivated, He’s at his best.


While this is the best Eminem put out in years… It still shows that he’s still musically inclined at times.. The beat choice and hooks on songs such as Good Guy and Bad Guy were just awful. It also seems that Eminem is still trying to prove that he can still rap and not focusing on creating songs. The rapid pace flow is cool but after a while it grows a bit tiresome.

Overall if Em would have released this as a 5 track EP just shitting on his critics and the industry then it definitely would have gotten a higher ranking. It has mishaps but this is still worth checking out just hearing Em sound motivated again.

Vic Rating: 7.0 outta 10


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Aaliyah Static(The Demos)



1. Nothin’ But A ‘B’ Party, Ya’ll (feat. Magoo, Timbaland & Playa)
2. Never No More (Aaliyah Demo)
3. You Saved My Life (Kieran Demo)
4. We Need A Resolution (Aaliyah Demo)
5. Read Between The Lines (Aaliyah Demo)
6. Come As You Are (Brandy Demo)
7. Fire Lovin’ (Pleasure P Demo)
8. Ghetto (feat. Southernaire All-Stars)
9. More Than a Woman (Aaliyah Demo) (First Version


The link:


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