Wu Tang’s W album was very OVERLOOKED

King Eric talks about the W Album and how it became overlooked.

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Dom Pachino(From Killarmy) Full Interview from 2016

Wanted to post a throwback interview that We did with Dom Pachino from Killarmy from 2016. I was a bit green in this interview because we were trying to find our niche. But the interview came through pretty good.

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Judah Priest(from Wu Tang) talks about Old vs New Generation, Soulja Boy Revolutionizing Hip Hop

Judah Priest from the Wu Tang Killa Beez was on Off The Cuff Radio briefly and he talked about how the Older Generation ruined Hip Hop, Soulja Boy’ Revolutionizing Hip Hop, New album and more!

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RJ Payne- LeatherFace 3 There will be Blood Review

My first formal introduction to RJ Payne was doing Screwball Radio and it was the song featuring Shyhiem the Rugged Child, and JoJo Pellegrino called Anarchy. I was completely blown away from the straight no holds barred approach, he picked the production that was met for your head to nod and most importantly. It kept true to the hardcore NY sound.

RJ Payne been doing this for a long time and with this Leatherface series, A new era of fans are getting a dose of the hardcore sh*t thats been missing. The New NY grimy sound is back and on Leatherface 3 There Will Be Blood, Its back with a fresh sound and don’t sound dated. What blew me away is that RJ has the goal completely DEMOLISH every track he’s on. Whereas many rappers get on dope beats and just coast.. RJ’s approach to the track is aggressive and he wants to literally murder everything is on. Similar to the approach emcees such as Big Pun took.. RJ Payne’s in your face, energetic bars. Check out songs such as Anarchy, Kane Vs Undertaker(featuring Flee Lord), Dead Serious, and No Mercy.

The Guest appearances from Inspectah Deck, Ras Kass, Shyheim, are also on Leatherface 3 and you can tell that they sound motivated in rapping with RJ Payne. The Leatherface Series is possibly one of the best trilogies in hip hop right now. RJ done found his lane and I can’t wait to hear what his next project gonna sound like. Definitely worth checking!

King Eric rating: 5 outta 5

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Screwball Radio puts RESPECT on Thirstin Howl the 3rds name

Thirstin Howl 3rd calls in to Screwball Radio. We spoke on the Lo Life’s movement, Him meeting Ralph Lauren, What sparks his creativity in film and music and how he flipped Rakim’s Know the Ledge into a new era classic. This episode went close to 2 hours so roll up a spliff, get a beer and listen to a legend speak!

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RIGZ- Wake Up’s Album REVIEW

First of all We would have to credit Griselda for repaving the lane for the emcees from Up North to really bring that grime energy back into hip hop. For a long minute, NY was chasing Atlanta and LA for acceptance and forgot their true identity. The success of Griselda opened up new doors for many acts to come into the lane and not only bring their prospective of street hop to the masses but reclaiming NY’s identity. Here enters “Da Cloth”

Da Cloth which consists of members Mooch, Rigz, Rob Gates , Time Change, Illanoise, Symph and Speed released their debut mixape in 2016 titled “The Fixtape” and later followed with BroadDay Kidnaps a year later. The Group would then release solo projects which were met with critical acclaim and elevated the Rochester’s NY’s group status quo.

Enter Rigz whom been putting in major work with the releases of “The Only Way Out ” and Substance Abuse” He really wanted to show why he’s the next up to take the ring on this project titled Wake Ups” The Opener Coconut Water along with Timbs, and Time’s Change put the masses on notice on what their crew is all about.

What makes Rigz standout is is ablity to craft his gift of gab and articulate it with vivid storytelling. Throw it Away is very introspective as well as thought-provoking which encourages people to waste your talents.

New York City is going through a new era renaissance and if Rigz along with Da Cloth can continue to release persistent projects such as this one, Their gonna be next up in line as the next ones alongside Griselda to be really making noise in the industry. Rigz also showcases more growth and know how to paint vivid pictures of street life that you can close your eyes and visualize. This album is definitely worth purchasing. Support the real!

King Eric Rating: 4.5/5

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Screwball and M.O.P.- TORTURE by King Eric Productions

King Eric Productions came through with another video for the classic 2001 banger from Screwball’s Loyalty Album

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Cassidy- A Buck 50(Audio) #ScrewballRadio


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Steve The Dean Williams Talks Game Kingz Documentary, Red Pill Vs Blue Pill, Dating in 2021(full)

Steve The Dean Williams stopped by Off The Cuff Radio to talk about the Game Kingz Documentary with Mr Locario, How Red Pill vs Blue Pill is HURTING men, Dating in 2021, Men finding their confidence and much more! One of our best shows!

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Residing from Southside Florida, 3rd Side Slim is another prospect coming from the Florida Rap scene thats steady climbing by the day. With the title RBG, Its clear that with the direction he was taking with this project that he was willing to take a risk. This record is more militant and more personal than his previous projects.

In a rap climate that glorifies Sex, Drugs, Murder and Mayhem as a daily diet. 3rd Side Slim knew by going left with this album that he was gonna risk alienating some of his base and possibly have his record being blackballed. When you listen to RBG, You can fell the energy of Soulja Slim and the fearless of Tupac both mixed in one. He sampled Tupac’s Pour out a Lil Liquor on Black Kettle which speaks on being untrustworthy of politicians whenever it be Democrat or Republican. No More pays homage to the revolutionaries that paved the way and declared that the black race is gonna fight back against oppression.

Records such as Dont Be Like Me and Heart Broken(which samples Tupac Death Around the Corner) shows how determined Slim is to keep the spirt of Pac flowing and its sorely missed in todays hip hop. Black Queen is one of the best record here and a personal favorite of mines where he expresses how value black women are to him and expresses the need of Black Love.

Projects like RBG show that theres a lane for people who want to hear about fighting against oppression and shows that our culture isn’t 100 percent compromised. 3rd Side Slim proved to be a true artist on this project here and if you’re a fan of not only dirty south music but want to hear that Immortal Technique and Dead Prez type of material. RBG is perfectly suited for you.

King Eric rating: 5 outta 5

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