DJ Quik and Problem-Rosecrans Review

DJ Quik Rosecrans

Just in perfect timing for the springtime/Summer.  The legendary DJ Quik teams up with Compton emcee Problem for a very funked out collaboration titled “Rosecrans“. Paying homage to the main street that runs through Compton and Los Angeles County. Quik and Problem released a 5 track sampler of the EP around this time last year which was critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Pleased with the responses, The duo added more songs to the EP and made it an official LP and released it ironically on the same date this year.

What this album further proves is that DJ Quik is possibly one of the greatest producers in not only hip hop but music period.  The album has Quik providing the signature sound that we know and love from him: Sulky laid back grooves, paying ode to Rodger Troutman talk box, the P funk sound redefined with a fresh twist. One of the main standouts and possibly the best of the new songs is Bad Azz featuring Dom Kennedy and Bad Lucc:



Quik provides the funk and kept it strictly west coast.  With the exception of Move Something(which was a clear attempt at getting radio love) the rest of the album plays up to Quik fan’s expectations. From the titled track Rosecrans featuring Game, European Vacation featuring on and off again buddy AMG,  You are Everything,  and Take it Off One Time. They all flow cohesive.


But the biggest surprise of the LP is DJ Quik’s former dead on site rival MC eiht appears on the last two cuts of the album. This was possibly the first time we’ve heard these two actually do a song since Quik promised it in 1999 squashing the beef. Usually post beef songs are too vague and sound forced but these two meshed pretty well on Central Avenue and Funny How Niggaz gonna Things Change. Add Suga Free to add his pimpalistic type magic into it and you have all the ingredients of a classic in the making.

Overall this is the best Quik album since Book of David(which was his most personal). Quik seemed to be having more fun this time around and Problem did a great job at matching all the heat Quik supplied him. Problem also proved to not be a slouch on this LP and possibly brought the hunger back out of Quik for this album. This album is definitely worth copping.

Vic rating : 10 outta 10

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Off the Cuff Radio featuring Sean Solo and Calaber 007

Punk rappers, sucker disrespectful DJs, and shook executives wont ready for the game being delivered on this double header of Off the Cuff Radio. We featured Houston Producer Sean Solo on the first hour and Calaber 007 on the 2nd hour. This was definitely one of our best shows and definitely controversial!




Blogtalk link for downloading!

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Choke the Joke exposing The Breakfast Club?


Choke No Joke played a very VOCAL role as a video director in the 90s. He’s always been brutally honest in discussing his current relationships with Dame, JayZ and dropped some PIPEBOMBS about Charlamagne Tha God and the Breakfast club here.



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The 9th Legend-Marvel Ancient review



If you’re not familiar with the 9th Legend, This is the project that’s sure to start making people recognize whom he really is. The Carolina’s have always been a melting pot when it came to hip hop talent and it’s always been the lack of exposure that has often eclipsed the deserved notoriety.  The Charlotte NC emcee have proved to be possibly one of the most diverse emcees/producers/video directors out there and his latest Marvel Ancient adds on to the resume’.


By listening to the presentation, You can tell he studied the blueprint of 9th Wonder, Pete Rock,  J-Dilla, without really copying their sound.  The Marvel Ancient concept brilliantly samples excerpts from the Incredible Hulk throughout the album and musically rich sounds could be heard on Vision, Shatter my Dreams10001 signs and the Wu Tang inspired Crazy. 9th’s smooth and at times unorthodox flow makes him stand from his peers and never allows the production to outshine him.

Theory of Man is one of my personal tracks which talks about the spiritual battles that the everyday black man battle along with HULK and Marvel Vs Lady both which played perfectly to the Marvel Comic theme of the album. My other personal favorite titled Midnight which a great ode to the classic soul sample mid 90s sound.


Between spitting real life bars, featuring hungry talent and supplying nice boom bap soul flavored beats. The 9th Legend provided a great recipe for this project here in terms of originality.  The album flowed together masterfully and played well to the concept of the album.  This is probably one of the best projects of 2017!


Vic rating: 10 outta 10



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Mob Piru OG T-Ru speaks on smacking Suge, Baby Lane, Tupac, Snoop, and others



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Venomiss All Eyez on V Review



For a long time, It started to seem that the concept of the “real” female emcee was becoming obsolete. If you weren’t rapping cliché hoodrat talk or showcasing heavy sex appeal that nobody was really gonna take interest in a female emcee’s music. It’s been a stigma that been haunting female rappers for over a decade.  Add the fact that it’s also challenging for them to “get put on” without sleeping with execs or a famous rapper, It’s a tough hill to climb.

But with the heavy attention that this Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj battle is getting, the world is paying attention to female emcees again. Including the ones whom been consistent since they started rapping on the mic. Starting here with New Jersey female emcee Venomiss and her sophomore release All Eyez on V.  I remember when I heard Time to Ride(Suicide) which is the first single of the album and thought she’s more focused than ever.

The first thing that should be attracting to the listener(aside from Venomiss herself) is her versatility as an emcee and how she’s not afraid to experiment with different flows and sounds. If you want strictly smack em over the head bars, She has them starting with the opening track featuring Joey Battz With You then follows it up with Watch which puts female haters and critics on notice. Maximum Pressure featuring Brooklyn emcee Nymrod brings back that hardcore NY 90s vibe with the Bonnie and Clyde type of twist.

But the album isn’t all about some strictly smash you over the head bars. Venomiss’s versatility is often her biggest strength. She actually knows how to put club anthems out. Clap off her first album Heiress of The Echelon gave her more notoriety and you can see the dance hall influenced In Due Time following suit.  My personal favorite track of the album is the very smooth Flower which features another NC standout  R&B crooner Lyrik G. This track here tackles the issues of Up and down relationships that many could relate too. Lyrik G also gets more a chance to shine on the Acoustic version which follows up.

Overall this is one of the strongest indie releases I’ve heard in a long time. Venomiss is breathing new life in not only the female aspect of the rap game but also the indie game as well. If you wanna check the album and download it. Here it is right here!




Vic Rating: 10 outta 10





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J Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only Album Review




“And I looked into your eyes and knew that you were a queen. Black skin, black hair, the blackest of beauty I had ever seen. Your cries were as melody and the music pierced to the very core of my soul. Simply the thought of parting with this warm bundle of preciousness left the fringes of my heart cold. Not only was your birth the proof of continued lineage, but also a renaissance of faith anew. For now the hope of a brighter future rests in the love that I have for you”


HIP HOP IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. It is the musical genre that has most influenced, inspired, angered, saddened, and astounded me in all of its glory. I am extremely passionate about concepts or notions that make me think. Hip Hop is packed to the brim with poets and soothsayers whose lyrics…

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