YNX716, Rae Rose & Ya Boy Twan- Charles Review



The Greselda family tree has been growing heavily throughout the year and through the affiliation with Benny the Butcher, We are now introduced to Rae Rose and Ya Boy Twan. Both of these guys follow the same formula, style, and lingo as the Greselda artists and thats what makes Charles pack a punch. The concept of Charles is he’s the husband of Drug Queen-pen Greselda Blanco so this mixtape/LP plays off that theme of the drug game.


The songs featuring Benny the Butcher and Conway respectively Knives &Roses and Killers Killer are automatically bangers. All 3 of the emcees bring a different element to the table which makes this mixtape nice. Rae Rose’s Mr Piano(produced by DJ Shay) is reminiscence of that classic 90s east coast sound



YNX716 is one of the nicest coming out as well. The collab with Ya Boy Twan and Rae Rose brings out that old classic Diplomats sound on Money & Blessings. He also collabed with 38 Spesh(whom is criminally underrated) on one of my personal favorites titled Love Lost and came through with that wild NY goon energy on NYS of Mind.


Overall Charles is a great appetizer for what to come from this trio. The Greselda family is branching out heavily and with the Roc Nation deal. Look for them to only be more stronger in the years to come.

Vic Rating: 8.0 outta 10

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Madison Jay- Purple Fried Chicken Review

purple chicken


The North Carolina Music Scene has been on the verge of emergence for quite sometime now. Madison Jay happen to be one of those emcees from that class that tends to take his craft seriously. Since the days of Rap Meets Wrestling to this point now, You can feel the musical growth and the enhancement within the bars from that period.   The opening Song The 5th Dimension   gives all off a Little Brother type vibe.  New Zone has a great transition which went from turn up to soulful at the 2 minute mark and it perfectly blends into Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel has that Chopped and Screwed Houston style to it and Madison flips that style with perfection.

The NC/ATL connection between Madison Jay and LD Beats, They took it back to the essence of one rapper/one producer. One of my personal favorite tracks on here is Deeper(Featuring Youniverse) because it has a nice futuristic flow to it. A sound reminisce of that of Outkast:


Overall this EP is a great appetizer of what great things to come between this duo. Between songs such as Enterprise and Fusion which also meshed well with the theme of the tape. There isn’t no real weak points of this EP. This is proof that Madison is capable of great things in this game.

Vic Rating 9 outta 10

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Nas Lost Tapes 2 Review

Nas Lost Tapes 2 Review.



Nas career has been a story of a roller-coaster.  Since emerging on the scene in 1991, Nas has found ways to not only co exist and stay lyrically sharp, But he also found ways to maintain a new admiration from the new generation of peers. Nas has been considered a standard barrier since the release of Illmatic and that’s been the gift and curse of his career.  The gift being that he released such a monumental classic that literally changed how a lot of his peers approached their rhymes and sound. However the curse being that anything he’s released since Illmatic will forever be chastised and its happened with many great artists.

The Lost Tapes concept was introduced in 2002 where Nas went in the vault and released unreleased gems that were either on bootlegs, kept in the vault during a period of time or couldn’t meet label clearances. Tracks that were released from the  IAM/Nastradamous/StillMatic period were apart of Lost Tapes Volume 1.  Lost Tapes Volume 2 consists of tracks that were recorded from the Hip Hop Is Dead, Untitled, and Life is Good periods. The Results are satisfying. Especially for fans whom were looking for exclusive Nas material.

The album’s first single titled Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) was a skeptical first single to pick because it threw a lot of people for a loop. What people don’t realize is Nas’s always incorporated Jazzy feels into his music, Going back to “Lifes a Bitch” and Bridging the Gap with his father Olu Dara. Nas has experimented with the triple fast flow on many songs such as Big Thangs, Big Girl, and Heaven in the past so its no shock he would go that route here.

Lost Tapes 2 for the most part is a great mixed up goodie bag.  The opening track No Bad Energy is a great opener which re-introduces Nas and he took time to not only boast about his legacy but also his influence:

To rappers who never sold crack, telling other people’s lives
Never shot nobody but be shooting people in their rhymes
Never robbed nobody or re-upped with coke in they ride
I’m probably who they talking about when they’re writing most of their lines


The followup track Vernon Family pays homage to the legends of Queensbridge along with new changes of his relationship with Kelis. RZA provides that Wu Tang flavor for Tanasia and Highly Flavored which has Nas going back to what he does best and that’s drop jewels about Self Mastery.


One of my personal favorites off LT2 is Queens Wolf which was produced by DJ Toomp where Nas  gives tribute to one of his films(Teen Wolf). This is Nas showcasing his strong-points in bringing conceptually storytelling and creative writing to the mix.  This is metaphorically up there with One Mic,  Rewind,  and I Gave You Power.


Pete Rock reunites with Nas and he produces two gems titled The Art of It and Queensbridge Politics where Nas tries to bring closure to the tension of Queensbridge beef with the late Prodigy from Mobb Deep and paid homage to the legends whom paved the way.


Hip Hop’s current most hated producer Kanye West lays a assist on to You Mean the World To Me which has Ye revisiting his soulful upbringings. This track here sound like it was during his Hip Hop is Dead sessions and it showcases Nas’s strong points of painting a picture of a female leaving her love interest to be with him. It sounds simple but the way Nas paints the visual is brilliant. 

Overall Lost Tapes 2 proves that throughout the past decade Nas’s blade and consistency has remained sharp. The flow structure of LT2 didn’t sound imbalanced and flowed fluidly. If you’re expecting club bangers, turn up songs, and ass shaking anthems then I suggest you pass this on. If you’re a true fan of Nas and pursuits hip hop from the golden era then Lost Tapes 2 doesn’t disappoint.

Vic Rating 10 outta 10

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Off The Cuff Radio- The Dru Down Episode

I thought I dig in the archives for this one and post the brief interview we did with the homie Dru Down from awhile back. He was getting ready to do a show but before hitting the stage he chopped it up with the team. He talked about his projects in work, the rap game changing, simpin, pimping and what else he has in store!
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Kokane- Finger Roll review


It seems that in the game of hip hop, Artists are treated to a expiration date. In a genre that considers anybody 30 and over that is still rapping is considered ‘washed up”  Its very surprising that you have artists whom been around for decades can still provide material that can hold up in generations to come. Kokane happened to be one of them artists.

Kokane has been around the game of hip hop since the late 80s, He has worked with many of the top names in the business. World Guinness records anointed him as the hip hop’s most featured artist in the industry, He’s also formed BudeBoy Ent and released critically acclaimed albums on his own imprint for the past decade. The new album  Finger roll album proves that Koka can hang with the best of them and provide generational sounds that sound fresh today.

Kokane took it back to the basics of working with one producer for this entire project. West Coast Stone provided the production for the entire album and its a great range of flavor. The first singles Do It Koka and I’m So Hood provides that classic West Coast flavor that can get a block party jumping.



Finger roll has a great range of sounds from the 70s/80s soulful era. Good Bad and Ugly sounds like something that would be a great movie score for a Blaxploitation flick. Go Get That would have you think that the spirit of Rick James was resurrected. One of my personal favorites off here is Doo Doo Headz where Koka is doing his best Boosty Collins restoration and proceeds to call out the current state of the rap game.


Guest Appearances are very few on here and that’s usually a good thing because it shows that Kokane is a wide range artist. The ones that do appear on Finger roll provide a key component to balance with Koka.  His talented daughter Aanish Long delivers a dope performance on a dope Father/Daughter collabo Like Daddy Like Daughter with a action packed video.  The legendary Boosty Collins and Goodie Mob member Big Gipp make a appearance on the funked out 40 Below which is a sure anthems for the players.

Finger roll is possibly one of the best hip hop albums of 2019. WestCoast Stone proved on this album that he deserves to be mentioned amongst Dr Dre, Battlecat, DJ Quik, Daz and others on the Mt Rushmore of the West. Kokane also proved that Age isn’t no number and that good music has no age limit.

Be sure to purchase the album at:


Vic Rating : 10 outta 10

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38 Spesh and Kool G Rap- Son of G Rap Review



When it comes to the discussion of legendary emcees, People from certain eras often mentioned those whom they identify with their era.  The mount Rushmore for the 90s usually consist of Biggie, JayZ, Nas, and Tupac.. The 80s usually consist of KRS, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, and Chuck D. But there’s one emcee whom ALL of them respect and many would consider their favorite. Kool G Rap.

Kool G Rap may haven’t seen many platinum plagues but his influence is felt heavily in many spitters. He’s earned himself a true solidified post position amongst the ranks as one of the greats and were said to be inspiration to many such as Nas, JayZ, Eminem, Raekwon, Big Pun, Notorious BIG, Big L and that’s just a few!

Kool G himself probably don’t even realize the impact he left in the game, Well Rochester NY emcee 38 Spesh hopes to change all that and not only introduce G rap into a new era, But to showcase his skill set to the legend in what look to be either a dope collab effort or a possible passing in the torch.

38 himself is a dope emcee.. He’s not your cliché “shoot em up, I sell bricks” East coast rapper. He knows how to paint vivid pictures(Which he studied from G Rap ) of the NY street life and re introduce it into the new common era. He was also able to bring Alchemist, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Showbiz and those from the golden era to provide that new soundtrack to the new New York streets.  Starting with the street single Upstate 2 Queens:


The DJ Premier produced “The Meeting” showed that Premier can still provide heat to where G Rap can still flex lyrically with 38 Spesh doing a solid job of hold his own.


The rest of the album has G Rap featured on 9 of the 15 tracks and both G Rap and Spesh mesh really well. The chemistry is definitely there along with the grimy east coast production to match and the results are satisfying. Nobody can paint cinematic crime tales like Kool G Rap does in this game and if you want to question if G Rap still has it, Then check out The Daringer produced “G Heist” and “Bricks in the Pen”(produced by Showbiz).

Spesh on the other hand has some tracks where he shines on his own. The Pete Rock produced Aborted Child which is the album’s most personal track which deals with the topic of a child feeling resentful towards his parents over being abortion. Spesh also pay homage to G Rap by remaking his classic Its a Shame and does the remake justice


This album here is a indication that hip hop isn’t dead. The old vet collabing with a up and coming vet along with bringing the heavy hitters from the golden era.  Albums like this definitely need its exposure and guys like 38 Spesh prove that they are worthy of hanging with the new era. Kool G Rap on the other hand proves why he’s a lot of your favorite rappers, favorite rapper.

Vic rating : 9 outta 10

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LL Cool J- The G.O.A.T. Review(Revisited)

Hip Hop has always been about bragging, competition, and rappers claiming to be the best at what they do. JayZ  called himself Jay Hova, KRS called himself “God of hip hop”, Biggie called himself the illest. But no rapper was bold and arrogant enough to call himself the GOAT(Which is a normal synonym used in today’s culture). But at the time LL Cool J was the first to proclaim himself as that.
After defeating many in battle(Ice T, Hammer, Kool Moe Dee, and Canibus), putting up gold and platinum plaques since the 80s and having all of the fans whom wear high heels still loving him, You damn right LL would feel like he’s the greatest of all time. But the question is does the album itself hold up to its title?
If a artist gonna name himself the G.O.A.T., EVERYTHING has to be on point. By hearing the Intro to the album, You were thinking LL was gonna come out and drop his hardest album since Mama Said Knock You Out. He also performed this intro on the toilet during the Rap City Freestyle(under Eminem’s The Way I AM instrumental). It was also a aim at Canibus whom used the same instrumental for his classic. He laid down his resume’ down flat and you would think that you’re in for something really special.
Unfortunately things start off on the wrong foot as LL dibbles back into his safe zone with “Imagine That” which was the typical commercial track. Imagine that isn’t actually a bad song and it got some solid play during the time it dropped, Its just not the right song to start off the album after a fiery Intro.
The pace picks up on Back Where I Belong where he sends more shots at his then rival Canibus. This track here has LL revisiting his battle roots with the Rocky Balboa mentality(With the Victory beat) and he proceeds to smack his rival around silly. Knowing that Canibus’s debut album hit a brick, LL smelled blood in the water and continued to go after him on “LL Cool J‘ which has him taking a page from the late Notorious BIG’s Kick in the Door and addressing garbage rappers, haters, whom were dissing him.

The album hard tracks such as Ill Bomb, Queens is(featuring Prodigy), and U Cant Fuck With Me(featuring Snoop, Xzibit and Jayo Felony) remain as the albums main highlights while the tracks aimed for commercial airplay come across as flat. Plus LL bragging about how great he is can grow a bit tiresome to many. But overall this was probably LL’s last great album before he started following simple formulas
7.5 Rating outta 10


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