Fabolous & Jadakiss-Friday on Elm Street Review



Jadakiss And Fabolous-Friday on Elm Street review

After close to 2 years, promotional tapes and about 500 delays. It became official on Thanksgiving day that Fabolous and Jadakiss was gonna finally release their long anticipated project titled Freddy Vs Jason. Jadakiss and Fabolous been heating up the market with the infamous friday night freestyles in a attempt to restore the feeling thats been missing in NY’s glory days.

The Introduction to this is possibly one of the best openings I’ve ever heard from a mixtape and album. They both played off the concept of the title perfectly here with Fabolous rapping from the perspective of Freddy Kruger over the Nightmare on Elm Street Sample blended with EPMD’s You’s a Customer. The beat then flips to a darker tone with Jadakiss rapping from the prospective of Jason Vorhees. The album’s first single Stand Up is every Hip Hop’s pursuits worst nightmare on paper. You have Future crooning on the hook with a 808 trap beat.  This track has NO business being on here.


The album goes back to its original recipe on “Theme Music” which is a dope homage to Marvin Gaye’s Far Cry with Fab and Jada seemingly going bar for bar in a competitive. Its has that early 2000s summertime NY flow to it. My personal favorite track throughout is surprisingly Let’s Talk about It where both Fab and Jadakiss talk about the ills of the world: Donald Trump presidency, Gun Violence in the hood, and urging their peers to get involved in helping solve these issues harming the community:

And we talk how many died for the birth of a nation?
And how this national anthem ain’t worth my ovation?
And if I am standing up, Imma stand up for equality
It’s brutality, we need more than that apology
Can we talk about it, not just artists, but the players too
Y’all on the field, not the mic, but y’all can say it too



Another standout is I Pray where Fab opens up with possibly one of his best verses on the whole tape. He talks about his contradiction of not being close to the lord as he claims and pleads for the lords protection:

Yeah, God forgive us I know we don’t pray as much as we should
We call in bad times, don’t stay in touch when we good
‘Less it’s your downfall they don’t pray for much in the hood
So when they ask “What’s up?” I don’t say as much as I could
Can’t tell niggas who never been up you leveling up
That’s like going to hell and tellin’ the Devil, “What’s up?”

Channeling his inner Christopher Wallace. Jada pleads about the same paranoia of enemies praying for his downfall:

Lord, I know I call in a time of need (sorry)
These niggas come around in a time of greed (always)
I got five children I’m trying to feed (yeah)
They killing to follow, I’m dying to lead (woo!)
You ain’t wearing a vest, it’s time to bleed (mmm)
Thirty second or less, it’s time to leave (go)

Overall this was a pretty dope tape. You get a mixture of grown man bars, street raps, social commentary, picture paints and slick fly NY flavor raps throughout the whole joint. I could personally do without the Future songs, the remix, and the song with French because they throw the vibe off. I wish they would have stuck to the Freddy and Jason theme a bit more and approached it with a darker tone. But this is a very solid release from the both of them.

Vic Rating: 7.5 outta 10

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Off The Cuff Radio-The Return of Nutt-so


If you enjoyed his first appearance on the show, You’ll definitely enjoy this one! Nutt-so returns to Off The Cuff Radio and gives us a tour of what he’s been up too lately with the Makaveli Rydaz 2 compilation coming out. We talked with him about the Death Row days, Tupac’s legacy and defending it, his tour through New York City, the impact of hood movies and other topics. We also premiered two of his cuts from his new projects as well!

You at 1:50:27:
Talks about the Early bay area days

You at 30:11:
Talks about folks in the Industry disrespecting Pac

You at 24:48:
Talks about the Makaveli Rydaz compilation

You at 17:24:
Nutt-so joins the show!

You at 2:36:
Playing Ghetto Child

Soundcloud link:


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Eazy E and TLC-Creep(Filthy Rich Blend)


This is FIRE! Big shout to DJ Filthy Rich for the blend!


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“Is Kendrick Lamar copying Lupe Fiasco?” Off The Cuff Radio


Speak on it!

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Off The Cuff Radio- The Moe Z MD Episode



The legendary producer(and a favorite of Tupac’s) Moe Z MD stopped by and chopped it up with the team. We got into it about his inspirations, working with Tupac, being influenced by Prince, The creative process behind Spice 1s Born II Die and his feelings about Pac’s death.

We also debuted some of his new cuts for promotion of a up and coming project.




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Off The Cuff Radio-The Kokane and And AANISHA lONG


It was a family affair on Off the Cuff Radio. West Coast legend and pioneer Kokane joins us along with his talented daughter Aanisha Long to chop it up with the team. Family values, industry politics, their start ups, his career highs, lows, relationship with Eazy and premiered his new track Lets Go off his up and coming album Lemonhead!

We also played Aanisha’s track Strobe Lights. This was one of our best shows to date!

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Dr Dre-The Chronic 25th Anniversary Mix

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of West Coast classic The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s debut solo LP, our buddy DJ Matman has crafted a dope mix of album tracks such as “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” and “Let Me Ride,” alternative versions, remixes, and original sample material from the likes of Parliament, Donny Hathaway, Clarence Reid, Whodini, and Leon Haywood, amongst others.
Roll down those windows, light up a blunt, and enjoy!





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