CLASSIC INTERVIEW: Gillie Da Kidd AIRING out Lil Wayne and Cash Money.

SHOUTOUT to Hip HopDX for giving Gillie the Kidd a platform to speak when many other websites were scared.


HHDX: Now you used to be signed to Cash Money and everything, why you not signed to them anymore?

Gillie:Cuz Stunna’s (Baby) a rotten motherfucker and he don’t pay his niggas! It wasn’t never really a money issue with me. It was more of just Stunna didn’t really want a nigga to shine. He wanted a nigga to play more in the backround and get checks like that, so I did that for as long as I needed to and got out of it.

HHDX: How you get discovered by Cash Money in the first place?

Gillie: Seen them down at the First Union center at a concert. I was signed at the time and the nigga was like if you get off I got a S for you. So when I got off I called and he flew me down the next day and the deal got done that week.

HHDX: What you think of Baby and Slim when it comes to business, what’s your personal opinion on them?

Gillie: They handle they business to the best of they interest you know what I’m saying? They not good businessman because if you had the empire that they had you would do everything you could to keep it around. You would’ve kept it together, you wouldn’t let it break-up. A nigga didn’t give a fuck if it broke up or not cause he wanna be the main nigga, but he don’t have man nigga talent you know what I’m saying.

HHDX: So basically he just looked out for himself and others?

Gillie: Believe that, he was just looking out for himself not all his other niggas, just himself. Through all his other niggas is Juve, B.G., Turk, Mannie Fresh, ain’t none of them around. The money wasn’t right he owe them niggas money, not a couple of dollars, millions of dollars.

HHDX: So he’s a real money-jerker?

Gillie: Pretty much.

HHDX: What’s good with that shit with you ghostwriting for Lil Wayne, want to speak on that?

Gillie: I penned a lot of that shit, they had me around there. Nigga… Stunna gave me 200,000 when I signed. They was so in a rush to get a nigga into a deal they didn’t do the publishing right there on the spot, they just wanted to get me ink. Soon as they got me ink then they wanted to discuss the publishing. Once they didn’t want to give me the money I was asking for (for my publishing) then I knew it was a problem. I had talks and sit-downs with Wayne he didn’t even know what publishing was and shit, so I start seeing what was really going on around here. They just wanted me to play the backround, pen some shit, gimme a check, pen some more shit and gimme a check. So that’s what I did got my money situation right and skated.

HHDX: Which albums did you ghostwrite for?

Gillie: The Carter 1, I didn’t do the The Carter 2. I wasn’t even there for that.

HHDX: Which songs did you write for The Carter 1?

Gillie: Pretty much all of them.

HHDX: How much you get for each track?

Gillie: It wasn’t really no certain amount you know what I’m saying, but I was getting 15-20 stacks a track.

HHDX: Now be honest with me, do you think you hotter than Lil Wayne?

Gillie: I mean that’s kind of like a trick question, it ain’t even no comparison. You can’t even compare me to Wayne, because I do so much more than shorty, I got so many styles, so many forms and patterns that I could hit you with you know what I’m saying. Shorty don’t really got that.

HHDX: How would you rate Lil Wayne overall as a rapper?

Gillie: He’s a fraud. I never was really with bringing none of this shit to the light, except for when the nigga diss me. He got a record where he say my name and that I don’t want it, that he gonna do this and gonna do that. I didn’t even feel as though that was real you feel what I’m saying. So I called and reached out to the nigga, the nigga didn’t even reached back to me you feel what I’m saying, so I felt disrespected. So I felt like “fuck you nigga”, the whole time I was with Cash Money I ain’t did nothing but try to help you. Now you wanna take a cheap-shot at a nigga? first I just thought like that was the dumbest thing he could possibly do, knowing I know what I know, like “Why?” what sense does that make?

HHDX: So it’s like you the man behind all his shit anyway?

Gillie: You know what Im saying, so why would you even play me?

HHDX: How you feel about ghostwriting for Lil Wayne period when you could’ve used that hot shit for yourself?

Gillie: To me it didn’t matter, this what I do, I don’t give a fuck about the fame, I give a fuck about the money you know what I’m saying. My money situation is cool, I got 200,000 dollars worth of jewelry. I’m cool, I got four major figga pieces, you got a mansion, I got a mansion, I got six bedrooms and bathrooms, you got a Bentley, I got a Rover. I don’t hustle this is all behind the scene checks, what am I getting it for. Ya smell me? The nigga’s a fraud man, on a scale of one to ten Lil Wayne is a six as a rapper, him with no help is a six. You heard Lil Wayne for three or four albums before I got around Cash Money? Did you say “Damn, Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper”?

HHDX: You right, before other albums like Tha Block is Hot, 500 Degreez, and Lights Out, people said Wayne wasn’t rapping as hot and the rumor was Gille was writing his shit, especially here in Philly.

Gillie: Now how long you been hearing that? You been hearing that for maybe close to three years. It never came to the surface cause I had no beef with Wayne. Me and Wayne was cool, I’m a real nigga, I ain’t gonna expose you unless you make me expose you. You put me in a situation where I had no choice but to expose you for the fraud that you are, he’s a fraud man.

HHDX: Besides the ghostwriting, what you doing in the game as a rap artists?

Gillie: You know I always had the city of Philadelphia, some of Jersey, Baltimore, Delaware, Chester, I’m always gonna have something right there. It’s not like I stopped I put out six mixtapes in over a year, so a nigga stay working. A nigga stay hustling, grinding, throwing parties, nigga stay doing it big, I been doing it big it’s just the rest of the world is getting exposed on how I do things. You feel what I’m saying? I got a Gangsta Grillz mixtape coming out next week with DJ Drama, I got a DVD coming out called “Marijuana High” that got a mixtape with it, I got a independent album done just waiting for them to finish getting it up, I got my Major Figgas we got an album done, we work, we hustle, we put that grind in.

HHDX: Who are you signed to now?

Gillie: Figga 4 Life Entertainment?

HHDX: What’s good with that Gangsta Grillz with DJ Drama, how you get up with him?

Gillie: Drama a real nigga. Shout-out the the whole Aphilliates, Don Cannon, they some real niggas, he reached out to me actually like “Yo we need to do a Gangsta Grillz”, it wasn’t even too much a nigga had to reach out, he reached out to me and like real nigga’s supposed to real nigga’s connected.

HHDX: So whose featured on this Gangsta Grillz mixtape?

Gillie: I just got myself really. I ain’t got too much time to be featuring niggas, I gotta let niggas know what it is. I gotta let them you know who the king of Philly is. So basically it just got me and my niggas on there, I had a song with Wayne on there, but I took it off after you know a nigga sent a lil shot at me, so fuck you nigga!

HHDX: With us being from Philly, why you think it’s so hard to get put on Philly?

Gillie: Cause it’s no major music labeled here. Like you can go over to New York and walk up to Def Jam, it’s not hard to get in them buildings, you go to New York it’s not hard to get into Def Jam. It’s not hard to get in them buildings. Over here it’s no outlets, you can’t walk-up into Philly International you know what I’m saying? It’s no labels in Philly, that’s what we about to change.

HHDX: In your opinion will Philly ever blow as a city in the rap game?

Gillie: Yeah, Philly about to blow up this year. This is our year, the only reason it hasn’t blown up yet is cause the wrong faces been put there you know what I’m saying.

HHDX: As in who?

Gillie: All of them, all the faces that came out, they the wrong face that set the city off, they the wrong face let’s just kept it real. Who in Philadelphia you ever known had an underground buzz? Only other person other than the Figgas that had a real serious underground buzz is Reed Dollarz. I ain’t talking bad about nobody. Cassidy never had an underground buzz, Beans never had an underground buzz, he was taken to Dame Dash and Jay-Z and got put on. No artists that ever came out in Philly never had an underground buzz, they was just put on. When you look at the heart of the streets I am the heart of the streets of Philadelphia. I’m the only person here deal or no deal, situation or no situation. I’m the only person that can throw an event and it be 2000 people there. You haven’t had the privilege to come to one of my events *laughs* and I got one at the end of this month on the 28th, DJ Drama at the African-American Museum, it’s gonna be ridiculous man.

HHDX: What you think it would take for Philly to blow up?

Gillie: The right face to hit the screen, another reason Philly hasn’t blow up, cause everybody from Philly that came out didn’t give back. When they get hot they don’t try to make another nigga hot, “Come on dawg ride off me, bubble off of this”, they don’t wanna do that. Every nigga from Philly wanna get on and shit on everybody else. They don’t wanna get on and say let’s make the city blow, they wanna get on and say “Ah nigga I’m on you not” you feel me. Instead of being real and saying “I’m on”, now let’s go make this record with this nigga and I’m gonna do this record with that nigga and bring the city as a whole, soon as I get my foot in the door that’s what I’m gonna do for the whole city. On my DVD “Marijuana High” it’s kind of what I’m doing going around displaying talent showing off all the young niggas giving them a shot, letting them be seen and heard, you know what I’m saying.

HHDX: Now tell me the whole situation with you getting shot recently?

Gillie: I got shot a few times you know what I’m saying, a pussy-ass nigga shot me, but it was about nothing, I’m still here breathing God-willing.

HHDX: Was they trying to jam(rob) you or some shit?

Gillie: Yeah, but that shit wasn’t about nothing, the news said it was attempted murder, so I guess that what it was.

HHDX: Where in Philly this shit was at?

Gillie: It was down North Philly, I was getting in my car and they started shooting at me, shot me in my arm, one nigga came out shot me in my stomach. But I’m still breathing bitch-ass niggas! Ground shooting, make sure you put that in the article, Gillie said the bitch-ass niggas was ground-shooting.

HHDX: Be easy Gilly, any shout-outs to give and anything to say to the readers of

Gillie: Shout-out to the whole Figgas, all the readers, Quinton Hatfield from for coming through, fans can hit me up at shout-out the whole Philly and all the DJ’s that backed me Cosmic Kev, Q-Deezy, Colby Colb, Power 99, 103.9, 100.3 The Beat, Yanna B. my manager, the Aphilliates and Lil Wayne I’m on ya head nigga, I’m on ya ass.

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