The Article that may have left Pimp C marked for death.

When Pimp C was released from Prison in early 2006, He was on a mission. His mentality was different, the way he carried himself was different and his agenda within the music has changed. Time in Prison seemed to have opened Pimp C’s eyes to a different prospective about the music Industry and similar to Tupac when he first got released, He stirred up alot of controversy with his OZone interview calling out homosexual executives, fake rappers, and even dissed the whole state of Atlanta. Further adding the agenda within Pimp’s music has changed as well, He talked about unifying Texas and squashing the beefs within the state, He went on a continuous tirade about how the game has gotten fake and threatened to pull the sheep from the wolves clothing with his 2nd OZone interview.

This may have been the article that made Pimp marked for death but in rebel fashion but never the one to bite his tounge, He cared less:


If that didn’t do it. It was Pimp’s interview with Power 105 that really did it:

Continuing his agenda to expose truth and fakeness among the Industry. Pimp would also record his final album UGK album with Bun B and it would sadly be their final album as on December 4th 2007 Pimp C would be found dead in his hotel room due to natural causes. It’s a mystery to how Pimp C died but its clear as dead that there’s more to his death than what many is leading on.

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50 Responses to The Article that may have left Pimp C marked for death.

  1. james says:

    Man, Pimp C is right! these rappers these days are fake. If you do gay s*** then open up, if not then stop doing it! Also we need to start talking about the negative effects or the “truth” about drug dealing and gang banging, the younger generation need to know straight up what it is. If they want to sell dope then go ahead but just realize the consequences that come with the drug game. Be prepared to be a man and stick with what you do and don’t pussy out when things go sour. S***, grow some balls N****! Pimp C told it like it is and if ya’ll didn’t understand or misinterpret what he said then listen to the recording again and again until you do understand what he meant. May The Pimp rest in peace and all those who spoke out against this Bulls***. They are the real heroes in this world and should be recognized for what they did.

  2. tashawnda price says:

    Pimp C had to be on the downlow himself! No heterosexual man would feel the need to call another man gay- over and over. I mean look at all the pics of him with his lips pursed trying to out sexy a woman. Anyway, I am convinced he said those things to deflect attention from himself.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Pimp C was NOT no homosexual. Don’t put that label on him because he called out your favorite entertainers

      • tashawnda price says:

        What would you call a grown man constantly trying to look sexy with their pouty full lips always poked out? I mean come on! It’s not personal, haven’t you heard that a lot of so called homophobes are actually gay themselves?
        You don’t know how that man lived his life. Judging by what I saw he was a sweet B with a big ass mouth!

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        He was refering to feminine men taking pictures with duckfaces

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        You clearly don’t know a thing about me. I knew people who ROLLED with Pimp. You the one throwing ridiculous accusations at the man because he dissed some of your favorite sweet rappers.

    • firconnie says:

      You’re a fucking idiot.

    • black says:

      U a real pussy ass nigger to sit up there and right that shit u a real fuck nigga

    • Shae says:

      Bitch Pimpc is not gay you gay straight men can’t stand no punk what type of men you be around punks suck it easy bitch ass nigga let PimpC rest easy bitCh โœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

    • Kila Gram says:

      Pimp C never said he has a problem with gays. He said he has a problem with the phoniness. The fake ones who lying like they about that life. It’s personal to a real G like Pimp C because the fake ones making a mockery of the “real” gangsta life. Pimp C lived it and rap about it. Regardless of how cold it may be he still speak the truth about that life style which was a part of his life.

    • Kila Gram says:

      Pimp C just had big pouty lips. Big difference from duck face. Duck face wasn’t even a “look” or “saying” back then before he died. So I doubt if he was trying to serve that look, lol.

  3. Sikkz says:

    The whole state of Atlanta?

  4. tyler tracey says:

    I am from Houston and houston dont change it is what it is but these atl rappers will sell there souls to get some fame now ain’t that fake? Rap is about expressing what’s going with life and the world today and if everyone one is saying they where some sort of scarface nigga dont you think this world would be more fucked up than it already is. all pimp was trying to say was be real speak the truth open up your mind and lern a little get a better vocabulary lets make the south real hip hop and not stupidity but people don’t listen that’s why we have rappers like young thug now fuck ass niggas!

    • John Doe says:

      Thats real shit and Im from Atlanta born n raised still live here and the reason why ATL rap so mainstream now is because these niggas will sell their soul for fame and makes dumb down music because thats wat the evil industry want

  5. Jmk Oden says:

    All these rappers are fuck niggas including pimp c and anybody else u wanna put in the mixture cause when the shit boiled down he was with them niggas when they was on this devil shit trust and believe how he go against Texas and then realize the mistake he made and tried to fix it by exposing himself and others

  6. Jmk Oden says:

    Nobody can put a price on somebody’s soul

  7. will says:

    pimp c was the realest in the game he spoke on the real niggas often the ones he looked up to like Robert Davis Jr. the real ogs of the game these rappers today had people supporting them when they were tryna make it but they sell there soul and the evil industry tell them the people that u once knew u don’t know them anymore now if that aint fake u tell me what fake is because because the ones that went through the struggle are the ones that paved the way for these ungrateful rappers now and to be honest they cant rap at all its garbage they don’t make real MCs no more like twista ugk 8ball mjg biggie 2 pac nas z ro and bone thugs these names I called are recognized for real talent and don’t have to sell out to get a paycheck and get their peanut butter packed to be on the hip hop awards and its some good new rappers out now not all of them are garbage and they know who they are but for the most of them can eat a dick like pimp c often said hold up



    • Strapp MF Nasti says:

      I feel the same way about Pimp C speaking the truth. If we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything.

  9. Chads console says:

    You must ask who was the last person to see him alive, and it would suprise you and not suprise you at the same time. There is the link to what happened. Ask River from the Viper.

  10. DenGess Khan says:

    Im from england and a real hip hop fan like bun said u have to respect those who are real wether or not you likee the reality people like gay ass macklemore at least fat nigga admit he suck dick! But truth b told dat shit should be banned from daytime tv like hip hop was back in da early 90s, my kids shouldn’t b able to hear dat shit! I respect ppl, each to there own but if you know your doing wrong you shouldn’t promote that shit and if u do like pimp said you should have commentry explaining yourself. Adam an eve created plenty of children, if it was down to adam and steve none of us would be here! I respect you man fans but accept or wake up and realise aint nothing right about it! Straight up I like a chick suckin my dick but it dont make babies so I dont promote dat as much as I enjoy it! I don’t fuck bum but I kno man dat do fuck females up da bum but all dat four play u can do with next man, so jus realise its wrong and don’t teach kids dis shit! Btw more gays means more females for me so do ur ting man fans! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. yseffthepoetical says:

    Rest in peace to one of the most realistic poets and humanitarian ever! (It’s fucked up that we have to say that about the realest. ..)

  12. Betram says:

    Am from Africa, I real don’t care who Pimp was but I feel like I knew a guy for what the truth is tellin’, cuz y’all motherfukers thought that music of yours (hip hop) it affect only you, it did affected us too cuz we listen to this music since but then, y’all made us wearing some gay shit whithout even knowing what the fuck we doin, am glad Pimp opened my eyes and showed me who tha fake is…!!!!

  13. Jeffrey Wilson says:

    I agree with Pimp. Theses artists these days are all homosexuals. Secretly joining the Illuminati and Freemason bull crap hiding in the houses and rooms together having gay orgies and killing everyone who expose they gay self. Y’all serving Satan and most of u know it. New World Order and all of this gay sponsoring going on trying to turn our kids into homos or get em to support it y’all sick man. Y’all need to come back to Jehovah and leave that sick crap alone. All of these stars dying mysteriously. It ain’t no mystery no mo. Y’all killing em either for sacrifice to a false god or so that someone more fitting to your gay, murderous, f the world mentality bull crap could take their place. I know!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jameka Hicks says:

    I had never heard of pimp c until after his death, but from what I gather about him listening to him on radio interviews and such, he seems to be a real nigga. He was one sexy ass, that southern drawl drove me crazy.RIP BABY,GONE BUT, NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kila Gram says:

      YESSS hunty. The nerve of one commenter to talk about his pose. Like his lips looked gay. Nah them red things looked manly sexy.

  15. Jameka Hicks says:

    I had never heard of pimp c when he was alive,but I heard him on radio interviews and such and he was a real nigga.That sexy southern drawl could drive a woman crazy.RIP BABY GONE BUT, NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TXjudge&jury says:

      I grew up with pimp and bun. Pimp was going to tell it, no matter what it was, giving ZERO f$$ks about what any fake ass, downlow, certified fraud snakes and pawns had to say about it. They could’ve sold out like most but they stood for more than the hollow promises of shiny things and perceived power. And since one of my most influential mentors isn’t around to call out all you punks typing lies and garbage from a safe place, then the duty to check you bums is on me. Any man woman or child that types one word of negativity or malice towards the real OG spokesman of the third coast will have to answer for those violations one way or another. Have a problem with this line in the sand? Test me from behind the alleged walls of security that you hide behind. Or grow up and come see me and we can discuss this problem at length

  16. p says:

    Pimp run shyt,dead he was ill a wise long live the pimp forever bit@@!one love as he stated.

  17. TEXSBOI101 says:

    Pimp was a real niggah, nobody came at him cuz he had dirt on them. He had love for real niggahs. Real men stay real. Keep it trill luv that niggah all day. All i listen to is ugk lil keke trae slim thugg niggahs that aint mainstream. Frfr

  18. Kevin says:

    I’m a diehard UGK fan from the days of wayback. I remember skipping school in the 10th grade to go buy a copy of Super Tight about a week before it’s official release. A little mom & pop record store here in Nashville called New Life Records would sell new releases about a week earlier than anyone else. I was blessed enough to see the duo play live once on an arena tour supporting Riding Dirty. It was amazing of course. I also got to see Pimp solo during his “See the Pimp Free” welcome home tour when he came home from prison. I also got to meet him in person in the VIP at that show. As to any conspiracy theories regarding his death, I don’t know… I personally suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, combine that with an abundant use of Codeine with Promethazine (both cns depressants), and top it all off with alcohol (another cns depressant) it’s not hard to see how he slipped away and just stopped breathing. My Sleep Apnea alone was considered “moderate” yet I would still stop breathing on average once every 5 minutes for as long as a minute and a half each time.

    TO ALL THE FUCK-BOYS ON THIS FORUM: Anyone insinuating that Pimp C was homosexual because of the way he pursed his lips is an idiot. I met the man. I bet he had $250,000 in diamonds in his grill alone. Yeah, he did purse his lips, but as he did I was blinded by the ice in that damn grill. That’s why he did it, Btw to show off that expensive ass mouthpiece. By the way I don’t have anything against gay people. There was a time in my life where I was very hateful towards gays and especially gay men. Honestly, I could really give a fuck nowadays. That being said. Pimp wasn’t gay.

    He probably had another half a million in jewels in two other chains and pieces around his neck. I’ve never really been much of a jewelry person, but to say he pulled the look off is quite the understatement.

    They say never meet your heroes, you’ll be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t. He was a good dude that appreciated a white boy from Nashville coming out to see the show. As C was leaving my friend Phil who was with me apologized to him about all the DRAMA that evening. (Their had been some fools in the crowd that had to be thrown out. They didn’t know how to act.) Pimp looked at my friend Phil & looked at me, pursed his lips again so that icy-ass grill glistened in the lights and said:

    “I luuuuuve drama!” Never meet you heroes my ass!!!

  19. Zangief says:

    He called out the entire state of Atlanta? Haha. Atlanta is a city in the state of Georgia. Nice quality writing.

  20. Boom says:

    Pimp C was the truth he didn’t bite his tongue he was 1000 I met Pimp C a few years back when he came to Moss Point Mississippi and he was 1000 then rest in peace my n****

  21. OMG says:

    Pimp would roll over in his grave if he seen how lame the game has become in 2018. N**** wearing dresses, skinny jeans etc.

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