Tupac’s career on Death Row Records(Was he scared of Suge?)

Was 2Pac Scared of Suge Knight when He was on Death Row?

“Gotta follow your sergeants directions or get your ass popped with the Smiff N Wesson!” Eazy E on Real Compton City Gz

Its been said that Tupac signing to Death Row was the gift and the curse. The gift was the fact that it helped Pac reach his peak as the biggest name in rap and officially made him a mega star. Him signing to Death Row proved to be a smart move career wise as he would sell 7-8 million records with his double disc All Eyez on Me. The album would be the highest selling album in 1996 along with Death Row Records being put back on the map as a megaforce due to Bad Boy dominating much of 1995. The Curse being that his death would lead the fall of the empire.

When Pac was locked up, He felt depressed, betrayed, and angry about the whole incident. He was robbed, shot 5 times and sent to prison within 24 hour span along the media crucifying him and trying to assassinate his character by potraying him as a rapist and a knuckleheaded convict. The epic pic of Tupac being carried in and out of court in a wheelchair with his head wrapped up stuck in many people’s minds for years. The reality of prison life started to set in on Pac. His so-called friends didn’t visit him or took time to write letters checking on him. He was an open target for no only in prison due to the nature of his reputation but in hip hop as well as New York artists and DJs started disrespecting him on New York Radio stations and even went as far as to spread a rumor of him being raped in prison,

It was hard for Tupac to sit in prison and receive this treatment without having the outlet to respond to it. Despite having the #1 album in the country with Me Against the World, Tupac still had a lot of anger in his heart and wanted to extract revenge. He knew that he needed a team because he felt betrayed by Puffy, Biggie, and all of New York so he signed with Death Row Records in late October 1995 and was released on 1.4 million dollar bail.

Death Row Records was what Tupac felt he needed at the time. He finally felt that he had a team powerful enough to go against Bad Boy, Who was running the game heavily at the time and had finally had a platform to abstract revenge on his adversaries. He also felt that he had Suge’s street muscle to give him the protection he needed as well so people would think twice at firing back at him.He felt now that he can intimidate his enemies and he did so throughout 1996 with his onslaught of diss records towards the Bad Boy camp, Nas, Mobb Deep, JayZ or whomever said anything slick or disrespect towards him.

The difference between Tupac and the rappers today is that he didn’t care about industry politics. Tupac didn’t care if you sold five million records or five records, You said his name and he was gonna come after you. Everybody from the biggest artist(Biggie) to the smallest(Chino XL) got hit with Tupac’s wrath. He was on a mission to eliminate those who felt betrayed him and said anything bad about him or the west coast. It wouldn’t be until Dre’s departure is where he would officially be Suge Knight’s pitbull as he would even go after Dre as well.

But on the inside, You can tell deep inside that Tupac didn’t want to be on Death Row. He even said himself that “He was successful on Death Row but not happy”. It was an obligation that he felt he had obtain. He felt obligated to take on all of Suge’s demands because Suge bailed him out of prison. He also owed money to Death Row as well and was already in debt due to his incarceration.Therefore He had to prove his loyalty to Suge and had to partake in alot of Suge’s beefs from taking parts of the Death Row beatdowns, Going after Dre for leaving the label and even if it had to go through certain bizarre rituals that were demanded by the label such as this picture here with Pac naked covered in chains in a bathtub:

Now why Pac decided to take this picture in this manner I would never know. Maybe its to boost his sex appeal but its clear that on the shoot that he looked very uncomfortable and not happy in having to go through this. There have been many people who worked within the label that claimed that Pac wanted to get out of Death Row badly and was the main reason why he would release these albums so quickly even though Pac himself publically never admitted any friction between him and Suge. Its obvious from hearing the stories of people who knew him personally including Fredro Starr and Tha Outlawz that He wanted out of Death Row as he told them to NOT sign with them.

Pac felt trapped in a obligation that he didn’t want to obtain. He felt that he sold out his beliefs and himself as he would even switch his style from the political conscious route into a more street savvy style rapper to represent Death Row’s gangsta rap image.

The rituals that Pac seen within the Entertainment industry started getting more bizarre and it drove him crazy. From having Quincy Jones(Pac was engaged to his daughter) asking him to “fuck him in the ass”(According to Professor Griff) to the weird pictures takened in the tub wrapped in chains. Tupac seemed to have had enough of the Industry and was gonna work on his Makaveli album which was gonna be a bombshell. He not only would address not only his enemies but also the people who were pulling the strings which is why he named it Killumanti the 7 Day Theory. From turning down the Jones ritual and actually claiming to “kill the illuminati” Pac was marked for death and he knew it.

The Makaveli album was gonna be the album that was gonna shake up the industry. He said himself that he did All Eyez on Me was an album done for Suge and that this album was gonna be darker and him going back into dropping knowledge. Upon recording this album, It seemed that Pac was either foretelling his death or figured his name was calling so he was gonna spend his last days fearing no one. He completed the album in SEVEN days further showcasing his genius as an artist and further fueling the rumors of him wanting to leave. Many of the Death Row artists were afraid of asking about their money and allowed Suge to punk them out for many years. Pac realizing that his deal was almost up felt he had nothing to lose started asking Suge about the money that was owed to him and there were many arguments between the two which Pac was ready to fight Suge and he would throw him a couple of grand and a car to keep him happy. It would be the same tactic that Suge would do to many of his artists as Snoop Dogg would claim in the March 1998 Source Issue.

Another thing that people didn’t notice is that Pac wasn’t even wearing the Death Row medallion as much anymore during the record of Makaveli. He was wearing his Euphanasia medallion even more into the public. He actually walked in NYC which was Biggie’s stomping ground to address Nas in front of seventy of his people at Central Park with just fifteen of his people with him. Snoop Dogg talked about this during an interview earlier this year. Pac had plans of doing a One Nation project featuring Boot Camp Click, Greg Nice, Melly Mel, Bone Thugs, Spice 1, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, The Luniz and others to show that he still had love for NYC and that his issues were mainly with certain people in that state, He also had plans of Makaveli Records and further continuing that movement after leaving Death Row.

Suge knew that he couldn’t have his biggest asset leave the company at a time where they were making so much money. He had already lost Dr Dre which was a huge contributor to their sound and was actually the originator of the Death Row sound so having Pac leave would result into many questioning from his artists that he knew cheated money out of and Pac leaving would put the company in a serious hole.The only way Suge could have possibly kept Pac’s masters and catalogue with him is if he had him killed according to one of Death Row’s ex Bodyguards.

Pac didn’t even want to go to Tyson fight in Las Vegas that night but he figured that it was in his destiny to go and knew he was gonna go down sooner or later so he went ahead after confinement from Suge and company. Im not gonna breakdown the details of his whole death because its been done many times before but there was no denying that Pac’s reasoning for being killed has to be his new inner fearlessness of Suge Knights muscle or the fact that the higher-ups seen him as too much of a serious threat. A rapper selling 7-8 million records addressing the Illuminati and wanting to kill it? Thats way too much power for a young black artist to have. Mix that with his Black Panther background and you have a serious problem.They possibly felt that they had to eliminate Pac and use Suge to do it.

When the Makaveli album dropped after Pac’s death. It was like a bomb dropping into the Industry. The Cover art had Tupac deplicated as Jesus Christ and he’s hung on a cross with the nails showcasing that he was crucified by the media. You can even check the booklet where it has no thank you, shoutouts or nothing, Just:


The Makaveli album was the bombshell and final album that he recorded before his death .It continues where Hit Em Up left off at and You can feel Pac’s rage, anger, and venom as he went at all of his adversaries on My Bomb 1st and Against All Odds respectively. Whats different this time around is that Pac is addressing the people who he felt were involved with him being set up with the rape charges and shot in 1994 (Hatian Jack, Jimmy Henchman, King Tut). The Makaveli album would be labeled as Pac’s best work to date as he delivers an album good enough to please all of his fans and keeping new ones. The album further cemented Pac as a legendary icon figure.

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77 Responses to Tupac’s career on Death Row Records(Was he scared of Suge?)

  1. Trevor lane says:

    Good write up.i will love to read more about 2pac and illuminati

  2. Trevor lane says:

    I love it

  3. Arron says:

    Great information I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Daniel Thelemaque says:

    With all this being said, does this mean that Tupac no longer felt Biggie Smalls set him up. Look man, Biggie played everything cool the whole time man. Biggie still had love for Tupac no matter how much dude rushed him. You kinda saw a shift in Pac’s personality on the interview Pac had did at MTV VMA’s in 1996 when he was like, “when it all goes down, don’t look at me and Biggie and be like how come there’s a East Coast West Coast war”. You right man, I think Tupac realized that his inflammatory feelings towards Biggie which was ordered BY Suge was gonna cost people their lives and indeed it did unfortunately. His life, Biggie’s life, and almost Snoop Dogg.

    • Nelly Malia says:

      You’re wrong you should YouTube pac’s vibe interview and the last one with Sway.

      Pac never said Biggie set him up he said Biggie used to be his homie.

      Pac basically made Biggie he put him up, let him perform on his shows, bought him Rolex gave him money. He advised him to have commercial records aiming at women that’s why Biggie shifted from party ad buckshot to Big Poppa. Biggie even dissed Puffy saying he was cheating on him, but then he warned Pac regarding dudes he was hanging with (Haitian Jack among others) then no text or seeing until the shooting in Quad studio while visiting Biggie.

      Then no visit in jail or nothing so Biggie basically betrayed him y’all should stop acting like its normal as good and MC Biggie can be he still is a birch nigga for biting then hand that fed him.

      I feel like Pac was something like Ceasar was in the ape planet, while his peers were Koba like niggaz

      So Biggie knew but didn’t

  5. makaveli says:

    im still here alah akbar remember fuck the fame all i want is the money then im chillin

  6. “They cant darken your shine”…R.I.P TUPAC…71-96

  7. amber says:

    Tupac your music has inspired me in different ways got me through good and bad times opens my eyes 2 the world and dat u can make sommat of your life I just want to say thank you so much hope u and god are kicking it up in heaven hope I see u when my times up dats my wish r.I.p thugs forever x $$

  8. CORRECTOR says:

    “Facts” I dont think the 2pac “was successful but not happy” at Death Row was a cut and paste of different interviews for him to say that in Ressurection.Second that photo you claim 2pac was not happy taking was with one of the most famous photographer in the world at the time and 2pac had no problem with creative direction of the video. Third Death Row didnt lose Dr. Dre he was basically given his walking papers and 2pac was set to take the place of him both muscially and within the company itself. Hand written 2pac notes of Makaveli album and one nation albums clearly show he was STAYING with Death Row as he would write Executive Producers: Suge Kinght and Tupac. Death ROw/ Makaveli Records. His label would be a sub label off the Death Row tree. Before you “put out the real” as you stay I wish you would talk to people that were there and not just speculate as a fan not knowing what happened outside the interviews and music videos.

    • escobar300 says:

      Lets set the record straight kid. Unlike many I HAVE factuals. I dont go spewing information out of my ass just to get hits and if you want to challenge me then feel free!

      #1. Death Row DID lose Dr Dre because he wanted to LEAVE. He left because of the unsafe enviorment and that he wasn’t getting paid as he felt. He was facing the same scenario he did with Ruthless and him leaving left a HUGE creative void withn the Death Row process so Suge knew he had to keep Pac happy. Dre was getting ganked and he knew if he went public, Everybody else would start asking questions so he would give Snoop Dogg, Pac, Daz, Kurupt, cars, houses, jewelery to keep them happy. Snoop clarfied this in the March 1998 issue of the Source magazine.

      2. Its been said by many around Tupac at that time from OFTB, Nate Dogg, Pac’s Bodyguards and whom known him personally that said that he never wanted to be on Death Row in the first place and that he was doing it as a obligation to Suge Knight because he bailed him out of prison.Why would he tell Fredro Starr and the Outlawz to NOT sign with Death Row if he was already happy there?!(Fredro and the Outlawz confirmed this as well)

      3. Tupac himself said he wasn’t happy on Death Row, He still owed Suge Money and said himself that he was being pimped which led him to work harder than he ever did on Ressurection. You said that I said Pac wasn’t happy about the pictures he took in the tub. Well if you take time to read then you will also see that I will never know myself and that this was possible speculation but this source came from Professor Griff

      4. I KNOW what Im talking about so sit your rookie ass down somewhere kid before you barking at the wrong tree. That Tree may fall on you.

      • nbryson says:

        Resurrection is not reliable source of information cut and paste interviews is not pac word for word if pac did not trust deathrow why he trust bodyguards who are on deathrow payroll think about it

      • Str8 up says:

        Str8 up
        Good facts here mate
        But u got to excuse the kid there’s a lot of rumours goin around people can’t see what’s real n shit, pac did want to leave the label of course that beef with the East coast never existed, it was polluted by the media
        And to this day they still make records with pac n still selling this shit,
        R.I.P Pac

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Correct. The media exploited that whole East West shit to the highest for profit

      • Look who’s talking. Escobar is trying to be hard ass when he’s nothing more than a fuck boy. Look how sensitive he is.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Eat a dick and worry about the next nigga taking care of your dusty ass seeds before you come talking about me

  9. dion says:

    All i know is 2pac was just caught up in anger of what the media has done to him. 2pac was rlly happy before his fame with deathrow. i seen his life before. it was happier times. 2pac wasnt meant to be in a cruel world such as this, and if he was gonna stand up for what he believed in, he had to die for it. because he couldnt live in this world, when he knew it was fucked up. he was a true rebel. a person sent to open up our eyes. but got caught up in all the bullshit..

    • dean says:

      Actually folks i spoke to napolean himself regarding 2pac being happy and this is what he said ” its strange that 3pac was always depressed and would often say that he wish he could go in the garage and inhale the fumes from his car and die. But a couple months before he passed he finally was HAPPY with his success and finally wanted to.enjoy life and live but at the moment he actually eanted to live he was killed”. So this shows in his last days at deathrow he was actually starting to be happy and want to live. Ps is its true about quincy wanting 2pac to screw him or is this a joke? Are their credible sources for this?

      • Hassaan Mahmood says:

        Napolean was like a brother to 2pac , 2pac didn’t want to worry him by telling how sad and scared he really felt because he knew Napolean would blame himself for this ( I ain’t mad at cha ) , 2pac was really hurting inside at that time and knew that it was just a matter of time and nobody could have been able to help him so he wanted to spend rest of his days by enjoying life , He even knew at the fight that this is it , im gonna die now and thats what made him brilliant….

  10. Banks Izuu says:

    Who killed Pac? Suge Knite or the CIA?

  11. OG.BlackLine says:

    Im pretty sure Tupac did wanna leave the label, from the very minute he signed. He knew that wasn’t a good label. The thing is it was the best opportunity he had to get back on the map.
    We can assume this if you looked at how fast he dropped the 3 albums anyway. Plus he knew he been cheated of money. All this is somehow why he did tell outlawz & co to NOT sign with DeathRow. Plus I remember about the promotional copy of the Makaveli album was supposed to be release under Priority Rec, something like this.
    Im pretty sure if dude was alive & not shot in 96, he would have leave the label sooner than most believe

  12. Esaru inzi says:

    Tupac was a gr8t guy & remains a legendary . R.I.P Men n fuck suge.

    • Melo says:

      I think suge was de one who set em up on de robbery on de ’94 robbery nd was de one who set em up on rape as we all know dat dis is de game so at dat time suge was de biggest player so dat he will bail em out nd used him on death row because at dat time 2pac was de only one who was able 2 realess hit but he wouldn’t killed him

  13. Olaofe chelsea says:

    That’s terrible

  14. Kurtaveli2012 says:

    From Kurt: Milwaukee,WI -2pac was a real person who was a visionary and he spoke upon real things and kept it 100. He wanted a change but he knew he was in 2 deep with the life style that he was in, but he rode and was a ridah and still is-makaveli is comin back.

  15. Bram says:

    Shame on death row and l.a pd

  16. collins says:

    Makaveli lives on

  17. lanell crenshaw says:

    Every oen know suge had pac killed and the government was involved as well and his own mother sold him out

  18. jamie says:

    it is legal in Nevada to fake your own death,and if you survived 2 attacks on your life,you can fake your death in any of the US…do the math…as easily as he changed his name to Makavelli from 2pac,so too can it be changed from Makavelli to whatever new name he chooses.Personally I think he faked his own death to prevent his REAL death

  19. Michael Galvan says:

    when people ask me, “why is tupac the best, whats the big deal?”
    its that uncomprehendible feeling you get when you see him, see his videos, see his movies, hear his voice, just think about him and his uncomprehendible life. the emotions i get is just too too much,

    thats why he is the best, because he can make people feel like that, miss him, he is inspiration all around, he would of changed the world. he really would of.
    i miss him.
    1971-1996 RIP

    he will always be remembered, my descendents for many generations will be remembered.

  20. terranova says:

    I think who ever killed pac will never ever like a happy life and fat puss suge all so need to be killed cos dey took away da boss of all bosses never will we have sum1 who raps like him never we still love nd miss u pac

  21. Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clearness to your publish is simply great and i could suppose you’re a professional in this subject. Fine along with your permission allow me to grasp your RSS feed to stay up to date with imminent post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

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    i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback?

    If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

  23. Song lazarus says:

    What suge did to pac is unfair, why would they take his life.

  24. harryp2013 says:

    Brilliant write up. I always feel something so powerful when I listen to 2pacs music. Its like every thing he says he really, really means. From the anger and resentment of Troublesome 96 to the caring and loving tone of Dear Mama. I have no doubt that people at the very top were truly worried about what 2pac could have achieved. The only way they were going to stop him was by killing him and blaming it on a phony west coast/east coast rivalry. His music will always live on.

    ‘through every dark night there’s a brighter day’.

  25. harryp2013 says:

    if anyone knows of any 2pac discussion boards I’d love to share my thoughts and views on him and his life. I find that most of my friends don’t connect to his music like I do.

  26. Mushkaveli says:


  27. xolisa says:

    yo man luv how u put it dawg escobar300 thts gud put a fght for tupac and by the way fuck tht corrector guy shit fuck u bitch

  28. Marigold says:

    As much as I appreciate this information… I die inside whenever I read it. My brother was so young to go through all this. He would have been one year older than me now. And it brings another strong black man to mind… Malcolm X. I have one word for this… tragic. When will my people learn to fight for instead of against each other?

  29. Husein Fatal says:

    Pac faked his death, I can confirm his exact location and return date, This information will be revealed on September 13,2014 with a return date of Thanksgiving 2014 with the NEW album set to drop by Christmas 2014 stay posted and keep it 100

    • sousa says:

      This is a work of art. Very intelligable piece.
      I dont know what has become of The Realest G to have ever existed. I am a Portuguese-Caucasian in colour due to my mother being of Irish descent and I took after my fathers Portuguese traits and culture. I have listened to Tupac for years since I was around 12 years old. Being the oldest in my family I always wished to have a big brother like Pac. As years passed on and he was shot I felt like a part of my family was taken away, although in his music there was profanity and vulgar use of words it was an artform and nobody did this like him and mainly because Tupac was so intelligent that it was refreshing to hear him speak. When President Obama was elected president I couldnt help but think about “were aint ready to see a black president”.
      Tupac wherever you are, Were ready and it happened.
      I would love to meet Afeni Shakur and have an awesome conversation with her.

    • SIBU says:

      fatal did this happened????????????????????

  30. Crap says:

    This is complete speculative nonsense.. You go from insinuating that Suge killed him to ending with the mythical illuminatti responsible.. Cmon man the story that makes the most sense is Pac was killed by the guy he beat up ten minutes prior.. That guy and/or his fellow gang members likely caught up to Pac while he was flirting/stuck in the post fight traffic with those chicks.. At the end of the day they got Pac on tape stomping dude, which would undoubtedly have sent him back to prison on his second strike for a very long time

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      You do know Tupac had FBI files on him right? You do also know that the Jewish Defense league was extorting him and Eazy E while they were alive? Tupac was a target from the time he came out the womb and that was due to his Black Panther Party background.

      BUT Pac did get caught up in some reckless gang bang shit that he had no business doing and that most likely led to his demise, That I agree on. Within this article, I wanted to cover several possibilities that could have led to his demise to open up discussions

  31. Soares says:

    Dre wasnt that huge contribution I think, most of Pacs songs where produced by the late Johnny J. And why you write Pac did not want to go to the Tyson Fight, first time I’m hearing this. they were close friends.
    I always wonder everybody talking Suge killed Pac because he allegedly wanted to leave Death Row but nobody’s blaming Diddy for biggies death although Biggie said we wanted to retire.

    • SIBU says:

      Soares, discussion here is about Tupac’s life, his work and people who work and knew him very well NOT Biggie and Diddy. We are Tupac’s fans so we lost him through people he thought they are his brothers, friends and collegues I mean who cares if Diddy killed Biggie or not. We care about a soldier even though we can’t turn back the clock what is done it is done after all but his personality and great work of decade will always live on.

    • PacandBigFan says:

      Actually Pac’s bodyguard wrote a book called Got Your back. In it he also said Pac didn’t want to go to the fight he wanted to stay home and Chill with Kadida Jones (Quincy’s daughter) He also said in the book the Suge “convinced” Pac that it was too hot to wear his Bulletproof vest that night.

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  33. Brian Lawson says:

    Pac was unhappy cause his work didn’t get the value that deserve in death row . If you read this article your clearly understand his pain and he want break the chains between him and death row. He want to be free and throw his pain thru all those who did bad to him . That what make him a spiritual leader for all of us who listen every word from him and take lessons from him that what make him a real hero of a real word .

  34. j lewis says:

    I believe this from day one.
    You can tell by tupacs lyrics where his head was at. I believe suge was involved in his killing and I believe biggie was murdered to help cover up the truth.
    The saddest thing is justice has not been done! Tupac had a message and just like Malcolm x or martin Luther King and was ready to act on it. He was a strong presents and still is right to this day if his family,friends and true believers
    #real fans came together worldwide

  35. Nebka says:

    What about The Death Row East promoted by Tupac Himself ? It was about to “leave” Death Row” but in the mean time he talked about Death Row East, it doesn’t make sense.

    Another point I watched all the interviews of Tupac i could find I never found one who he said something’s wrong on Death Row. Not one. I watched Suge also talking about Tupac and others artists on Death Row and it’s difficult to think Suge assist the assassination of Tupac.
    However I heard Tupac talked about politics, unity East Coast & West Coast,

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      OFTB, Nate Dogg said that Pac wanted to leave Death Row BAD. Why would they lie? If Pac loved Death Row like many including Suge claimed then why would he tell Tha Outlawz and Fredro Star to not sign with them?

  36. Nebka says:

    I’m quite sure all thinks were not always rights in Death Row but Suge Knight was a black entrepreneur who ran a black compagny not fully independant (Intescope was always behind the scene) but Suge made a lot.

    On the video of Tupac on Death Row East, we can see Tupac wearing his Euphanasia chain of his own company to develop movie projects and help finance such community-minded projects Makaveli Records was to be Tupac’s record label distributed thru Suge Knights Death Row Records. That’s means Tupac started to make some business on his own for his family but also for his community . That’s an another point we can not forgive. Perhaps Tupac has decided to leave Death Row when he could and then he will sign the Outlawz etc. But Tupac was scared of nobody.

    Anyway we have the most revolutionary rapper of his time with a political history who could touch the masses thru his music, who had some politics plans for his people and who decided to make his own money. That’s the real issue.

    Did Suge participate at the assassination of Tupac ? Why did Suge put himself in such situation in the car in Las Vegas ? Suge seems to have love for his brother. Anyway Suge didn’t pull the trigger, that’s a fact and he was the perfect guy in this situation to keep our intention focus on him instead of looking after the real murderer.

    The Stepfather of Tupac said his son has been murdered by the COINTELPRO. I think that’s here we need to start.

    It’s always the same story…. The assassination of Tupac was a plan made by the same people who killed Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton. All the great Black leaders have to be killed or to go in jail. And Tupac was some of them, that’s the point.

  37. sammumi says:

    Suge was behind all these stuffs,,,the jailing, the bailing and the killing. But, I’ve got information for you suge,,,PAC is surely coming for you,,,and it’s not gonna be good,,,after all, u loses ur homies.

    • Tony Harrell says:

      Suge Knight knew he get what he wanted I think in my opinion that Tupac from beginning that he try to help Biggie telling to come out his shell cause Biggie had alot to talk about since he from the streets but Biggie warn Pac about the other kattz he was fucking wit cause they were snakes wit the rape case to destroy Pac character like Pac said not only those katz try to destroy him but the government as well so yes he was the leader of the hip hop world after he sign wit death row wit the three albums he had to made he still couldn’t leave since Suge Knight had hardcore security most of them was the police Pac paid the police to figure how he was gonna leave Death Row so when the Tyson fight in Las Vegas i researched this in the state of Nevada is the only state you can fake your death but have to prove a death certificate so what i think the police did the plan Pac death at that time it was and old officer was on his death bed at the time so it was a great plan for Pac. The LA PD and Las Vegas Pd hook up before Pac got to the Tyson fight so what they had to do to get Pac wit Suge together so you remember when they rolled up on Pac and Suge to take a pic in the car they were the undercover police so then the white car pulled up shot Pac 4 or 5 times then spinoff ok the make rubber bullets that can knock u out amount of time when Suge pulled up at the hospital the time of Pac dying who did u see was cops already there it makes sense the time Pac got got shot they was 2 car deep think about it if someone plotting kill someone they gonna watch every move so my question why they didnt shoot the car behind Pac at the time of the shooting so back to what i was saying the police pulled Suge to him and made him get on the ground when Pac partner got out the Lexus he said he was LAPD undercover cop every in the car except 1 was a undercover cop so what had happened they rush him to the back of the hospital and closed it down so no can come in and waited 6 days and said was dead right ok but remember what i said about ther other cop dying on his death bed he die the same day the said Pac die the state of Nevada only way u can fake your own death is replace a dead body just to get a death certificate so yeah i don’t think Pac is dead i think his mom was in on it too and the black panther as well cause they had power just as much illuminates so what Pac did is started a record label under his mom name so he can pay off his debts to Suge then he can started his own record label so he changed his name the name Pac change his name to was somebody else name that fake his death and came back 18 years i think Pac is awaiting till Suge Knight get sentence for this murder case and then he gonna show up

  38. TheDon says:

    The Makaveli album was finished in 3 days not 7, & the track list in the official release was not what 2Pac wanted

  39. Mike says:

    Suge knight is the devil

  40. Theodore Lewis says:

    2pac was a real nigga and was powerful in own way

  41. Theodore Lewis says:

    2pac was a real nigga and was powerful in own way

  42. Definitely possible. Wouldn’t YOU be scared of a big-ass criminal linebacker dude who whooped his employees & drove his battered gf’s into hiding? I would. Also, he probably felt indebted to Suge for bailing him out of jail and shit. ‘Pac wasn’t stupid: he could see he was being pimped by not only Suge but all record execs. But I think he felt trapped & didn’t know a way out. Better to stick with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

    Of course Suge viewed Pac as nothing more than a meal ticket, just like a pimp views a prostitute. If Pac had left when he wanted to, who would’ve been left at Death Row? Snoop? Dre had already left in a very public manner. Suge would’ve been trying VERY hard to keep 2Pac around to save face. Maybe even lying or threatening him.

    Oh well, looks like karma’s finally catching up to the big brain-damaged bastard. Finally. I have to wonder whether he was working for the Feds the way he managed to commit so much crime before finally getting locked up for good. No telling how many people he had beat & killed along the way.

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