Life After Death Row Part II



RBX for those who don’t really know is Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger’s cousin. RBX played a role on Dre’s Chronic album if it wasn’t ghostwriting for Dre on the Chronic album as well as on Snoop’s Doggystyle. He will always be remembered as a rapper with a very weird flow and was the type of dude that would “Drop Bombs like Heiroshema” He didn’t appear on many records during his tenure at Tha Row and eventually broke free before the ship started sinking and people started getting gaffled for their finances. He dropped his debut album titled The RBX Files on his own label. He aired out his differences about Death Row on the track titled AWOL where he tried to warn the artists about how Death Row business practices were shady and they ignored him.

After a brief stint on Aftermath, RBX from what I last heard was signed with Daz Dillinger’s DPG Recordz and released a few albums on the label No word on when a new one is gonna be released

Lady of Rage

Rage was destined to blow within the summer of 1994. After killing those guest appearances on Death Row’s early albums, They dropped her single titled Afro Puffs as a single for the Above the Rim soundtrack and it remained as one of the hardest songs to have come out that year. The remix was what really put Lady of Rage up there with one of the heavy hitters and showed that Death Row had more than just gangsta rappers but they also had emcees that could really be lyrical with the best of them. Before Foxxy, Kim, and Lauryn, There was Rage and Rage was vicious on the mic.

Rage was one of the first victims of Death Row’s shady practices and another example of them dropping the ball. The Afro Puffs single alone could have pushed her past platinum because the company was red-hot in 1994 but Rage’s project for some odd reason took a backseat and didn’t see a release until late 1997 when the Company was crumbling. Rumor has it that it could have been the possibility that Rage didn’t want to participate in the Bad Boy/Death Row beef or the fact that alot of the projects were pushed aside the company found an asset in Tupac and wanted to put all of their focus on him. But whatever the case maybe, Rage’s project bombed and she wanted out.

Rage today still makes appearances on Snoop, Daz, Kurupt and Soopafly albums from time to time and still proves to be a very talented emcee at her own right. She has also starred in movies like Next Friday and was casted for a season of the Steve Harvey show. No word on when she’s dropping any new music or albums any time soon.


Jewell along with Michel’le and Rage were the representatives for the ladies on Tha Row. Jewell was very talented as well and she would like many others make dozens of appearances on the label’s albums or soundtracks without dropping any solo albums. Her solo work proved to be solid as proven on Murder Was The Case with her solo single/video Woman to Woman:

She left the label after 1996 and possibly the Industry all together. She still has a lot of good songs that were just released on the Death Row from Vault album.

Sam Sneed

Sam Sneed was a heavy contributor to the Death Row Sound during the 1994-1995 reign. He helped co-produce some of the Dre’s and the Label’s biggest hits such as Keep The Heads Ringing and Natural Born Killaz. His solo song U Better Reconize would always remain as one of the hardest songs he ever produced with Dre.

Sneed was at work with his Death Row debut titled Street Scolars before It was rumored that an infamous incident involving Tupac and the Death Row goons put the beats to him and gave him a brain tumor. This was the story according to Daz Dillenger: – Now why didn’t Sam Sneed ever drop an album on Death Row?

Daz Dillinger – East Coast /West Coast shit man, and he had a tumor ’cause Tupac and them beat the fuck out of him! That’s why he got a tumor and damn near died. He quit. We had a meeting one day right after we got shot at and so Tupac said to Sneed, “you just shot a video right?” So he said “yeah.” Pac said “well we’re gonna sit down and see if any West Coast muthafuckas is in there, and each time we see a East Coast muthafucka we gonna knock you in your muthafuckin’ head.” So every time they would see a East Coast dude they would kick him in the ass and Budda, you know the producer, he a bitch too ’cause he sat there and watched Sam Sneed get beat up. Didn’t say shit!

Sam Sneed would be shortly released from the label after 1995 and wouldn’t be heard of for many years. He kept a low profile and still kept his name out by producing for heavyweights such as JayZ, 50, Scarface, Busta Rhymes, and many others. His shelved album on Death Row Street Scalars is expected to be released soon.

Part III coming up in a few days!

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