Classic Spice 1 Interview(Shout to

This interview took place in late 2004. Spice talked about everything from his feelings about the music industry, rappers stealing Tupac’s style, his future projects, his thoughts on Master P and the state of West Coast hip hop. Its pretty long but very insightful! Wassup?

What’s crackin’ wit you! I’m good I’m good. Are you ready to do the interview?

Yeah man! Aight then! At what point did you decide to become a rapper?

Shit man, I guess when niggaz be at school kickin it and shit, whatever, you know how you do at school. You know everybody get around in a circle and be rappin and bustin and shit. And I got to rappin you know and blew some mutha fuckas a new asshole (laughs). I was just, niggas was just, I knew that I like to write, I liked to talk shit, ya know what I’m sayin, and I liked keeping it real. And I liked sayin the stuff, ya know sayin a real story of what went down. I liked just bein real and writin shit. So I was like fuck it, all I gotta do is make it rhyme. I was like 14, ya know what I’m sayin, 15. Right, and when did you write your first rhyme and what was it?

Shit, I was like 14, and it was like sum shit like uh, I said sum shit, I was like uh, I’ts the S-P-I-C-E back with the E-C-I-P-S/ raps is on us like numbers/ numero ocho y diaz/ I always had a flow though, ya know what I’m sayin? Right!

I always had a cool lil’ flow. Ya know what I’m sayin? Yeah man. How did you come up with the name Spice 1?

I just thought Spice sounded different than everybody else cause back then there wasn’t nobody else. Nobody else called Spice. And I figured ya know, I’ma make the name mean Sex, Pistols, Indo, Cash, and Entertainment. And that’s all number 1 in my life. You know what I’m sayin? Oh Right. That’s cool, that’s creative.

Yeah yeah. Can you freestyle?

Yeah, hell yeah, I always freestyle in the, that’s what we always go to the studio, and you know, you finish doin the shit real quick, you know. Shit, we’re kinda hopped up on what a freestyle is though ya know what I’m sayin? That’s cool. You used to be on Jive records, and what made you leave them?

Umm, I just felt like a lot of people that I was involved with, was takin advantage of my youth and my talent and you know actually tryina fuck me outta my money ya know what I’m sayin? That’s been goin on in the game, that’s been goin on since the beginning of time. Ya know what I’m sayin? Right. So would you consider them a fucked up label generally or just dealing with you?

Well I consider them, as far as them, as far as the labels call it, they just call it business. Ya know what I’m sayin? But to me is called fuckin the artist outta his money. I won’t say what the label did. I don’t know who had any part of doin what, but you know the shit just starts smellin foul. It smell like shit, look like shit. You ain’t gotta taste it. I was getting up outta there before they was gonna try some crazy shit. Ya know what I’m sayin? Right, yeah I feel ya. And on the Rhyme and Reason DVD, your mom said that you were very religious and that you carried your bible everywhere. Are you still religious like that or has it changed?

Naw I always been a um God feeling individual so it would get to where its something real major in my life. I take religion real seriously. I take God seriously and I tend to not make moves without talking to him first about it. If I got a lot of faith in myself, then to have faith in myself I gotta have faith in God. I believe there’s heaven, ya know what I’m sayin? Yeah.

I Belive in being able to do what people think you can’t do. Ya know what I’m sayin? You used to work with a lot of people back in the day who we haven’t seen you hook up with lately. And what’s your relationship with Paris? Are you still cool?

Yeah me and Paris still cool. Everybody out there in the business, I’m just tryina just keep the business at business and keep the friendships with that. Its kinda hard cause you know, because when money get involved we tend to get into arguments with people and shit. You gotta remember that that’s your friend and business partner and all of that shit and they all go together. I’m still cool wit him as a friend, but in this business you don’t have no friends, you gotta separate that shit. Right. Paris just dropped a hot record too, it’s called Sonic Jihad. Have you heard it?

Naw I ain’t heard it yet. It’s kinda hard for anybody to hear anything because, you know the westcoast ain’t getting any kind of publicity or nothing right now. I know, I know.

We dead right now. Ya know what I’m sayin? Yeah, but that was one of the most important parts of the game, you know, for the artist to be a fan himself.

Yeah Definitely. That’s kinda missing right now cause everybody’s doin their thing and they don’t even listen to other people.

Yeah because there’s a lot of bullshit out right now you know what I’m sayin? Because its hard, I don’t know, I’m the realest. I’m not sayin I’m THE realest, I’m sayin I’m a realest. I can’t really fuck wit shit if it ain’t real. It’s hard for me to connect or even understand it if its not real ya know? Right. And the fans, they told me to ask you to get back together with people like Ant Banks, E-A-Ski, black jack, DJ Slip, and let them produce some of your shit. Is that a possibility?

Yeah , but I mean its hard for me to find those cats. You know we all scrambling, you know right now the westcoast is all spread out so we all scrambling right now ya know. It’s like the money is low, we runnin around scrambling for chicken scratch. There’s really no money out here for us, but we all here scrambling around tryina make a million dollars and nobody’s stickin together, so its hard for me to find them type of cats cause they out doin other things, doin they own shit. So I can’t really count on that shit. But right now I’m just focusing on where my talent take me. Whatever I feel like writing I go with. Whatever sounds and feels good I go with. Everybody’s brainwashed anyway, everybody thinking whatever’s on the radio is the shit, whatevers on the radio. When was the last time you heard the most requested song on the radio? They don’t even have that no more. I know man. That’s bullshit.

Everything on the radio is.. we brainwashed to thinking it’s the shit. And I refuse to be brainwashed. I’m just tryina keep my shit real, cause the shit ain’t gonna be televised any mutha fuckin way. Yeah man. You just answered one of my questions I wanted to ask later. I was about to ask exactly the same thing. It’s fucked up though you know, when was the last time we saw spice 1 on mtv or bet you know?

That’s because that’s what the public wants, and the public doesn’t get what it wants anymore. The public gets what the fuck the media feeds em. But I mean, how could the game get into such a mess?

Because the let it go like that. People stop caring about the things that are important like that. Like what the people want. They stop caring about the people. They start learning about how much money was going to be made. They stop caring, they don’t give a fuck what the people want to be played on the radio, they just want the money off of the game cause they blood suckas. They suck everything they can out of the rap game and move on without even putting nothing back into it. Without carin about the wounds that they made or the consequences of they decisions you know what I’m sayin. They some blood suckin mutha fuckas who don’t care about the industry. They don’t care about the game themselves, they let the game die as far as they concerned as long as they got their money outta it. Yeah man. It seems like a lot of people don’t even realize, ya know the young people right now, they don’t even realize, they just listen to whatever they hear and they think its cool.

They don’t have no sense of direction on whats real no more and whats fake because the media is pullin wool over they eyes. You know just like the song me and 2Pac, that they put eminem and 50 cent on. Yeah man I was just about to ask about that later man.

All of that shit is a domino effect that Master P started when he sent out letters to radio’s and the people who run radio stations and shit. Ya know what I’m sayin? I’m a real mutha fucka, I’m a realest and I’m not making it up. It all comes down to a domino effect. Cause it comes down to the money. Its not even the rap game no more it’s the rap business. You ain’t even gotta be a good rapper to sell a fuckin million copies no more because the public is so brainwashed to go and buy whatever they hear on the radio. And whatever on the radio ya know, they pay to play. Ya know what I’m sayin, so real rappers like me don’t have no chance because I got into the game on skill alone. I didn’t come into the game, I didn’t pay a mutha fucka a dime to rap on the microphone or go beg for a radio interview or beg for a magazine interview. I didn’t have to do all of that shit because the game came to me and I was chose by the game. These other mutha fuckas they pullin money out they pocket and payin they way up to success. The nigga master P didn’t do nuthin but buy his albums over and over again. They nigga didn’t do nuthin but put out a half a million copies, and then go buy half of million copies. Niggas like that just bribe they way into the game, suck the blood outta the game and then keep on movin. Ya know what I’m sayin, but that’s how the streets is. Those are the mutha fucks who don’t care about what they getting into, they just getting into it for the money, and you can’t do nothing but respect em for that for being businessmen, but me, I’m not a master P. Master P could never be spice 1. and I could never be Master P cause I’m a rap artist. I don’t gotta bribe my way into my profession. I’m good at my profession you know what I’m sayin? I didn’t get into the game just to make money, I got into the profession for the love of the game, and I knew I was gonna get paid from that beginning anyway. It’s just a lot of shit right now goin on in the game. And I know Pac’s just turning over in his grave after they let whoever let Eminem and 50 Cent do that album like that you know, and take me off the song, cause it’s the last song we ever did together and shit. Like me and the nigga didn’t know each other and shit. You know that shit pisses me off! It’s just so open, ya know the game is just so wide open for assholes. Good niggas can’t even get no deals. That’s real though what you sayin though. You remind me of what MC Ren was saying. I was talking to him and you was saying the exact same thing as MC Ren.

Yeah He’s also one of the underrated cats that didn’t, you know when you say NWA they know who it is, when you say MC Ren they have no clue who you’re talking about.

Exactly. I mean because the public and bitches like Delores Tucker and these punk ass mutha fucka’s out here, these fake ass mutha fuckas who don’t want, you know they don’t like the side of life that we tell, that we talk about. We wouldn’t be able to talk about it if it wasn’t here. I don’t just rap about the shit I do, or the way I feel, I rap about the way the niggas on the streets feel, I’m they’re voice! They don’t have a voice other than that! They just some broke ass niggaz on the streets trying to sell dope, and you know, I’m a voice for them niggaz that’s on the streets, and when they’re silencing voices like mine, then they silencing that whole part of the game which is just leaving muthafuckas out there to die! A lot of my fans call me and they like “man, I listen to your cds, I been bumpin’ your shit for years man, and you know back in the day when I used to listen to your shit, I didn’t know that I wasn’t the only one goin’ through all that shit!” And some of the things that I said might have saved his life or saved him from the pen, or any of that shit! Our soldiers are right here on the streets and we don’t got no voice for them. All we got is these sucka ass niggaz on TV rapping about shit that niggaz in the ghetto probably will never have! About shit niggaz ain’t gone never have man! And it’s sad! Because it shows just how greedy the world can be, this business can be! It just shows how quick.. cause first we had Rap and Hip Hop. Now we got crunk music! So the game is gradually switchin’ and turnin’ and doin’ all kinda twists and turns and shit. And it’s just wild man, you don’t know who gone blow up next, or who gone come out.. It comes to a point where I just keep spittin’ it to them, keep spittin’ the real, and don’t give a fuck about what everybody else say! This stuff you were saying there is a reason why a lot of people are getting OUT of the game right now, like Dj Yella is doin’ his porn, QDIII is also doin’ DVDs, it seems like people are venturing out at the sight of the game nowadays.

Yeah, I mean it was cool back in the day because you could spit some real shit and people could feel you, and you could speak on real issues and shit that was really goin’ on in the streets and still have muthafuckas feelin’ you, but now it’s like all these muthafuckas is doin’ is singin’ these lil’ army chants that they got and singin’ like the army when they marchin’ and shit! You know what I’m sayin? They not rappin! They just talking about some shit that niggaz in the hood ain’t gone never do! They just flossin! Being blind to our broken ass dreams, that’s what all of these niggaz is doin. I mean flossin’ is cool, but I been doin’ raps that really mean something and shit! It ain’t about how much money I have or… Yeah man, and by the way what happened to your crew with G-Nut and them, the 187 Fac?

Well G-Nut is he Pastor, he’s a preacher now! Extra Large, you know he still out here on the streets grittin’ and grindin’ you know what I’m sayin? But the songs I’ve been doin’ lately is so far from what’s on the radio now, it’s scary! Because I’m spittin’ some real shit, and then I listen to what the say on the radio, it’s like “Daaamn..” Muthafuckas too busy partying and shit to realize what’s goin’ on in they life! The world is so fucked up, that they kinda scared of hearing it again in the music, so I guess they just wanna forget about it and listen to all that kinda shit.

Yeah, exactly! And music is music! It’s for the soul. It can be sad, it can be happy, it can be angry, whatver it is, it’s music, it’s art. And then they try to put everything in one category, they tryna make just happy music period. I don’t mind happy music, but the world ain’t just a happy place! You know what I’m sayin? Muthafuckas thinking’ the word is all cake & candy and shit! That’s why muthafuckas be doin’ stupid ass shit, you know? Goin’ postin’ on muthafuckas and shit. Cause they thought that the world was a happy place, and they ain’t ready for hard times! Muthafuckas gotta be ready for that shit! And I just wrote this rap, and it goes uhh.. “The Lord I praise for the wisdom to get my family and my life right, but when I hit the corners niggaz shoot at me at night! I bust a pack tryna kill a total stranger, can you take me away from all the pressure and the pain, I used to be a young nigga, now they call me O.G., and I done see niggaz die and drug addicts O.D., I lived the life of crime in my adolescence, heated up wit this smith & Wesson but that was back then God I’m older than game, I’m askin’ you Lord to please show me the way. I got homies that been murdered by faceless killers…” Just some real shit man! That typa shit right there, they are SO scared! That typa shit right there. As an excuse, a lot of people say that it’s played out… But how can it be played out if it’s still happenin?

How can it be played out if it’s real shit?? It’s not played out, but the media just brainwashed everybody to think it’s played out! Niggaz like me who still appreciate good music like Marvin Gaye and real shit from back in the day, we the typa cats that spit this shit! I appreciate real music because I believe that it’s for the soul! And I mean it’s cool to have happy music all the time and dancin’ and all of that shit and partying, but there’s a other side! There’s an other side to this shit. I mean everybody wanna hear the happy, party and all of that shit. I wish the world was like that too!! I wish everybody could roll on 24’s and in Escalades and shit! But it ain’t crackin’ like that! They just talkin’ bout shit niggaz want but can’t have! When we see that shit on the videos, the cold part about it is that we don’t see each other! I wanna see some of my niggaz in the videos! I’m tired of hearing people with totally different accents then what I have, or talkin’ about some shit that I don’t even know nothin’ about, because I ain’t from over there. I been tired of that shit for years, but ever since Pac died man, it’s been fucked up. Speaking of Pac.. what was it like in the studio with Pac?

Shit, comin’ off the streets from some gangsta ass shit, and takin’ whatever we had from the streets and putting it right there into the microphone and lettin’ the world know what we just left on the streets. It was just like.. same pistol on the block, same pistol in the video! The same shit! It wasn’t nothin’ fake about what we was sayin! Like hoppin out a Rolls Royce and goin’ up in a studio and talkin’ bout that shit, but we would talk about everything that was behind getting that Roll Royce. Behind getting that typa shit. But now they just givin’ away money to muthafuckas who wanna kiss they ass! But the real niggas, if we don’t kiss they ass, we ain’t getting no money! And it’s hard for a real nigga to kiss somebody’s ass, you know what I’m sayin? Cause it’s not in my nature! It’s not in my nature to be all up on somebody beggin him and doin’ exactly what they want me to do, and not expressin my opinion and views on whats really goin’ down, or how I feel about certain situations, that shit.. that’s like modern day slavery! *laughs* You know what I’m sayin? They make niggas say what they want them to say, and then they don’t even give you the money.. You rapping some stupid shit like “WHA WHA WHAA WHA WHA… YOU TALKIN TO ME LIKE IM DUMP!” *laughs* You know what I’m sayin?? What the fuck is this shit man!?! What the fuck is that shit? All of that shit is just hella wack to me, and to me, muthafuckas is not rapping! They not rappin’ at all! They just sayin’ some army chants like I said! Back in the day you woulda got clowned so hard doing that shit!! MC Hammer need to come back right now! That’s how fake the muthafuckin’ game is. He need to come back right now and do all of his old dancing and all that wiggly ass harlem shake ass shit, man, what the FUCK is that old funny ass shit dude?? And that’s why I like Westside Connection cause them niggaz talkin’ about “We ain’t no stunners we gunners!” They atleast represent what they believe in, they don’t really give a fuck!

Hell yeah! I mean if I could ever get up at the Source awards and say some shit like that I’ll damn sure say it! I’ma be up at the Source awards like “Yeah man, I can do what I wanna do I’m not gonna go off of what the radio want me to do. I’ma go on what the people wanna hear!” They been brainwashed not to hear the other shit man! *laughs* They brainwashed them, and if niggaz is rappin’ about some real shit, it’s played out! That shit is crazy! It’s crazy! How many songs did you do with Tupac?

Probably about 5 or 6 the most, but me and Pac was like kickin’ it more than we were doin’ songs and recording and shit. I think we wanted to be seen together more than anything! The nigga would pop up at all my videos, he would call me for everything he was doin’, you know what I’m sayin? And what’s the deal wit that new Pac song wit Eminem & The Outlawz and that new Ressurection soundtrack? Did you actually own that song?

Nah, I actually didn’t own it, but the cold part about it is that they changin’ history! The nigga wouldn’t have called me and told me to come record the song if he didn’t want me to be on it! He didn’t even know 50 Cent or Eminem! He didn’t know who the fuck they are! Did they even ask you about it before taking it?

Well we was tryna get the song from them so we could put it on my new album right? And they didn’t wanna give up the song! So we just like fuck it they can’t put it out without me! And if they do they just gonna have a Tupac song with whoever else they put on there! They don’t have no history! I guess they didn’t want no history! I guess they wanted some muthafuckas who didn’t know Pac to rap on a song wit him. I mean you were on the song with him, and you can’t put it on your record? That’s fucked up man.

Yeah man, the whole game is fucked up right now. And you know that last song on the album before this one? The song “Fame”? On Tupac album? That was me and Kokane! We were supposed to be on that too! That’s a song I did it wit Pac wit Koka, and they took us off there and put it on the last album! That’s the second time they did that shit! It’s like they really tryna erase my history like I never been in this muthafucka! So are you still gonna put the song on your record?

Man, if I put it on my record then I’ma have to deal wit them on some bullshit, you know what I’m sayin? You could pull a Daz Dillinger and put that shit out on the underground!

I probably will! All that shit I did wit Pac if I ever get hold of it I’ma drop a underground CD with all of that shit! The cold part about it is that in the song he’s sayin my name and all of that shit! These muthafuckas doin’ songs wit him and their names ain’t never came out that nigga mouth! Unless the nigga was spendin’ 50 Cent on some potato chips and M&M’s (Eminem)! Shit! *laughs* Their name ain’t never come out that nigga mouth unless he’s spending 50 Cent on some potato chips and buyin’ some M&M’s. And they got that nigga on a track wit him! Do you have the songs yourself or don’t you even have the masters..

Hen G, he was the one who had the muthafuckin’ masters, but he did some old shady ass shit, and just stopped callin’ me, and probably sold the rights to the song back to them, but when you artist, you always own your own lyrics. So whatever you write is yours regardless of anything. So when Pac died, his lyrics automatically were owned by his mom, you know what I’m sayin? But they changed the beat too! Hen G, they didn’t even use his beat! So I don’t even know if he did some shady shit or not, but I know they didn’t use his beat! I think Eminem made the beat or something.. They changin’ history my nigga! It’s like these muthafuckas is re-writing the bible and shit.. or re-writing the history book! They got muthafuckas on there who don’t even knew him before! The game is really fucked up man, it’s even fucked up to an extent to where they have to lower the cost of the CD at the regular record store because of bootleggers and the internet! So all these muthafuckas who’s making all of that money ain’t even makin’ all of the money that they was talkin’ bout then. If they was gone sell 2 million CDs, they probably half a million, because 1.5 million was sold through bootlegging! So you know, they pick food out niggaz mouth, take money out niggaz pockets… it’s a big business! That’s why Jay-Z stabbed dude a couple times up in that club cause he had a million bootleg copies of his new CD before it came out! It’s too much shady and sheisty shit goin’ on in this game and we need some type of organization to regulate all this bullshit! I think Public Enemy and Chuck D and them they tryna do some shit, but this shit is too big for everybody because everybody got they hands in it! Muthafuckas can’t even rap and they makin’ millions! You know theres something wrong with the game when that goes down! Master P cannot rap, he can’t rap for shit! Yet he made more out the rap game than any nigga out here! That should tell people that something I fuckin’ wrong! This year was the year of the south anyway, anything they put out blew the fuck up!

Yeah, all that shit blowin’ up. Muthafuckas got some chips behind them, and pay some muthafuckas to play their shit! The game is really switched up to where if you got enough money you can BUY platinum! No matter how wack your muthafuckin’ artist is. You can buy platinum man, because these muthafuckas know exactly how many record sales they gone have before you even put the album out!! The majors, the big cats, they know exactly how many records they gone sell before it comes out. Because that’s how much money they spent. “If we spend half a million dollars, we gone sell 300,000” shit like that homie. And “If we spend a million we gone sell half a million copies”. “Well lets sell half a million then”. You know what I’m sayin? So they put the money into the project, put this money here but this money there, then they sell the million copies! These muthafuckas know exactly how much money they gone make, and how many records they gone sell before they even drop the project. And besides from the bootlegs and all of that shit. This shit is crazy man. And me myself, I really only do it as an art now, if I get payed for it, then cool, but I just do it for art. I look at it like that. But as far as me hopin’ that a muthafuckin big ass deal gone come and the westcoast gone get back on top and all of that shit man, I’m thinking that shit is damn near DEAD! Because nigaz ain’t stickin’ together at all! The westcoast ain’t never went nowhere, that’s what’s scary! We ain’t never fell off! And that’s the cold part, because we never fell off! Never! But we been banned from the game! The Cali-ban that’s what I call it! C.A.L.I.B.A.N.. Because of the real ass shit that we spit, and the public and everybody else is kinda scared of the bullshit that we spittin, because it’s real. We’re too muthafuckin real, and if that’s what they gone ban the westcoast for, then FUCK IT BAN US! I’d rather be banned for spittin some real shit, than be banned for spittin some ol dumb ass goofy ass shit these niggaz out there is spittin! If they gone ban me for bein real then fuck it! If ya’ll don’t wanna play my shit cause I’m spittin some real shit about what’s really goin’ on, then FUCK YA’LL don’t play my shit! I just know I’m real about my shit, and that’s all I wanna say, you know what I’m sayin? Fuck that shit man. Real muthafuckas feel me, no matter what religion or race or any of that shit, cause I got fans all over. How the fuck I got fans all the way in Japan that still know the words to all my shit and still check when I’m dropping a new album? That’s where real shit gets you. Ain’t nobody lookin for MC Hammer new album! Cause ain’t no shit on it that they gone be able to feel! Unless they some square ass muthafuckas *laughs* That’s all I got to say about that shit, if some muthafuckas wanna ban me for spittin’ some real shit then hey I can’t really do nothin’ about that. If they wanna ban me cause my heart is real and it tells me what to speak and what comes out my mouth comes from my heart, shit I can’t help that! My eyes see, my heart feels, and then my mouth speaks, that’s me. And if they wanna ban me for that then FUCK EM! Shit! I can’t help it cause I’m bein real about shit, I don’t wanna rap about shit that niggaz will never have. That was a lot of real shit right there. And have you ever considered recording a complete LP together with MC Eiht?

Yeah me and Eiht actually we just did a whole album together! Like 14 songs on it it should be out in a minute! Oh really?? When did ya’ll record it?

Like a month ago.. He came up to Sac. It’s called The Murder Show, either the Murder Show or Gorilla Tacticts we don’t really know which one yet, but I know that shit bangin’ as a muthafucka. That shit is bangin’ my nigga you gone be hyped when you hear it too! We came wit some hard ass shit. The beats is awesome, the lyrics is awesome, that shit is tight, it’s fly, it’s funky! Words can’t really express it, you gotta HEAR that shit! It’s bangin’ like a muthafucka! Who produced the album?

Uhm.. We got local producers. It’s like two cats did the whole production. I’m not really sure who did what cause all I did was come in there and write my shit and bust that shit, you know what I’m sayin? Me and Eiht sat down wit the cats who’s putting it out, my homeboy just got some hella tight ass beats from some cats that he knew, and me and Eiht sat at the hous and wrote to them muthafuckas and went the studio and recorded that shit. Who are those two cats who did the beats?

Shit I can’t remember their names that’s why I keep sayin’ the two cats! *laughs* I don’t remember.. Think about this though, we did the album in four days! Four fucking days! Done deal! Banging shit! All new songs. Any guest appearances or strictly Eiht & Spice?

It’s just me and Eiht! Maybe some local cats that my homie picked up, my homie Bunfire, he do a little reggae on there and shit, he’s one of my cats on my label. He’s in the pen right now, I gotta put a shoutout to the nigga right now! Shoutout to Bunfire, he’s in the penitentiary right now man. Damn.. That’s good news about the album tho! Are ya’ll gonna have it distributed or just locally?

Nah we wanna go through some major distributor, or if we go through a independent they gonna have something behind them, to where we get a video or some other shit. What’s some good distributors you’d recommend people to go holla at?

Any distributor that gives you some money upfront, because these muthafuckas is so shady that you might not see it back end. All of these muthafuckas is fake, you gotta learn how to deal with them and not let them bite you. I can’t really say no names, but I don’t trust none of them, I don’t really trust too many independents, unless they give me some money upfront because the game is so fucked up right now. If they ain’t talkin’ bout givin me some money upfront I ain’t fuckin’ wit them. They might close down they company on yo ass after you put out the album or some shit or go bankrupt on a nigga! What about makin’ a Murda Show movie wit Eiht?

Yeah I mean I been thinkin’ bout that too, that’s in the works and shit. It all comes down to financial backing and timing man.. I think Killa Tay had something out there called the Murda Show..

Yeah, he did! I remember that shit. I never saw it actually, but I was wit C-Bo and Yukmouth the other day, and Yuk just now gave me a copy of that DVD he put out! He said I was on there, I really ain’t looked at it yet, I got it right here I’ma look at it when I get off the phone and shit. Are you gonna be on the Thuglordz record C-Bo & Yuk doin?

Yeah, yeah that’s what I just did when I was over there. I did some shit for the Thuglordz! How far done is that record?

I think he got a couple songs, they movin’ pretty fast. Once niggaz lock up in the studio, ain’t no telling! Like me and Eiht! Took us 4 day! Yuk & Bo got skills like that, they probably ain’t finished yet but on they way. Anyway, you had a hot record together with Celly Cel & Jayo Felony, the Criminalz. Is there any chance we might see part 2?

Shit, maybe depending on Celly Cel if he wanna come back and put this shit back together and do all of that shit! At the time, it’s like alotta that shit.. the distribution company that we were dealing with wasn’t really pushin that shit so we didn’t get as many sales as we expected on the record, because we get all these hater ass muthafuckas, baller blockin and shit.. So we gone have to see if we do it again.. We wanted to do alotta numbers on that shit! That was a hot record man!

Yeah, the distribution company fucked up man.. We didn’t do no videos or none of that shit for that. And actually to get a album crackin’ or sell some copies, you got to do a video and a radio song or its just gone stay on the ground. What was the last video you shot?

Shit, my last video was like in 97.. Muthafucka called Playa Man! Yeah that song still gets play in the clubs..

Oh for real! *laughs* That’s some cool shit! You see the cold part about it is that I got alotta fans out of the country.. And they don’t even get a chance to cop the records!

Yeah! They don’t even get the shit that I’m doin now! Distribution is hella fucked up..

Very, that’s very fucked up.. Ay distributors come in dime & dozens and they all just cheap and shit. They don’t wanna fuck wit a nigga, give a nigga some money upfront… Wanna fuck a nigga out his money! Yeah distribution is underrated, cause no matter how hard you push a record or no matter how hot it is, if people can’t go out and BUY it, what’s the point?

Yup! But see, the whole point is, you gotta make the muthafuckas wanna get out there and buy it, that’s where all the clear channel and all of that shit comes in, and how much money you gotta pay clear channel to play your video.. It’s just fucked up right now! Muthafuckas that controlling shit need to regulate that shit! Everybody got they hands in the rap game! A few years ago, C-Bo in a interview that you and him would be doin’ an album together called Bo Loc & The Bossalini.. What happened to that?

Oh yeah we still workin’ on that shit man! We just never really got together and put it down because you know, like I said the whole westcoast is so scattered out! 40 doin’ his thing, Bo doin’ his thing, Yuk doin’ his thing, I’m doin my thing, everybody out doin’ they own thing, and nobody’s comin’ together as one, and you know, you don’t see everybody in each others videos, muthafuckas think they too good to show up to videos, or go to the studio and record with other muthafuckas and shit.. Only muthafucka that’s really happy right now in the Bay Area that’s making money is E-40! You know what I’m sayin? Everybody else is starving! And he ain’t really doin’ shit to help nobody! He prolly just cool, he cool on what he doin’ right now, he got his things, he kickin it, he got his shit crackin, not really trippin off what everybody else is doin right now. So that’s how.. muthafuckas need to get together. That’s the reason why niggaz ain’t doin shit! Because the people that’s in the positions to actually do something about it ain’t doin nothing! We don’t know if they in the position or not really, but shit they in a better position than we are, in the game! Snoop, and 40 and all of that shit. They up there so they could make it happen, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, you know what I’m sayin? They in a position to bring the west coast back. They’re in the position to do that. Cube put niggaz in his movies! Dr. Dre could be makin’ beats for muthafuckas like he should be doin’, and Snoop & 40 could be putting niggas in they videos, and putting niggas on and dropping CDs and all of that shit! But niggaz is getting lazy, they got too much money, they don’t give a fuck, you know what I’m sayin? What ya’ll should do is, like ya’ll had the I Got 5 On It Remix video back then, make a Oakland Raiders remix video wit everybody on there!

Yeah! Muthafuckas really need to get something like that, but we have to get alotta push behind it, we need marketing and promotion! The Bay Area don’t get no promotion behind them, you just gone be sittin in the same muthafuckin circle, in the same place you know what I’m sayin? And important factor that a lot of people are starting to get hip to is the internet. Cause that shit is getting huge, a lot of people are starting to get on it and talk to the fans directly, you can see what they wanna hear, what they lookin for! You got more and more artists on message boards now..

Well homie you need to get me on there, where I can talk to the fans and shit man, just let me know I’m wit it! We gone make that happen man, I’ma get you on there.

Hell yeah, I’m wit it like a muthafucka! I always got something to say! Yeah, I hear that! Which do you consider your best album?

Out of all my albums, I think.. Out of the ones on Jive, the first one was the best album, and then comes Amerikkkaz Nightmare, and you know, 187 He Wrote. But the first one, I think that was my best album because it was ALL me. I went gold with just me on it, I didn’t have no motherfuckers on there singing, or no, you know, none of that funny ass shit. I had my shit banging! I just had that shit right. It was just me. I didn’t had to have no features of nobody. That’s why I’m sayin’ that it’s my best album. Because I didn’t really need nobody, I just came off with Spice 1, one muthafucka. I put the 1 on the end of my name, because it’s one nigga to the name, ain’t no snitch in the game, you know what I mean? Do u think u could reach that level again?

Uhm, I mean I’m there! I’m at that level, always been. It’s just the point of another record label gettin behind me and givin me that punch that I needed from the beginning. And right now, I don’t need such a big punch, cause my name was out there from that other shit. It just takes somebody to get behind a nigga and really put that shit out there like its supposed to be. Because niggas ain’t really doin too much…there ain’t too many niggas out here that can “out-rap” me. Even the one’s that’s on the videos and all that other shit, them niggas still can’t fuck with me, no matter what kind of music they do. I can even rap stupid like them and rap better than them. Its just the point of how much promotion they got behind them. Thats what people wanna see, they wanna see u boss ballin, they wanna see you doin’ it, you know what I mean? So once you get out there like that, motherfuckers is all on your nuts! Let’s talk a lil bit about your last album “spiceberg slim” and i heard there were wome problems with the distributor, can u tell us about that?

Well, I feel personally about that album, I felt that it was one of the best albums I put out. You know, I was gonna say..I was about to say “spiceberg slim” if u ask me, was the dopest album, because its the newest shit, its dope, hella raw, motherfucker can’t take nothin’ away from that album. Thats like one of my favorite albums cause its a bangin’ ass album and the distributor / the record label D3entertainment just totally disrespected the album, the music. Thats why we didn’t wanna fuck with them anymore. They took a legend and try to turn em into your average every day Joe Shmoe! You don’t wanna put me out there, no video, you don’t wanna do all of that shit. They wanna put out a major artist, but at the same time they don’t wanna do all of that stuff for me. So it’s like, then you know they made those promises, like they was gonna do a video all of that shit. They don’t know that I know that they know how many records they gone sell before they even put that shit out! See the record labels of today, they want stupid artists, they want niggas that don’t know the game so they could fuck him out his money. See niggaz like me, they ain’t trying to fuck me out my money because they know I done already learned how to not get fucked out my money. So they don’t wanna deal with me. They’ll deal with the new artists, the youngsters and shit so they can take advantage of them and use their talent like they did me when I was 19-20 years old, you know what I’m sayin? Now they don’t move no artists that are smart, they won’t wanna sign you to their record label as a artist, because they know you know the game, and won’t let them fuck you out your money. That’s what happend to me and the distribution company and D3records. They just totally disrespected Spice 1, the album, the whole…everything. Just.. “fuck it we gone put him out there, we gone blow up…”. They put more push behind C-Murder and ODB then they did with my album. And I’m a legend, and I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ bad about those niggas cause they was in jail at that point of time, BUT THEM NIGGAS WAS IN JAIL !!! They promoted the fuck out of their albums, both c-murders and ODB, promoted the FUCK out they shit, and half ass promoted my album and I’m not nowhere near jail, I’m out here ready to promote, ready to do shows, ready to go to the radio stations, ready to, you know, do all of that PR shit, and they ain’t even pushin’ my album! They too busy pushin’ niggaz albums who are in jail and can’t even support their album right now! So what label are u gonna fuck with on your new record?

Shit man, it’s so much drama goin’ on behind the new record right now, I don’t know which label I’m gonna deal with. I just know I got alot of cats that want to do it, want to fuck with it because it’s a nice album, you know what I’m sayin’, the shit is bangin’ outa control. Alot of cats wanna do distribution deals but I want major distrubution. If I gotta wait till I get some major distribution or whatever , then I ain’t trippin’. Fuck it then, I will put out some other shit. So what’s up with your deal with 101 distribution?

101…them motherfuckers, they lyin’ like a motherfucker first of all, because as far as I know.. I don’t even know if they gone be the one’s that even drop the album. Because they wanna come with some funny style ass shit, talkin about they ain’t got no upfront money to form motherfucking shit. They, can suck my dick. They can suck my motherfucking dick. I’m not gonna let them put out no album on me and they ain’t gave me no money upfront. They got it fuuuucked up. They out there promoting their shit and put dates on it like its gonna come out in january and shit and they ain’t even got the motherfucking material, you know. All they got is the album cover. They try to drop that shit and not givin’ a nigga no money upfront. I put all these labels on blast, cause they are trying to fuck the artists outa their money…they trying to fuck spice 1 outa his money, right now. They are trying to put out an album and they didn’t give me no upfront money and I ain’t even talked to nobody at 101 distribution. I don’t even know nobody up there. I know Daz had bad experiences with 101 too.

Yeah, they dirty! Thats what I’m sayin’, all these motherfuckers gotta watch they head. Thats what I’m doin’ with 101 distribution… I’m watchin’ they head. They don’t have no material and they ain’t gave me no money upfront, so it’s like… that’s how crooked the game is right now. It’s a dirty game man. And The Ridah was supposed to come out months ago, now it’s been pushed back till next year. Do u think you could give us a month were it should be out or is it really not set yet?

I probably couldn’t give u guys a month, because it’s so much drama and shit goin’ on around it, and the controversy goin’ around about my new album. It’s like everybody is trying to get their hands on it. Because they know Battlecat did tracks, they know that shit is bangin’ and motherfuckers ain’t talkin’ right! They not talkin right. They wanna fuck me out my money, you know? They ain’t even wanna pay a nigga; like I said, like 101 distribution. We trying to give them an album with Battlecat on the track, Spice 1 new album, we got tracks on there with me and Kurupt, Snoop, Dru Down,.. all of that shit, it’s bangin’ like a motherfucker. We got a nice single and all of that shit ready and everything. But these motherfuckers don’t wanna come out of the pocket??? They don’t wanna come out of the pocket! The album is already done, album cover done and everything, everything is ready and they still don’t wanna come out of the pocket! And that shit hurts me that they wanna fuck me out my money! They wanna get an album for free, put it out, blow it up, and get all the money outta that motherfucker, without paying me, without breaking me off a good 100,000, 60-70,000 or some shit like that. They should make close to half a million outta that muthafuckin cd, its probably more than that! Did you cut the album down, cause on your website the tracklisting said it would have 18-19 tracks but on the 101 distribution website it says 14 tracks?

Yeah man, they… That other cat that I was dealing with for instance, from Xtra Laced, they was fuckin’ up too. They was FUCKING up! Cause I told them uhh… Because they took the Battlecat beats and took them to some other average Joe Shmoe muthafucka who don’t know nothin’ about music and had him mix down Battlecats tracks!! And he took shit out, he took chords and strings outta the music and put they own chords and strings in… Some fat white motherfucker named Budda mixed down Battlecats music and started sellin it like doggshit! Budda, the same Buddha who did the Westside Connection shit back then??

Nah, hell nah, this is some white dude, Xtra Laced just found him out there, and want to pay him to mix down Battlecats tracks, thats how dumb these motherfuckers are. They was that damn stupid. They were stupid enough to take Battlecats music and take it to some white dudes that know nothing about music and had them trying to mix down some tracks that I rapped on and Battlecat did the beat. Thats how dumb those motherfuckers was. So I took what I had, re-did like 5-6 songs and try to rescue what i could, like those Battlecat beats (3-4 songs) and I did 4-5 tracks myself put them all together. So now I have an album with 14 tracks on there. I remember when U spoke to you a few months ago, you told me the last album was short and this one would be longer, but in the end..will it have 14 tracks or will it have more tracks?

It will probably have some more, because I stay recording. I have done other songs recently. Thats because I stay in the studio and stay recording, you know. I got like 4-5 new songs besides them 14, you know what I’m sayin? Which producers worked on this album?

Uhm, it’s Battlecat and this other cat named Tech, he is from Oklahoma. He re-did, he did the stutter-rap, the new stutter-rap on the ablum. There’s also this other cat named Dee he is from LA. He did like 4-5 tracks on there. But uuhm, it really ain’t no telling what the fuck, cause I keep recording and if the songs that i have now start sounding old to me, then I’ma put those muthafuckas off and do some new shit on there. I just keep making sure that the album sounds fresh, when I get ready to drop. You told me you had Rick Rock on there too?

Yea, I got Rick Rock, he was just on that Federation shit. He gave me some tracks to bust on but me and him actually got to get together to do some shit. So there’s alot of controversy around the album, it seems like nobody wants Spice 1 to have his own motherfucking deal and money. Everybody wants to fuck the artists outa their money. And I think I got too smart for the game to let everybody fuck with my money. Thats what happens to alot of artists when they get older. We get older and we get like “Hell no”, while 10 years ago a nigga would went for that shit because he was happy just to be in the rap game. Yea man, Its just that motherfuckers know that the album is bangin’ and they are trying to get they hands on somethin’ like another Tupac, but there won’t be another Pac. There ain’t gonna be another Spice 1 either. So thats why they are trying to get their hands on this album. Because its the shit, its legendary. If they put the right promotion and marketing behind this legendary shit, legendary name and artist…then legendary money is gonna come up out that motherfucker. They know this so some people that put their hands out just wanna make a quick buck and put out an album and get some money and keep on movin. Thats not the motherfuckers that I am lookin’ for. I am lookin for these cats thats ready to blow that shit out the water, put out a fuckin’ video and a single. Until I ain’t find them it really ain’t gone come out like that. I will make sure that the album gets the right marketing and promotion behind it so my fans can see that its gonna come out before it even drops. And who do you have on there as far as guest appearances?

Well right now it’s just Snoop and Dru Down and Kokane, Kurupt! Do you have 4-Tay on there?

I mean I got some songs with him, that I did, and I might put one of them on there. Cause I did songs with alot of people, I’ll see which I put on the album! You should get Bad Azz on there!

Yeah, we got some songs together too, me and Bad Azz do songs together like it’s nothin’, I’ll have to hook up wit him again! Yeah, actually up until now Bad Azz is holdin’ the record for “longest interview”.. but it looks like you might be breaking that right now!

*laughs* Haaa hell yeah, I got a mouthpiece! You have alot to say!

Hell yeah! I noticed you didn’t collaborate with alot of Bay Area artists on your new record… How come?

Yeah because it’s hard to even.. It’s like I go out there and fuck around in the Bay, and I get more love in L.A. and even in New York than I would in the bay alone! I could go to New York and fuck wit some niggaz and they’ll put me on before the niggaz out here do! So it’s just hard to even fuck wit niggaz cause they be on some whole other shit, niggaz be on some hater ass shit, I’ma end up puttin’ a slug in one of these niggaz, beatin the fuck out a nigga and shit and goin’ to penetantuary over some 2 dollar ass nigga that was talkin’ shit about Spice 1, you know what I’m sayin? So it’s just hard to deal wit certain niggaz man, muthafuckas mind ain’t straight. They need to get their mind right before I fuck wit any of them niggaz like that again. I got love for E-40 and all the rest of the niggaz in the bay area, but niggaz minds ain’t right! I ain’t fuckin’ wit niggaz if they minds ain’t right! I’m out here trying to get my paper, and niggaz is bullshittin! So wherever my paper is gone take me, I’ma go over there and roll over there. Cause it’s too hard to even fuck around out there and deal with niggaz cause niggaz is some hatin ass motherfuckers out there. I got love for the Bay Area and all of that shit, but niggaz be out there hatin! When I talk to somebody, and they say they talked to somebody in the Bay Area, everytime I talk to somebody that knows me personally, and they say they talked to somebody in Oakland or in the Bay Area and they mention my name, I hear some old bullshit ass comment ass shit goin’ down that a muthafucka wouldn’t have said if I woulda been right there in his face! I’m a real muthafucka and I come from the streets and I take all bullshit serious, when I hear shit like that, niggaz get to talkin’ shit, I take it to the heart. Because I come from the heart! I take shit to the heart because I come from the heart on what I’m doin and what I’m sayin. Niggaz got me hot out there! I be hearin niggaz been talkin’ shit about me in the bay and I don’t like that shit! And that’s why I ain’t really been goin’ out there because I’ma end up puttin’ one of them niggaz in their muthafuckin grave! Cause I don’t play! You had a dope track on the 21 Gun Salute compilation from the Bay though.. wit C-Bo & Daz!

Yeah! I mean I fuck wit niggaz who’s respectable! Credible to the game! I’ma fuck wit them cats all the time! But it’s just like the bay area scene right now has too much muthafuckin’ hatin’, too many hatin’ ass muthafuckas out there! I got love out there, because I stomped and whomped that muthafucka and it’s dope tracks out there that I done started and shit. Then a muthafucka got the nerve to talk shit about me and I’m a muthafuckin boss! And I ain’t just sayin’ this shit because I got a ego problem or nothin’ like that I’m sayin’ this shit because of shit that I done did, and worked, and that I done put in in my neighbourhood, and shit that I done, and niggaz don’t really respect that shit, and that’s what makes a nigga like me mad and not want to fuck wit niggaz out there, you know what I’m sayin?! I only rap or fuck wit niggaz out there if he talk to me like the muthafucka I am. Niggaz talkin’ to a nigga like he ain’t really did shit, or wanna throw the nigga three or four hundred dollars to get on a song with him. If that’s the case, then just give me the money and say I did the song for free! Don’t tell nobody I did a muthafucka for four or three hundred dollars you know what I’m sayin? Cause I won’t do the muthafuckin’ song! I fuck around wit niggaz out there in the bay, they try to throw a nigga three or four hundred dollars then get mad when I don’t wanna do the song! And then I gotta come back at them like “Man I don’t even really wanna charge you! If that’s all you got, you coulda just said get on the track and do something!” And then I would’ve had the choice to say no or yes! Don’t try to play me cheap and shit! I charge a nigga 25 hundred dollars to do a verse. If a muthafucka don’t got that then they shouldn’t even tell me that they gone pay me to do the song if he ain’t 25 hundred. If he ain’t got that, he should be like “Man Spice I would love for you to come by the studio and get on some shit. I really ain’t got no money right now, but I’d love for you to get on some shit” and leave me the choice to say yes or no! Niggaz got it fucked up out here man! It’s so sour right now, niggaz ain’t respecting shit! Niggaz is broke, the bay is starvin niggaz is hungry and shit, everybody out here is hungry. And if you ain’t hungry then you ain’t got nothin’ to live for! Niggaz gotta stay hungry, but muthafuckas ain’t doin’ no shit, they disrespecting the game, niggaz ain’t respectin what a nigga did! Listen to this shit man, and then niggaz go the nerve to talk shit about me sometimes in the bay area. I came from the Bay Area nigga, and went to New York City when it wasn’t no other rapper in the Bay Area but Too Short, and MC Hammer! I went NYC and represented that muthafucka WELL. You know what I’m sayin? WELL. To where we got respect! How the fuck do niggaz think they were sellin so many records? Who they think opened the goddamn doors? You know what I’m sayin? Niggaz wasn’t even really listenin to that shit if a nigga like me didn’t go out there personally do get on stage in new york city and go to different clubs out there and get respect as a rap artist! Not just as somebody from California who think they can rap, but actually outrapping niggaz out there. Turning niggaz out on the microphone, rapping on stage! Getting respect from the artists out there. And then niggaz got the nerve to talk shit about me. Man, the whole game is sour! It’s sour, niggaz don’t know who to respect or none of that shit! If people in the Bay got love for me, they got the love right back. But the niggaz out there who talkin’ that shit? Man, I swear to god man, I be wanting to shoot a hole the size of one of my new CDs in they muthafuckin heads. That’s what I be wantin to do. Leave they ass the fuck right there on the goddamn pavement. That’s real. By the way, how did that collaboration wit Snoop get together?

Snoop, he always had love for me, cause he’s fan aswell as a friend! And vice versa with me, you know what I’m sayin? That’s my homeboy, I like his music he likes mine, no matter what differences he got with other artists he’s still my nigga. And the same goes with Kurupt and Daz, no matter what problems they got between each other, all of them niggaz is still my niggaz. But uhm, all I did was get somewhere in LA and call Snoop and gone tell me where he at! Tray Deee, that’s my nigga, all of the Eastsidaz, them my niggaz! I come out in LA and get more love than I do in the Bay! That’s the cold part about it! I can’t even get 40 on the telephone!! I might talk to him sometimes, but I don’t fuck wit 40 like I used to! I see more Snoop Dogg than I see E-40! You know there’s a lot of drama going on over there at the Dogghouse and the Eastsidaz?

Ya man everybody getting down, tripping and shit. The tracks you be hearing now a days you can’t really vouch for them motherfuckaz, because you got Biggie Smalls and 2pac on the same damn song together and you know they hated each other, you know what im sayin? So these motherfuckaz, the game is so shady that people are finding verses and buyin them like you know, if i’m going to bust a verse on somebody’s album… these motherfuckaz right here will sell the verse to somebody else. That’s how dirty the game is over here, man and i’ll be on a song with a nigga i ain’t never seen before or heard before and they ain’t pay me a god damn dime.. you kno what im sayin? It’s the same thing they take the 2pac verse and they just put it on somebody’s put it on one track and download that shit and get in the studio and then they get to rapping on there and you got a nobody ass nigga with a 2pac song… you know what im sayin? You can’t even vouch for these motherfuckaz no more they not credible, all theses songs and features and shit that all these niggaz is doing, compilations and shit a lot of that shit isn’t credible … you know what im sayin? The niggaz don’t even be like i said…Like i said about Pac, Biggie and Eminem, you know what im sayin? It’s like that with a lot of artists, like even with me it’s like songs that motherfuckaz be … that out there and I ain’t ever heard the muthafucka before in my life, somebody just took my vocals and put them on that track, and charge somebody even for the verse… that’s how ignorant and dirty these low down dirty these scandalous muthfuckaz are man….that’s how dirty they are then when you come at them you want to check them or slap they azz upside their head with a pistol and get violent and shit then you wrong, your wrong for doing that, you know what im sayin? Like how the fuck am I wrong niggaz is out of pocket, they get mad at niggaz like Suge Knight for doing shit like that, man Suge if he slapping muthafuckaz upside their head they probably need to get smacked upside the head, you know what im sayin? they shouldn’t be trying to fuck niggaz out of too much money in the game, tired of that shit man, and they wonder why niggaz want to keep their gats close to them, because we don’t want to take no bullshit from you muthafuckaz, we don’t want to take no bullshit from none of these muthafuckaz out here cause that’s all they want to do is fuck us out of millions, I migrated it’s like if I don’t make it happen it ain’t going to happen, they can’t do it without me, you know what im sayin? a lot of these artists need to understand this shit that they there greatest asset and they can’t do it without them, you know what im sayin? muthafuckaz need to get on top of property get on top of everything they own their money so they don’t have to be taking bills from bullshit ass record companies. What’s the vibe to the new record like?

Right now it’s like more of a like, it’s like shit that nobody really ever it’s like some Spice 1 shit you never know what’s coming, you know what im sayin? you don’t really know what’s coming like on the first song, like one song I got on there it’s called “got my eyes on closed doors and got cutthroat gang”.

dubcnn. com: I herd a couple of snippets, I got six snippets

Some of the snippets you heard probably ain’t even going to be on the album, you know what im sayin?

dubcnn. com: I got a snippet Thug Thizzle, Thug World, Behind Closed Doors, When Thugz Cry, Kiss My Azz and another one I can’t remember right now.

Damn, A lot of that shit is old to me now, you know what im sayin? That Kiss My Azz track is bangin man.

Yah, man that’s my track right there I’m going to keep that, with the reggae and all that shit, yah but you know man, it got the flavor of the album is more of a, I got like these Spanish guitars behind some shit, then im kickin it, then I got you know, then I kick the reggae behind the Spanish guitars and shit with a little gangsta twist behind that shit, you know what im sayin? That shit is hard as fuck, I kill it, I rap my regular style and shit I kick my gangsta raps and shit but I got the Spanish guitar behind it with the reggae, you know how I do that reggae shit, a lot of the music I do is my own shit, nothing that you really going to hear unless u hear my album, you know what im sayin? Your not really going to get that feel from it from nobody else. How does it compare to your older recordings?

It’s different but it’s more mature different, you know what im sayin? Everything is like the six million dollar man, everything is better, stronger and faster you know what im sayin? It’s like when you hear it, it’s like okay you know this shit’s banging like a muthafucka. Do you think your album or the Bay in general will ever have the chance to make it to the forefront of the mainstream again?

It depends on how, I think so because I’m actually a universal artist, because I actually do music im not just, I just don’t concentrate on how dope the rap sounds or how far my I can get my rep, I concentrate on entertaining people you know what im sayin? Whatever it takes to entertain them as long as I can keep my profile and still be me then im a entertainer, I’m going to do whatever it takes to entertain them and shit, that’s what people can look for on this new album you should be entertained, you know what im sayin? They don’t want to dance to it and everything, It’s actually going to be entertaining because I got the new songs, I got the stutter rap, I got the new like 187 crew but it’s bout candy and it’s like candy and bitches make bitches sound like candy, It’s like ingenious lyrics on here that they shouldn’t of been listening to the lyrics and they going to be trip the fuck out and entertained, you know what im sayin? Whine, n all that shit im not on here talking about the next rapper about me and dude who ain’t ever had a confrontation with each other, a lot of niggaz get on here talking shit about rappers they ain’t even had confrontations with you know what im sayin? Talking all this shit about niggaz and I want to punch them in the face, we had already got down on some shit like that, I ain’t going to go around n talk shit about niggaz I aint really had words with. I herd you know or hooked up with this rapper Moss Maja?

Yah that’s my dog, me & Moss was fucking around for a minute, we did a couple tracks together. Yah that’s my dog man, he’s raw as a muthafucka on the mic, he be spitting that shit. I herd snoop was interested in him?

Yeah, Moss is tight, that muthafucka want to work with Moss, he a yungster and he got heat, you see game recognize game, you can see in that nigga that he got game. What’s your view on the new Bay, have you heard about these guys Balance, Locksmith, Mista F.A.B., these new up-n-coming cats.

Yeah I’ve herd of them, I respect their music they got some cool shit, and I hope and wish the best for them cats because we need some new muthafuckaz to blow this muthafucka up, somebody out there doing or trying something we just can’t have muthafuckaz out there doing nothing, anybody come out the Bay area who got respect for Spice and got love for my shit and know what’s cracking and everything, I can’t give nothing but respect for that shit, all the new cats coming out the Bay area I respect them, it’s good to see cats doing that shit. Do you remember them MTV battles? Did you see Locksmith on that shit, he was like the only one from California and he made it to the finals and he was representing the Bay area all the damn time, on MTV in New York, when was the last time you saw something like that?

Shit, last time I went out there! *laughs* I went out there in ’91 and shit, you don’t see that shit too often, you don’t see no Bay area nigga get out there and represent the Bay not just talk about California but represent the Bay and the niggaz in the Bay area and throwin out 3 or 4 hundred mc’s, New York is doing that shit These cats is sick, they got E-A-Ski, E-A-Ski is backing these guys.

Yeah, that’s tight. Have you ever worked with any Down South artists?

You know maybe the old school cats but not none of these new ones I ain’t really worked with them. Maybe I’m a little to gangsta for them muthafuckaz, I might be a little to gangsta for a lot of these new cats unless they from L.A. or the Bay, rest these cats is like they doing crunk music I do gangsta music, but I can do crunk music too, I do all that shit, we been working on some shit actually called Cali Crunk, it’s called Cali Crunk music. What’s That?

The beats r like crunk beats, but we rapping about some Cali shit, like I was saying on one of the songs I started off like, I Ain’t Never Scared/slugs fly through the window/through the walls/want to see all my niggaz ball/stacking rats and single tall/ Cali crunk nigga, It’s like we doing crunk music but we spittin some California gangsta shit too to some crunk beats. I Herd you have a Chopped & Screwed record coming out soon too?

Yeah, we talked bout doing some old school shit like Spice 1 greatest hits chopped & screwed because the actual greatest hits is doing pretty well in the stores, chop and screw that shit and make some money off of it, but you know Jive records don’t want to pay a muthafucka, this is why they don’t like dealing with niggaz like me because I been through all their bullshit, they can’t pull the wool over my eyes no more, they got a ho up or blow up, they can’t pull the wool over my eyes no more cause I know the game. And you know, while I was waiting for you to call back, I was like “When I talk to dude from the online magazine im going to tell them muthafuckaz my quote, “Fuck the world, the game is going sour, Spice 1 for president!!”, that’s my quote right there. *laughs* Hey if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, why not Spice 1?

*laughs* Hell yeah, I can be the muthafucking president!! Do you still have a relationship with Too Short?

Yah, Short man he’s like a older uncle to me and shit to me, all the years and all the shit we been through, for the time we might not have seen each other and the times I did see my nigga, he’s still like a mentor to me, regardless of how everything go down if it wasn’t for Short doing that shit, he wouldn’t have gave me the faith to believe that a nigga from the Bay can do that shit, I was thinking this shit was impossible until I seen Short doing the shit, I wanted to be like Too Short with a little help from God and a little faith in my self then I could be like Too Short! I figured that shit out and got my shit together and nigga told me to never stop rapping, and I will probably never stop rapping he right about that but the point about me trying to shake the game and do all that shit and muthafucka trying to get up on my album, all that shit is for the muthafuckin birds! I dropped my album by my self and it sold half a million copies close to 900 thousand copies and I think you don’t have to have hella muthafuckaz on your album to go platinum, you just got to have something that’s cool, you got to be an artist, you got to entertain people, you can’t just come in and pay enough money to get your shit played on the radio, cause you gotta have money to get it played on the radio, and then call youself a musician, that’s bullshit, that’s what these muthafuckaz is doing, rob they way into the game and brainwash muthafuckaz into thinking that they real rappers or real entertainers and shit when they ain’t doing nothing but milking the game for what it’s worth. So they can get all the money they can get out of it, they like fuck the game. I’m a poet by nature so I’mma never stop and if my poetry continues to make me famous then so be it, shit. What do you usually do when your not in the studio?

Fuck around play playstation, drive around with the muthafuckin music up hella loud, watch tv u know 24’s, doing the shit, maybe go to the club, I don’t really ride to the club a lot because I come from 85 gangstaville you know clubs kind of make it you know get down and get gangsta and shit. I go their and kick it with my partners and get ready to shake, but you know too much you can’t do but actually drive around and peep out the scenery and look what’s going on in the streets. What car are you driving at the moment?

Muthafuckin cream colored Escalade, with 24’s and shit. How’s life in Las Vegas?

It’s cool, it’s a little laid back and shit, muthafucka ain’t got to be all up in the drama if you ain’t want to be in the mix if you want to get in the mix you can be in the mix you know what I’m sayin? What keeps you motivated to keep on releasing albums?

When the baddest bitch in the club come up walking to me and tells me she’s my biggest fan and in 2004 going on to 2005 and I drop that album she talking about in 91 and she the baddest bitch in the club, that type of shit but not that alone, but that’s just one of the things that makes me want to keep rapping, It’s like that’s what the fuck you live for, you want to get your money, you want the bitches, you want the weed and you want stability in your life, those are like the four, and you got to have the ability to be like I can pay this bill I can pay that bill and all I got to do is rap, I ain’t got to go shoot somebody, I ain’t got to go rob nobody, I ain’t got to sell no drugs or run from the police or go get a job and have another muthafucka tell me when I can sit eat and shit. I can do what I want to do and be intelligent about the moves I make, and it’s a lot of shit that makes you keep rapping, it’s actually therapy for nigga like me because it’s a way for me to release my tension and anger and my emotions and actually get paid on the shit, whatever business can you actually use for therapy and get paid off of it? Being a rap artist you can do whatever you want to rap on slow songs rap on fast songs, money is limitless, everything is limitless. What’s your favorite Bay area cd of all time?

My favourite Bay Area CD of all time? Shit, muthafuckin 415 man, Richie Rich when they dropped the 415, that shit right there man that was the shit, “the 4 the 1 the 5”, that was my shit man I use to bump that shit faithfully man, I would play that shit and probably NWA with nothing else getting no play unless it was Scarface or 2pac or some shit. At that point and time Pac was kicking it with Richie Rich and the Gov, everybody was like kicking it, everybody was together and shit, brings back a lot of memories and all that shit when I hear that 415 song. What’s your favorite hip-hop album of all time?

I would say Eric B & Rakim Paid in Full, that’s like my shit right there out of all the hip-hop albums Paid in Full that’s my shit right there. What do you think of Brotha Lynch Hung?

Brotha Lynch Hung he actually a talented artist and good at what he’s doing, I like his music his music is cool I listen to it and shit, you know, but as far as I’m concerned he’s good to go, I can never say anything bad about Brotha Lynch because I respect his art of being an artist, I respect his talent, I respect him as being an artist, he’s just raw at what he doing, he ain’t just no rapper trying to say he can rap and try and sell because he got the money to do it, he’s actually an artist, I respect that, he didn’t just say I want to be a rapper, he seen something in himself one day that a lot of other people probably see to in him and the game chose him, he’s one of the chosen. I think you and him have the best flows out there. Brotha Lynch Hung the way he flowed on Season of Da Siccness damn.

Hell yeah, he make the beat follow him and shit, that’s the cool shit about him. What happened to that Game Bangers album with you Rappin 4-tay, 40 Glocc and Bad Azz?

Oh that muthafucka is so tight right about now, we about to shop around that muthfucka in a minute, we got three more songs to do on it and we through with it, that shit is bangin like a muthafucka my nigga, you probably want to hear that shit when it come out. We been working on that. So it’s all you, 4-tay & 40 Glocc on it, is Bad Azz on it a lot.

Yah, Bad Azz on there, 40 Glocc, my nigga Michelobe on there, Roscoe is on there, Ras Kass is on there. Ras Kass, but he in jail though?

Yah, he did that before he went to jail. Damn that’s hot, Ras Kass is dope, fucked up he’s in jail!

Shit man, that nigga went to jail, he was with the Game Bangers when he went to jail. He was with 40 Glocc right?

Yah And Bad Azz uncle or something.

Yah, him and Bad Azz and 40 Glocc, they called me right after he went to jail and told me the whole fuckin story and everything, I was like man shit. I did a interview with him after he went to jail, he’s really waiting to get out and get back into the music business.

Yah man, if you got a lot hate, muthafuckaz out here don’t want to see muthfuckaz have anything but themselves, you know that’s not doing nothing for the game, selfishness ain’t doing nothing for the game but stirring up a lot of hungry muthfuckaz and start some shit some drama out here, and that’s are way of getting out and now muthafuckaz that come from the suburbs and say they from the hood and bust some shit they go platinum, the game ain’t real no more, you know rap music came from the ghetto and suppose to be from the hood and that’s what made everybody want to listen to it, it came from a place where not to many people can go, I just keep doing shit cause it’s poetry to me, writing my thug poetry. Does that Game Bangers album have a name?

It’s just called Game Bangers. Who did the production on that shit?

We got a lot of new producers and unknown producers and shit that got some hot tracks. As long as it’s hot you know.

Hell yeah, well the new shit, you know it’s the new producers that’s more hungry and coming with the hottest tracks, you get the old genies on the new tracks it adds a new flavor man and a whole different feel to everything, some banging ass shit man, a lot of cats out here that are doing beats is charging way too fuckin much, they be charging prices that are way out of control, you can get another cat that is actually talented and you ain’t got to pay him that much, these muthafuckaz music just sound like that because they got all this equipment in there studios, and you got this muthafucka aint got to much equipment in there studio and there shit is sounding just like there’s and he want 200 dollars a beat oppose to you payin a muthafucka 25 hundred dollars a beat. Right now the fans can expect The Ridah, The MC Eiht collaboration and The Game Bangers right?

Yah, defnitely Is there anything else coming?

Shit not really, unless that Cali Crunk cd, they can expect that, the name how it is, is just how it’s going to sound, Cali Crunk. Who’s going to be on that?

Well I got me and I got a group I’m putting together another group I’m going to put together called the Time Bombers. Who’s in that?

It’s me, D-Low, and it’s like some new cats. That’s cool you trying to break out new cats?

Yah, basically that’s what I’m doing. And this cat called Dee, same dude who did beats. Where’s he from?

Uhh.. he’s from San Jose. And there’s one more cat in there too, and the album is called Cali Crunk. And are these new cats sick?

Aw hell yeah, you know I ain’t gone fuck wit them if they can’t spit! They gotta go through initiation and all that! *laughs* What about makin a Spice 1 DVD?

Well you know, it’s hard getting that shit together because, you know, muthafuckas be bullshitting man! They don’t want to give you no money! I got everything together right now, it’s all on video, now all we doin’ is just shootin’ some concerts and shootin’ when we recordin’ in the studio, and just me hangin’ out and shit. Oh so you’ve actually been doing a DVD!

Yeah, yeah! Why not try to go through FortressDVD? They’ve put out some sick DVDs lately!

Yeah that’s the new thing, I finna get these DVDs out there! Personally, which producers do you feel you sound best rapping over?

Uhm, shit I think the producers I sound best over right NOW, is kinda like Rick Rock, and the cats that did the music on my Spiceberg Slim album, Tone Def and Wyno. Yeah, whoever did that joint with you and Jayo Felony on your album, he was hot!

That was Tone Def! That cat is raw, he’s raw as fuck. Or “It’s nothin’”.

Yeah that was Tone Def too! Yeah, “Thuggin” with you Kokane & Tray Deee was banging too!

Yeah that was Wyno! Nah hold on that was Tone Def.. You talkin’ bout “Thuggin makes the world go…”? Yeah.. NAH actually that was Wyno, my bad, my bad! *laughs* Tone Def did the one wit me and the outlawz. Niggaz need to stick to the dicks & balls they used to and shit, you know what I’m sayin? And no matter which producer I get a track from, it’s still gonna sound like a beat made for me, some Spice 1 shit! Yeah the best shit was still the old school shit though, “Murda Show”, “Trigga Got No Heart” “Strap On The Side”.. that shit, the grimy shit!

Hell yeah! And are there any artists and producers you’d look forward to work with in future?

I mean, I have yet to understand why me, Dr. Dre and Scarface ain’t never got together and did no shit. I’m like dreadin that shit right now, like what the fuck is wrong wit Dre, why won’t he hook up wit Spice 1? I’m the biggest thing to come out the Bay Area since Too Short, and I never hooked up with Dr. Dre! No beats from Dr. Dre. Yeah, a lot of artists been saying the same thing, Bad Azz was saying the exact same thing!

Yeah! And I mean it’s just sad that me and Dre never got together and did no damn song. E-A Ski did a track together with Dre too.

Yeah! He probably did some shit wit Ski cause Ski do beats, and they collab on beats and shit, but you know I’m like “Nigga you need another D.O.C. nigga, ain’t nobody who could flow over your beats!” When he got Eminem that’s what he was doin’, cause Eminem can flow like a muthafucka! But shit, who else he gone get? 50 Cent can’t really… Eminem will outrap 50 Cent! Yeah, 50 ain’t no MC.

Yeah, he’s a entertainer! Like muthafuckin Master P and shit, just sayin’ the right shit behind a beat, like Puffy Combs or something.. And what was the funniest thing or most awkward thing that happened in your career?

Uhm, akward like laughable funny? Yeah!

Laughable funny shit is.. When uhh let me see, cause there’s been some crazy shit! I’d say when me and 2Pac tried to do a concert and that nigga went out there and wanted to fight the audience and shit! And when you get ready to get in some shit, you find the first nigga that you know is gone be down for you, that’s gone scrap with you, that’s your nigga right? And I was the first nigga that he tapped before he went on the stage! And I went on stage, I picked the chair up that I was sittin’ on, and dragged that muthafucka on stage with me and shit, and it was just alotta chaos man, we had pistols and guns, tryna keep niggaz up off us, you know, it was crazy! That was Pac tho, that’s my nigga, but that was just some funny ass shit too! That nigga crazy! The shit that I been through wit him, is just crazy! Everyday! Every time I got with that nigga, some shit happens! Good or bad, it was just crazy. But the most akward thing that happened, I don’t even think that was it cause I done had some crazy shit happen man! Like when I was walkin’ into the club in New York and Wyclef from the Fugees started bowin’ down! Like put his hands together and fuckin’ bowed down in front of hella people! That was fuckin’ crazy, you know what I’m sayin? And Wyclef is the shit! And I was trippin’ like “Oh shit nigga quit doin’ that shit! Stand up quit doin’ that shit” *laughs* That’s cool man! And is there anything else you’d like to tell all the people out there?

I would just like to tell them that the realest nigga is the motherfuckers, niggaz like me that came in the game from the beginning, and is still down, and couldn’t let the muthafuckin’ radio brainwash they ass! Listen to some real rap for a change sometimes! Listen to some real shit and quit lettin’ the radio brainwash you! Alright man, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer all the questions, it’s appreciated!

Shit, it’s nothin’ my nigga anytime! Aight then, I’ma hit you later, and we gone get you in touch with all the people out there!

Hell yeah man let’s do that! Peace

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