In the Wonderful World of Daz Dillenger

For those who dont know who Daz Dillienger is. He is one of the biggest contributors to the West Coast sound in the 90s and a member of Tha Dogg Pound alongside Kurupt. Daz was responsible for producing many of Tupac’s hits(Ambitonz as a Ridah, I Aint Mad at Cha, 2 of Amerikkaz Most Wanted), The Dogg Food album and co producing on Doggystyle. While a very talented producer and decent rapper. Daz may be one of the funniest rappers in the game. It wasn’t until 2002-2005 during his feud with Death Row is where we see the true comedic side of Daz. Even though He and Kurupt are back together, I still had to post this for laughs

His shit talking is up there with Suge Knight and you cant help but to get a kick out of it. So here I present to you, The wonderful world of Daz. Shoutout to SOHH!

Talking about pulling a screwdriver on Suge while Kurupt was crying:

Well, I was young you know, and shit I learned a lot from that fat muthafucka. I learned the best things and not doing the wrong things. Also, he knew I wasn’t no bitch and no punk. I pulled a big ass screwdriver on his ass and came out of there with $145,000 dollars while Kurupt is crying like a bitch off of mushrooms.

Because muthafuckaas didn’t give me my money I went in there and hit everybody up in the office. I mean everybody with a screwdriver and then Suge comes in there and then when I looked at his eyes, it looked like he was gonna try and do somethin’ to me, so I’m like fuck it I’ma do something to you!” It ain’t nothin’ but muthafuckin’ self defense. When I was fittin’ to stab him in his neck, he said “Hold on! HOLD ON!!! (Laughs). And I walked up out of there with $145,000 cash. I gave Kurupt 5 g’s and I did all the god damn work and he was still cryin’ off mushrooms. (Laughs)

Daz talking about Death Row and Guns:
I would have got up and whooped somebody’s ass. I had guns, so I wasn’t worried about what they were doing. Me and Nate Dogg were the only ones that would be strapped up in that motherfucker, ’cause when we would have a meeting it would be Bloods and Crips in there, so it’s like shit, if we get to fighting up in this mother*fucker, just start shooting and run towards the door. And then you know Kurupt and Tupac got into it once. Tupac was gonna whoop the shit out of Kurupt in Cancun. Tell somebody to ask Kurupt, “Was Tupac gonna beat your ass and Daz and Nate Dogg saved you from getting your ass whooped from Tupac and them?”

About Kurupt and 2pac:
We got into the room and Kurupt had a Hennessey bootle. He was drunk and then the bottle hit the motherfucking table and all the other shit. So Tupac was like, “We’re doing business here.” So Kurupt was like, “Blah, blah, blah,” and you know, being hard ’cause we were there. And then Tupac was like, “You know what, Kurupt? I’ll rent a room right now and I’ll beat your ass in there right now.” Then he said, “You know what? I’m gonna get my homies the Outlawz,” and that’s when we stepped in like, nigga, you ain’t gonna get nothing, nigga.” So then I told him that and then me and Tupac got into it just for that second and I told him, you know, ’cause I’m helping Kurupt, I tell Tupac, “Why don’t me and you go in the room, you know what I mean?” Then Suge and them jump in and then that’s when it was on right after after that and then Tupac and them was only in the studio and at home. We’re in the studio, streets, doing every motherfucking thang.

About his DJ Career:
I was a DJ first. I went under the name DJ Young Jedi. Star Wars type shit. I’d be cutting it up. I started DJ’ing in the park with 2 turntables from VIP records.

About his 7 yr old Daughter having her own studio:
Yeah, my daughter. Her name is Dazmin Arnaud. She’s 7 years old and she has her own studio. She knows how to play the organ, shes a top student in her class, she writes music, learning notes, reading music, all that. I’m really proud of my daughter and shes only 7 years old. She knows how to play Beethoven and all that.

Talking about Suge getting knocked out:
(singing) Nighty-night (laughs). That was great for Hip-Hop too, you know what I mean? It even showed that the biggest muthafucka can fall down, so get your game together. I been hanging out with the lil’ nigga Greg (who knocked out Suge), he was at the B.E.T. Awards taking flicks; doing the Muhammad Ali stance, you know what I mean? I might re-enact that whole thing, you ever seen my movie, Death Row Killa?

Talking about rappers on the westcoast:
Yeah, all that shit. So you know, it’s something about bein’ in control of your own destiny, as far as everybody can rap. Like Jayo Felony you know what I’m sayin’? He did a little song dissin’ me, but it was bullshit! He hurt from the shit I said to him first! Him & Kurupt and all them… When they start owning they own records, and pressin’ they own shitup, and makin’ they own money, then they can talk. But right now, they somebodys stool pigeons. All of them! Kurupt on hold, he can’t put a record out if his life depended on it, Jayo Felony he broke, his life dependin’ on whatever somebody gone give him, 40 Glocc just there. And hey, besides that, everybody else on the West Coast we doin’ our thang. Snoop double platinum ALREADY!

Talking about Kurupt:
That nigga broke all the time!

Talking about Jayo Felony a couple of months later:
Yup! I’ve been talking to Jayo for a minute. That’s what the world wanna see.

Talking about Kurupt:Bitch. Asshole-traitor-snitch-two face-bastard-kick your ass when I catch you.

Talking about E-A-Ski:
I neva met him, my homie told me he’s the police though. In Miami nahmean, Big 3tre the Hardway. He said Niggas police, he know karate or some shit.

Talking about Tha Realest:
Fake ass 2Pac. He was a sucka on Death Row doin what the fuck he wanted to do, now he want to get off.

Talking about Kurupt the pedo:

Kurupt, hes another R. Kelly. 1994, he had sex with a 13 year old girl. he had went to Lousinger High School with his cousin and met the little girl. And then he had sex with the girl she came to his house in Hollywood, and Bam. ya know. He sent the little girl home in a cab, and then she went home cryin’ to her parents. Her parents called the police. They called Death Row. Suge paid em $400,000. So I’m over at Kurupt’s house sleepin, and I wake up and my uncle got the mama,who just got the 400 G’s, takin her to fuck the shit outta her, and 10 minutes later, my lil cousin JJ from PFN, got the sister of the girl, a lil 15 year old girl, takes her in the back to fuckher too. Kurupt always liked them little girls. Every girl he fucking get with is little.

Talking about his book coming out (2003):
Suge, he’s a bitch though nah mean, but shit I got the real book comin’ out. The real shit muthafuckas really wanna know about. But his bitch azz is in jail (Laughs). He’s a stupid muthafucka! Fighting with a parking attendant!

Talking about kicking Kurupt’s ass:
I’ma beat his ass when I catch him and then Soopafly gonna beat him up, then Snoop gonna beat him up, then I’ma beat him up again and then I’ma kick him in his ass. He a sucka man! If he do all that bitchfor money man, I can’t trust no bitch like that. Muthafuckaas is dying out here man. Ain’t no comin’ back!

Pulling a gun on Dre when mixing the Dogg Food album:
Me and him did the whole album but we made the sound for everybody. I was doing the beats and Dre mixed it down or we had somebody else mix it down, but we had to fight and pull a gun on Dre to mix my shit. He was on some other shit.

Talking about stealing from Death Row and his love for Kurupt’s sister:
Everybody decided to leave and I’m like man there is too much shit here to be left behind. Well let me act like I’m Suge’s best friend ’cause at that time there was a million dollars worth of shit over there. Everything was over there. He was in jail, punk ass Reggie was runnin’ the company. I was doin’ the beats and I was like “alright, cool let me set this up where I can scoop everything and look over to the left, look over to the right, everything is clear, load that shit in my truck!” (Laughs). You know I just got everything everybody left. It’s just like leavin’ a gold mine. So I’m gonna pick everything up and leave. You see ain’t shit over there and that’s what Kurupt tried to do. He thought there was something over there so he tried to go over there, but he got punked ’cause he was at power 106 and a muthafucka punked him and told him “Simon wanna see you, you can come nicely or you can go rough.” You know Kurupt, he a bitch he ain’t doing nothing. I want to say what’s up to his sister to

Talking about the DPG-Unit album:

Lloyd Banks, Soopafly, Young Buck, Daz, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg. We did some songs together that we did on tour. We go back on tour on the 10th of August, and we’re gonna finish (the album) up and them motherfucker’s is hot. That’s gonna come out through DJ Whoo kid.

Talking about Tha Outlawz:

Yeah, if they want it, I’ll sell it. All the shitthey’ve got right now is wack. All that shit they’re coming with; the Bone Thugs… I like Bone Thugs but I wouldn’t be rappin’ with them motherfuckers. They were (Tha Outlawz) dissing them back in the day. They’re doing all that for a little bit of change. Napoleon got on talking about how he’s trying to get in contact (with me). I’m a man, I don’t need to talk to no fuckin’-body. Like I said before, them bitch ass niggaz ain’t in the streets. I ain’t seen them motherfuckers bust ne’er gun. You ain’t heard shit from them actively in the street. They ain’t got no street repertoire.

Talking about Xzibit can’t rap no more:

Yeah, he was in a restaurant the other day. Some essay’s came up to him and were like “Are you Xzibit?” He brushed them off, being like “I ain’t got time for this shit.” So the essay dude started pickin’ with him. So when he came outside, another essay dude came up and busted him in the face with a bottle. He got eighty-seven stitches in his mouth. He can’t rap no more. That’s the news of the week right there.

More Suge and Xzibit:

Fuck Suge Knight and Xzibit is still a bitch. He’s scary. The other day Fredwreck called me and told me about how Xzibit got into a fight with some essay’s the other day in Hollywood and he got all those stitches in his mouth. He got jumped with a bottle and needs plastic surgery. He can’t rap no more.

Talking about Crooked I:

He done rapped his motherfucking self out. As far as when he first started he had rhymes. But now he’s on Death Row, he made about a million songs and ain’t got shit to rap about no more. Ain’t shit over there going right and he’s selling his own tapes right now – underground. Suge won’t put his shit out. I got an album on him. I just need a little more money from Death Row to promote his punk ass and I’ma put him out and clock everything. I got him on contract right now. Dominic Whitcliff, that’s his real name.

Talking about the screwdriver incident again:

I was on mushrooms one day, and you can ask Kurupt this story too… I was on mushrooms, and they didn’t pay me for a song I did on the “Sunset Park” soundtrack. So I went in there and hemmed everybody up on Death Row. All the people in the office, Norman, Suge – sisters, husbands. “Give me my money!” Suge comes in the room, and when I looked in his eyes. I felt like he was gonna do something to me. So he put his arms around me, I put my arms around him and I had the screwdriver in my hand. He was moving me, and I was moving him. Now I was real little at that time, you know what I mean? But I wasn’t scared of nothin’. The first thing that entered my mind was “Stick this nigga in his neck and if he dies – I go for self defence.” Know what I mean? So he, knowing that I was gonna get busy, told me “Hold on! Hold on! Cool off…” I walked out of the office with a cheque for $145,000. I gave Kurupt’s bitch ass $5000 in one’s and he was still crying. Me, him and Hershey loc.

Talking about making peace with Kurupt:

Hell nah, like I said on my record – “Message To Ricardo Brown” – “Only thing you can do for me nigga, is kill Suge Knight.” And he ain’t got the heart for that so l never be the right way. We got a new Dogg Pound now – me, Soopafly and Snoop. Plus Soopafly wanna see Kurupt and I’ve got all my money on that fight right there. I’ma jump in and whoop the fuck out of somebody. He a bitch Kurupt is a bitch. Suge Knight is snitchin’ to the police. Everytime Suge Knight goes in for a violation of his parole, he gives information to the police. He should be out real soon after he gives out all the information in the street.

Talking about Kurupt signing to Death Row:

He’s a stupid motherfucker. He was on Antra, signed to some other people. And he wants to go on Death Row. He ain’t gettin’ no money. “Vice President” of Death Row – ain’t shit goin’ on at Death Row apart from motherfuckers dying and going to jail. You want to be known for that ****? And once you leave you can’t never come back. I have a vendetta against Death Row and Suge Knight, I do not give a **** about them. That shit bores my motherfuckin’ soul. It’s like a motherfucker whoopin’ your ass and you’re finna go back to him. fuck that shit, somebody finna get killed tonight. I’m not going through none of that shit, I’m a good fighter, and I’m a good shooter and I’ll whoop somebody ass. I’m The Dogg Pound, me. Daz is The Dogg pound! Out of everybody in The Dogg Pound, I get down and whoop ass. Me and Nate Dogg.

ThaFormula: Now why didn’t Sam Sneed ever drop an album on Death Row?

Daz: East Coast/West Coast sh1t, man, and he had a tumor ’cause Tupac and them beat the fuk out of him. That’s why he got a tumor and damn near died. He quit. We had a meeting one day right after we got shot at and so Tupac said said to Sneed, “You just shot a video, right?” So he said, “Yeah.” Pac said, “Well, we’re gonna sit down and see if any West Coast motherfukers is in there and each time we see an East Coast motherfuker, we’re gonna knock you in your motherfuking head.” So every time they would see an East Coast dude, they would kick him in the ass and Bud’da, you know the producer, he’s a b1tch too ’cause he sat there and watched Sam Sneed get beat up, didn’t say sh1t.

WorldWideConnected: Alright, now what I’d like to do is a few word associations. I’ll name someone and you tell me the first thing that pops into your head about them.

Suge Knight

Daz: B1tch.


Daz: B1tch. Asshole-traitor-snitch-two face-bastard-kick your ass when I catch you.

Dr. Dre

Daz: I respect him, and he taught me what I learned in the game, I wouldnt be where I am without that,nahmean. I love him, hes my friend, he helped me out, we might have had our differences. but that was other people makin that difference.

Above The Law

Daz: I’m like fuk em anyway, they was on Death Row doin that sh1t, fuk em. – When you decided to go independent and head out to the Bay did you have much money at all to get started?

Daz Dillinger – Yeah I had money. I had sold about 6 Tupac verses (Laughs) But it’s like I got money but I play broke so I can get some more. – Cause it seemed like that book made everybody except for Suge look like a bitch.

Daz Dillinger – Suge, he’s a bitch though nah mean, but shit I got the real book comin’ out. The real shit muthafuckas really wanna know about. But his bitch azz is in jail (Laughs). He’s a stupid muthafucka! Fighting with a parking attendant! – Do you ever laugh when you see all these major label artists frontin’ in their videos but no really making any money while you are doing a lot better doing it the independent way?

Daz Dillinger – And I still wear Kmart clothes! But yeah I be trippin’ off of them ’cause they spendin’ more money on videos and shit so I’m like shit, when they go platinum I go 100,000 and I’m rich. I’m only trying to sell 15,000 to 30,000 if you really wanna know. So if I put ten projects out and sell 35,000, I’m cool (Laughs). – How did the last Dogg Pound album that you dropped do?

Daz Dillinger – It sold 200,000. – Did Kurupt get any money off of that?

Daz Dillinger – Fuck nah!! See I had a deal with Stan and them OCS and that’s who owns Antra. So when we told Kurupt we was gonna get him 25 percent, he wanna be like “nah you can keep that,” Uncle Stan and muthafuckas took it like that and now he’s sayin’, “I didn’t get no money off of it.” ‘Cause you a stupid ass and you gave the money back to Stan! Joe and them fucked all the money off so Antra went down the drain. – What was the situation with Kurupt’s album deal with Antra, ’cause I remember him sayin’ on the Kuruption album that it was his new record label?

Daz Dillinger – Hell nah, he just lied. This is how it happened. He got off of Death Row right, when he left Death Row he went out there to Philly and the Outlaws was out there. Kurupt went to Jersey to fuck with them and got in to trouble and went to jail and one of his friends hooked him up with Joe Maroon. He was a criminal lawyer, but Joe is tied in nah mean, to the mafia. So he get him out of trouble and finds out who he is. And he like, “you sold all these records, been on all these records, and you ain’t got no money? Oh we fittin’ to sue these muthafuckas.” Then he got off of Death Row. Then Joe and them signed him to his label and then Joe went to Stan and Stan fronted all the money, the big man, the Kingpin!! So you know then Joe started buyin’ houses and fuckin’ off the money. – So Kurupt never saw a penny?

Daz Dillinger – Muthafucka kept rentin’ Limos and shit like that. He would be havin’ a Limo out side for two days waiting for him to wake up ’cause he’s drunk. “I need to go to the store, call a limo!” I’m like man! When you say that Hollywood star shit, that’s Kurupt ’cause he Hollywood. And I wanna say one thing else too, all these movies Kurupt is playin’ in is wack! You know why? ‘Cause every fuckin’ movie he plays in, he’s a fuckin’ informant for the police. Don’t you see that in every fuckin movie? In “Dark Blue” he’s workin’ for the cops killin’ muthafuckas and at the end he’s snitchin’ to the police in front of the whole committee (Laughs). Then on “Hollywood Homicide,” he doing the same thing. You know he’s probably an informant for the police or workin’ or the feds. You never know what the fuck. ‘Cause everything Kurupt rapped in the past is bullshit. He never done none of that shit he talkin’ about. In all the Dogg Pound albums all the guns he’s bustin’, and all that shit, Kurupt ain’t never bust a gun in his muthafuckin life! Probably on Dark Blue though (Laughs)

MVRemix: Can you tell me anything about that…

Daz: Just generally everything that was performed on Death Row. Going through what I’m going through now, and telling you the stories on who was a bitch. Who was a buster, and who got their ass whooped. Hopefully I can make a movie out of that.

MVRemix: Spice 1 recently expressed his disgust at the way that Jay-Z and Nas have altered and released Tupac related material even though it’s well known how he felt towards them. What are your thoughts on that situation?

Daz: Suge trying to get some level to get his bitch ass back in the game. But that ain’t shit. He can’t do that regardless, everything is owned by Universal. So Universal is really doing all that. Suge’s bitch ass is still in jail.

MVRemix: A lot of people and the media threw out tonnes of allegations as to who killed Tupac, who was responsible for his death… In your opinion, as someone who was very close to the situation – who would you say is most likely responsible?

Daz: You tell me, what you think?

MVRemix: I say the government.

Daz: I don’t say the government, I say Suge Knight’s bitch ass.

MVRemix: You really think that?

Daz: Who else has got the money and the power to do some shit like that? Ain’t nobody else in the world feuding but him. If you look at that Biggie & Tupac tape, that’d tell you all. Got that little fat white man in the chair snitching his fuckin’ heart out.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on Biggie’s death then, do you think Suge had a role in that?

Daz: Shit, you never know. Shit, wasn’t nobody else feuding with them niggaz like that. Probably my life is up in jeopardy, but I stay on deck with mine. Anything in red coming up to me is gettin’ shot the fuck down. I mean back up, give me fifty feet.

MVRemix: I’ve read some interviews about you talking about Tupac’s fluctuating behaviour. You defending Kurupt and whatnot when he behaved outlandishly towards him… As someone who actually can properly comment. Was Pac what he’s heralded as now, after his passing – what are your thoughts on the man that he was?

Daz: He was what people heralded him to be. I love Tupac, we Gemini’s. I do the same shit, but I have to control myself. He had some fucked up ways. He was crippin’ when he first got in the rap game. He was rollin’, 40’s with Thug Life. As you look at them old tapes, you’ll see he was hangin’ with crips back then. Then he started hanging with Suge and he started being a blood. That really fucked up the streets right there. Him being M.O.B., and now Tha Outlawz is trying to be Blood’s too. I’m a crip for life. That blood shit – I don’t give a fuck about none of them motherfuckers.

MVRemix: Do you know anything about what happened to the Death Row offices back in May?

Daz: When they got shot up?

MVRemix: Yep…

Daz: Nope. Bitch ass motherfuckers hangin’ out catchin’ one of them motherfuckers slippin’. Motherfuckers don’t like Death Row.

MVRemix: Think Death Row could ever make it back?

Daz: Fuck nah! We made Death Row; me, Snoop, Soopafly. Me and Snoop really did, we was the brains behind that shit. Death Row ain’t made no noise since what?

MVRemix: I remember what they tried with “The Chronic 2000” but that wasn’t too successful – didn’t sell too well…

Daz: Because it was bullshit. They took old songs because Dr. Dre had “The Chronic.” They had us on there, but I wasn’t really involved with that shit right there.

MVRemix: Who fell off harder – Kurupt or Ja Rule?

Daz: Both of ’em. They both bitches. I heard Ja Rule’s putting his next album out on Death Row.

MVRemix: Yeah, that’s what I heard as well – with Fatal Hussein

Daz: Fuck Fatal Hussein too. I don’t give a fuck about none of them niggaz. All of them is bitches lettin’ Suge Knight punk the fuck out of them. Ain’t gonna get no publishing, ain’t gonna get a god damned thing.

MVRemix: Do you think Tha Outlawz would be anything if it weren’t for Tupac?

Daz: If it weren’t for Tupac, nobody would know about Tha Outlawz.

MVRemix: Do you see any talent within the camp?

Daz: I just see Pac. Shit, they feud with each other – you ain’t heard shit from them have you?

MVRemix: I’ve heard their last albums, but not many others did

Daz: You like their albums?

MVRemix: The best parts were Tupac’s verses…

Daz: They all try to outshine each other. Plus, you’ve got to have street credibility to be in this gangsta rap shit. Motherfuckers will pull your coat top. I don’t see them doing none of that shit they talk about. One of them went solo – Napoleon. He left the group, went Muslim or some shit. Them motherfuckers tryin’ to find themselves. They’re broke right now. Nobody got any money.

Talking about stealing from [rip] Row and his love for Kurupt’s sister:

Everybody decided to leave and I’m like man there is too much shit here to be left behind. Well let me act like I’m Suge’s best friend ’cause at that time there was a million dollars worth of shit over there. Everything was over there. He was in jail, punk ass Reggie was running’ the company. I was doin’ the beats and I was like “alright, cool let me set this up where I can scoop everything and look over to the left, look over to the right, everything is clear, load that @#%$ in my truck!” (Laughs). You know I just got everything everybody left. It’s just like leaving’ a gold mine. So I’m gonna pick everything up and leave. You see ain’t @#%$ over there and that’s what Kurupt tried to do. He thought there was something over there so he tried to go over there, but he got punked ’cause he was at power 106 and a muthfucka punked him and told him “Simon wanna see you, you can come nicely or you can go rough.” You know Kurupt, he a bitch he ain’t doing nothing. I want to say what’s up to his sister to cause I love her.

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