Fleetwood(From the Cotton Pickaz) new track

This is the NEW track from the big homie Fleetwood. He played a heavy role in getting our show off the ground so we wanted to promote and show him alot of love. This also features Colblood Tha Great on a second first.

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Robert Bowden

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TDE: Black Panther Soundtrack Review


Kendrick Lamar is having quite the 2018 so far. His album DAMN dominated the grammys and now he was chosen to executive produce and oversee the soundtrack for possibly the biggest Marvel/Disney movie in this era.  Kendrick was the best choice. If you look back on his album How to Pimp a Butterfly, He knows how to speak on issues without looking too angry. He knows how to preach Black Empowerment while luring white audiences and making them feel his experiences instead of boycotting it. Plus He also has the Aftermath machine behind him for clout purposes so this was the perfect combination on paper.

Starting with the album’s first track Black Panther. This is Kendrick at his best. He describes the lead character’s T Chilla  and his alter ego. Giving the perfect introduction to not only the album but also the direction of the character itself:

King of my city, king of my country, king of my homeland
King of the filthy, king of the fallen, we livin’ again
King of the shooters, looters, boosters, and ghettos poppin’
King of the past, present, future, my ancestors watchin’
King of the culture, king of the soldiers, king of the bloodshed
King of the wisdom, king of the ocean, king of the respect

King of the optimistics and dreamers that go and get it
King of the winner’s district and geniuses with conviction
King of the fighters, king of the fathers, king of the belated
King of the answer, king of the problem, king of the forsaken

King of the empathy, you resent me, king of remorse
King of my enemies, may they father feed, I rejoice

Then we’re followed off with the musically rich and textual  All the Stars Above first single featuring SZA whom provides the addictive chouse and extra verse on this version. Critics chirped of the auto tuning and the choice of production because it came across as too soft. But for this type of movie, Its perfect for a Disney superhero movie. Plus the video brought the song home as a smash it.

Schoolboy Q and 2 Chainz collab together on X which possibly could be a reference to the poster and Black Panther’s signal. The song also features South African emcee Saudi which also plays well to the concept of the movie as we’re getting a combination of African emcees(Which possibly could be representative for Wakanda) and in this case the villain Killmonger. Kendrick seemingly to be TChilla on the soundtrack whereas SchoolBoy Q on this song speaks on the opposite of what he represents(which was stacking chips,  hitting the club) .

Kendrick Lamar proves that he’s still the star of the album with performances off Big Shot, King is Dead, and Pray for Me but everybody else on TDE do a great job at playing their position.  Jay Rock’s verse off King is Dead is possibly one of the best this year and we can only hope that a future project is on the horizon.

Production wise it parallels perfectly with the movie and the content is a great mixture of speaking from the prospective of the characters and what they really represent. Overall this was a great project to match what is a great movie. Definitely worth copping!

Vic Rating: 10 out of 10

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Off The Cuff Radio- The Yung Zeke Episode

From the LBC to the East Coast, We finally connected with Dogghouse Records New Signee Yung Zeke! It took a year in the making but we finally made it happen! We talked to Zeke about his up bringing in the LBC, His inspirations to do music, Linking up with Snoop Dogg and getting stamped by him, The indies vs the majors, the gang culture and his EP set to come out on 4:20!

We also discussed Rick Ross’s health Scare along with the importance of hip hop and health along with play Zeke’s songs and Kokane’s track titled El Boo Boo


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Off the Cuff Radio featuring Hell Razah from Sunz of Man

This was possibly one of the best shows we’ve ever done. Hell Razah from Sunz of Man came through and kicked heavy knowledge about current events, technology, the music industry and giving us a prelude of what to expect from his up and coming documentary. This man has a story to tell!




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Fabolous & Jadakiss-Friday on Elm Street Review



Jadakiss And Fabolous-Friday on Elm Street review

After close to 2 years, promotional tapes and about 500 delays. It became official on Thanksgiving day that Fabolous and Jadakiss was gonna finally release their long anticipated project titled Freddy Vs Jason. Jadakiss and Fabolous been heating up the market with the infamous friday night freestyles in a attempt to restore the feeling thats been missing in NY’s glory days.

The Introduction to this is possibly one of the best openings I’ve ever heard from a mixtape and album. They both played off the concept of the title perfectly here with Fabolous rapping from the perspective of Freddy Kruger over the Nightmare on Elm Street Sample blended with EPMD’s You’s a Customer. The beat then flips to a darker tone with Jadakiss rapping from the prospective of Jason Vorhees. The album’s first single Stand Up is every Hip Hop’s pursuits worst nightmare on paper. You have Future crooning on the hook with a 808 trap beat.  This track has NO business being on here.


The album goes back to its original recipe on “Theme Music” which is a dope homage to Marvin Gaye’s Far Cry with Fab and Jada seemingly going bar for bar in a competitive. Its has that early 2000s summertime NY flow to it. My personal favorite track throughout is surprisingly Let’s Talk about It where both Fab and Jadakiss talk about the ills of the world: Donald Trump presidency, Gun Violence in the hood, and urging their peers to get involved in helping solve these issues harming the community:

And we talk how many died for the birth of a nation?
And how this national anthem ain’t worth my ovation?
And if I am standing up, Imma stand up for equality
It’s brutality, we need more than that apology
Can we talk about it, not just artists, but the players too
Y’all on the field, not the mic, but y’all can say it too



Another standout is I Pray where Fab opens up with possibly one of his best verses on the whole tape. He talks about his contradiction of not being close to the lord as he claims and pleads for the lords protection:

Yeah, God forgive us I know we don’t pray as much as we should
We call in bad times, don’t stay in touch when we good
‘Less it’s your downfall they don’t pray for much in the hood
So when they ask “What’s up?” I don’t say as much as I could
Can’t tell niggas who never been up you leveling up
That’s like going to hell and tellin’ the Devil, “What’s up?”

Channeling his inner Christopher Wallace. Jada pleads about the same paranoia of enemies praying for his downfall:

Lord, I know I call in a time of need (sorry)
These niggas come around in a time of greed (always)
I got five children I’m trying to feed (yeah)
They killing to follow, I’m dying to lead (woo!)
You ain’t wearing a vest, it’s time to bleed (mmm)
Thirty second or less, it’s time to leave (go)

Overall this was a pretty dope tape. You get a mixture of grown man bars, street raps, social commentary, picture paints and slick fly NY flavor raps throughout the whole joint. I could personally do without the Future songs, the remix, and the song with French because they throw the vibe off. I wish they would have stuck to the Freddy and Jason theme a bit more and approached it with a darker tone. But this is a very solid release from the both of them.

Vic Rating: 7.5 outta 10

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Off The Cuff Radio-The Return of Nutt-so


If you enjoyed his first appearance on the show, You’ll definitely enjoy this one! Nutt-so returns to Off The Cuff Radio and gives us a tour of what he’s been up too lately with the Makaveli Rydaz 2 compilation coming out. We talked with him about the Death Row days, Tupac’s legacy and defending it, his tour through New York City, the impact of hood movies and other topics. We also premiered two of his cuts from his new projects as well!

You at 1:50:27:
Talks about the Early bay area days

You at 30:11:
Talks about folks in the Industry disrespecting Pac

You at 24:48:
Talks about the Makaveli Rydaz compilation

You at 17:24:
Nutt-so joins the show!

You at 2:36:
Playing Ghetto Child

Soundcloud link:


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Eazy E and TLC-Creep(Filthy Rich Blend)


This is FIRE! Big shout to DJ Filthy Rich for the blend!


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