King Eric talks about the Lost Boyz Legal Drug Money album

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Mo.B. Dick talks New Book “Life, Language & Lyrics”, Beats by the Pound legacy, No Limit(Full)

The legendary Mo.B.Dick was on Off The Cuff Radio to talk his new book, Master P, No Limit Records, Beats by The Pound Legacy and much more! We covered ALOT of ground here!

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ThyVincii Clothing for sale(VALENTINES SPECIALS)

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If there isn’t a prominent example of artistic growth, Look no further than Corey “Cormega” Mckay. If you listen to his work since The Realness to Mega Philosophy, Its clear that he’s evolved from the days of the Testament. People may complain about Mega’s offbeat unorfidox flow but he knows how to choose the type of production that blends well with it.

Mega long grew from the “Mega Montana days” and been more focused on dropping thought provoking gems throughout his bars and leaving the listener with something to remind you. Check out the song “Her Name” which is a sequel of his classic “American Beauty” which is a letter to the culture. He reunited with Nas on one of the album’s major highlights the Alchemist produced titled “Glorious” which proved that despite the beef and time apart, These two still have magical chemistry.

The Saga Resume’s is a continuation of “The Saga” from his first album and it meets up the standards. Havoc returns and continues to put in massive work throughout this year on songs such as “Essential” shows flashes of the old Cormega from the Firm days and also appears on “Paradise” which the two go back and forth about loyalty and backstabbers. Lloyd Banks makes a appearance on Grand Scheme which is understandable smooth. Lloyd Banks and Mega himself straight floated on this

Another favorite of mines is Essential(Visualizer) which is produced by Havoc. This track is a standout because Mega continues to drop wisdom body gems about Survival and avoid the snakes in the grass. What’s impressive about how Mega delivers his words of wisdom is he isn’t coming across as too preachy but more so from the perspective of a eldersman giving knowledge and guidance. When you hear lines such as :”I can give you truth to survive,but you would rather wear jewels to shine”. It sticks to your ear drum.

Overall The Realness II is a great sequel to his 2001 classic. He picked the right people behind the boards, He didn’t try to compete with different markets, He kept it real with himself and dropped the gems that he felt the masses need to hear. This album is possibly top 5 for best of 2022. Definitely worth copping!

King Eric Rating: 10 outta 10

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We had done this interview this past summer.. For some reason We couldn’t upload it on youtube but we wanted to repost this to let the people know that We’ve always showed respect and admiration for the talents of the late GrandDaddy IU.. RIP to a legend and thank you Pittsburgh Pat for connecting us.Show less

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BIG HOMIIE G talks New album “Speak up G”, The new Memphis Movement, Yo Gotti, Money Bag Yo(full)

BIG HOMIIE G talks New album “Speak up G”, The new Memphis Movement, Yo Gotti, Money Bag Yo , How he started rapping, Glorilla’s new success and much more! Big Shout to Littles!Show less

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BRONCOE THE C-NOTE Talks Banging on Wax album 30 years later, Pushing Unity(Full interview)

Broncoe The C-Note was on Off The Cuff Radio and talked about his involvement with the legendary Banging on Wax album, The 1993 Peace Treaty, Unity and much more!

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Prodigy: The Hegelian Dialectic 2: The Book of Heroine Review

Luckily Prodigy stayed dedicated to the booth in his final years and was able to record enough music to satisfy his fans with “The Heagelan Dialectic series. Book One had Prodigy talking about the ills of the world: The lost of spirituality, Mind control, Warfare, Poverty, and freedom. Chapter 2: The Book of Heroine went a totally different route . The Book of Heroine has Prodigy touching on drug addictions, love language and at times using it in a metaphoric context.

Posthumous album’s have always been a mixed bag of tricks. There’s been occasions when they turn bout brilliant(Big L’s Big Picture) and theres been occasions where they turn out to be cheap cash grabs(Check out the Tupac and Biggie albums). It seemed as if Prodigy’s estate got a clear understanding of P’s vision and whom he would work with. Thats why the DJ Premier produced Second single “Walk Out” worked so well.

The features on this album work to its benefits as well… Faith Evans gives a angelic vibe to “Angel” It fits well with Prodigy’s now monotone chilled out flow. “Angel sounds like a dedication to his wife but also could be metaphorically referencing to a guardian angel whom he felt saved his life in many occasions. Faith proves that she’s never lost a step.

The hardest track on here no question is You Don’t Want it which features the legendary Big Daddy Kane. Kane proved in the VERZUZ with KRS- One that he could still hang today and he proved it here. This track also had Prodigy spitting the braggerous bars that we love from him. “Flirting with Death “surprisingly featured Big Noyd(Whom we haven’t heard from in years) Noyd still sounds as good as he did in the 90s.

People are gonna be caught off guard because of Prodigy’s bars being either about love, quote and quote “simping” or nothing talking about gun busting or talking about the illuminati wanting his whole mind, soul, and body. It seemed as if with this album, He wanted to talk about battling his addictions with certain drugs(hince the Book of Heroine). So we’re gonna definitely have to see what he has in store for Chapter 3. Overall I personally enjoyed this. People whom are fans of the old Mobb Deep sound may not like it but this goes with Prodigy’s new vision. Definitely check it out!

King Eric Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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How I got introduced to Brotha Lynch Hung’s music

The Horrorcore Genre like Drill and Trap music today has developed quite a cult following in the 90s. Like The Grindhouse movies/horror informercials that use to come on in the 70s and 80s. Horrorcore attraction to hip hop was its ability to bring the audio visual of horror films to life on wax. Legendary groups such as The Geto Boys, GraveDiggaz, Insane Clown Posse, Three 6 Mafia and many others were famously known for being the trend setters, But it was Kevin Mann(famously known as Brotha Lynch Hung) whom took the genre to another level with his release Season of the Sickness.

How I discovered Brotha Lynch Hung was when I purchased his cassette tape titled “Loaded” from this used book store at the time called Edward Mckay. It sold alot of used video games, music, movies, and books. The rap section had alot of dope used cds and tapes so I picked “Loaded” from the bunch. I didn’t know was literally his 3rd album by that time. I didn’t know who he was but I seen the guest appearances from Kokane, E-40, and Ice T on there. Keep in mind, This was around the time where guest features REALLY certified a artist and at that time, I was thinking if those guys rocked with him, He must be pretty dope. So I put the tape on as I’m leaving the store, little did I know what I was gonna be literally prepared for.

The first track featuring Kokane caught my ears heavily. The production which was done masterfully on this track sounds like something that Cold 187um would produce. Kokane’s crooning gave it a real nice vibe. I’m vibing and I’m awaiting like where’s Brotha Lynch Hung at? This is basically a Kokane solo(which I’m not complaining about) which is introducing the album. So as the song slowly fades, You suddenly hear a twilight zone type instrumental creep up which introduces you to a very darker and more graphic track. It fades over into DIE… Die has the opener from the movie Evil Dead 2 and Brotha Lynch Hung comes in attacking the track in a rapid pace. When he came out with lines like “I’m the type of nigga that would leave a horses head in your bed/Take your wife and rape her and tie her to the bed” I GASPED..

Listening to “Loaded” and comparing that to his previous album Season of the Siccness(which I got later on) Its easily obvious to tell that Priority wanted Lynch to tone down on the cannibal/gruesome content and put out more laid back/smoked out/ rider songs. You get alot of the dark shit on the first half of this album. Listening to songs such as Heataz, Situations with E-40. But the second half is mostly consisted of stoner songs.. “One Mo Pound”, On My Brief Case”, Feel My Nature Rize, and my favorite on there Did it and Did it.

On the recent interview with Sorhen Baker from Unique Access.. Lynch said that he wasn’t a big fan of this album. Possibly because of label politics, him being deeper into drugs or dealing with personal trauma during the time of creating this album. It seemed as if at times artists are hard on themselves and they connect it with what was going on at the time in their lives(See Scarface). But Loaded to me was a album that balanced Lynch’s artistry perfectly.

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CHARLIE ROCK LD(Ex Member of the Terror Squad Shows love to Off The Cuff Radio #PrisonMentality

Much love to Charlie Rock LD for showing our movement love.. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at

Charlie_Rock_Ld ! Look for his Prison Life Mentality Podcast incoming!

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