Artist of the Month: Imperial Real Rell

Louisville Kentucky is often known for the place that birthed legends. Especially in sports.. We’re talking about the late Muhammad Ali, The Kentucky Wildcats, Darrell Griffith and many others. Musically, Kentucky is widely known for birthing famous musicians such as Loretta Lynn, Chris Stapleton, Bill Monroe, The Everly Brothers and a huge list of others. But Hip Hop wise.. The talent pool is very low and even though you have Jack Harlow blowing up, He’s seen as nothing more than a
“Industry Plant”.

So my curiosity for searching for hip hop in different places aside from New York and California peeked and this is where one day I discovered this movement: The BlacklawRebel Muziq family featuring DoughPhresh Da Don, Supreme, R.A. and Imperial Rell. Originally being from Virginia, Imperial Rell joins in the line of the ranks of many legendary acts whom have potential to being the next one to explode out the of the Underground.

Listening to these two songs above.. It’s clear that they are students of the game. They know how to make positive music without sounding corny, They know how to really structure dope content and most importantly they know how to standout style wise. Imperial Rell has a more raspy flow which can grab your ear with his hooks and Doughpresh is more so the straight forward spitter. Supreme R.A. brings the science and mathematics which can appeal to listeners whom are craving for lyricism.

Imperial Rell’s two new singles “Make Ah Way” and “Your Turn” shows his wide range as a artist. “Make ah Way” was released in a way to give people whom are giving the common man and woman in the struggle a voice and some hope. “Your Turn” featuring the talented 3D Natee shows Rell experimenting with a different style which can pretty much fit in today’s climate without it sounding cliché.

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