Kokane- Finger Roll review


It seems that in the game of hip hop, Artists are treated to a expiration date. In a genre that considers anybody 30 and over that is still rapping is considered ‘washed up”  Its very surprising that you have artists whom been around for decades can still provide material that can hold up in generations to come. Kokane happened to be one of them artists.

Kokane has been around the game of hip hop since the late 80s, He has worked with many of the top names in the business. World Guinness records anointed him as the hip hop’s most featured artist in the industry, He’s also formed BudeBoy Ent and released critically acclaimed albums on his own imprint for the past decade. The new album  Finger roll album proves that Koka can hang with the best of them and provide generational sounds that sound fresh today.

Kokane took it back to the basics of working with one producer for this entire project. West Coast Stone provided the production for the entire album and its a great range of flavor. The first singles Do It Koka and I’m So Hood provides that classic West Coast flavor that can get a block party jumping.



Finger roll has a great range of sounds from the 70s/80s soulful era. Good Bad and Ugly sounds like something that would be a great movie score for a Blaxploitation flick. Go Get That would have you think that the spirit of Rick James was resurrected. One of my personal favorites off here is Doo Doo Headz where Koka is doing his best Boosty Collins restoration and proceeds to call out the current state of the rap game.


Guest Appearances are very few on here and that’s usually a good thing because it shows that Kokane is a wide range artist. The ones that do appear on Finger roll provide a key component to balance with Koka.  His talented daughter Aanish Long delivers a dope performance on a dope Father/Daughter collabo Like Daddy Like Daughter with a action packed video.  The legendary Boosty Collins and Goodie Mob member Big Gipp make a appearance on the funked out 40 Below which is a sure anthems for the players.

Finger roll is possibly one of the best hip hop albums of 2019. WestCoast Stone proved on this album that he deserves to be mentioned amongst Dr Dre, Battlecat, DJ Quik, Daz and others on the Mt Rushmore of the West. Kokane also proved that Age isn’t no number and that good music has no age limit.

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Vic Rating : 10 outta 10

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