38 Spesh and Kool G Rap- Son of G Rap Review



When it comes to the discussion of legendary emcees, People from certain eras often mentioned those whom they identify with their era.  The mount Rushmore for the 90s usually consist of Biggie, JayZ, Nas, and Tupac.. The 80s usually consist of KRS, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, and Chuck D. But there’s one emcee whom ALL of them respect and many would consider their favorite. Kool G Rap.

Kool G Rap may haven’t seen many platinum plagues but his influence is felt heavily in many spitters. He’s earned himself a true solidified post position amongst the ranks as one of the greats and were said to be inspiration to many such as Nas, JayZ, Eminem, Raekwon, Big Pun, Notorious BIG, Big L and that’s just a few!

Kool G himself probably don’t even realize the impact he left in the game, Well Rochester NY emcee 38 Spesh hopes to change all that and not only introduce G rap into a new era, But to showcase his skill set to the legend in what look to be either a dope collab effort or a possible passing in the torch.

38 himself is a dope emcee.. He’s not your cliché “shoot em up, I sell bricks” East coast rapper. He knows how to paint vivid pictures(Which he studied from G Rap ) of the NY street life and re introduce it into the new common era. He was also able to bring Alchemist, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Showbiz and those from the golden era to provide that new soundtrack to the new New York streets.  Starting with the street single Upstate 2 Queens:


The DJ Premier produced “The Meeting” showed that Premier can still provide heat to where G Rap can still flex lyrically with 38 Spesh doing a solid job of hold his own.


The rest of the album has G Rap featured on 9 of the 15 tracks and both G Rap and Spesh mesh really well. The chemistry is definitely there along with the grimy east coast production to match and the results are satisfying. Nobody can paint cinematic crime tales like Kool G Rap does in this game and if you want to question if G Rap still has it, Then check out The Daringer produced “G Heist” and “Bricks in the Pen”(produced by Showbiz).

Spesh on the other hand has some tracks where he shines on his own. The Pete Rock produced Aborted Child which is the album’s most personal track which deals with the topic of a child feeling resentful towards his parents over being abortion. Spesh also pay homage to G Rap by remaking his classic Its a Shame and does the remake justice


This album here is a indication that hip hop isn’t dead. The old vet collabing with a up and coming vet along with bringing the heavy hitters from the golden era.  Albums like this definitely need its exposure and guys like 38 Spesh prove that they are worthy of hanging with the new era. Kool G Rap on the other hand proves why he’s a lot of your favorite rappers, favorite rapper.

Vic rating : 9 outta 10

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