LL Cool J- The G.O.A.T. Review(Revisited)

Hip Hop has always been about bragging, competition, and rappers claiming to be the best at what they do. JayZ  called himself Jay Hova, KRS called himself “God of hip hop”, Biggie called himself the illest. But no rapper was bold and arrogant enough to call himself the GOAT(Which is a normal synonym used in today’s culture). But at the time LL Cool J was the first to proclaim himself as that.
After defeating many in battle(Ice T, Hammer, Kool Moe Dee, and Canibus), putting up gold and platinum plaques since the 80s and having all of the fans whom wear high heels still loving him, You damn right LL would feel like he’s the greatest of all time. But the question is does the album itself hold up to its title?
If a artist gonna name himself the G.O.A.T., EVERYTHING has to be on point. By hearing the Intro to the album, You were thinking LL was gonna come out and drop his hardest album since Mama Said Knock You Out. He also performed this intro on the toilet during the Rap City Freestyle(under Eminem’s The Way I AM instrumental). It was also a aim at Canibus whom used the same instrumental for his classic. He laid down his resume’ down flat and you would think that you’re in for something really special.
Unfortunately things start off on the wrong foot as LL dibbles back into his safe zone with “Imagine That” which was the typical commercial track. Imagine that isn’t actually a bad song and it got some solid play during the time it dropped, Its just not the right song to start off the album after a fiery Intro.
The pace picks up on Back Where I Belong where he sends more shots at his then rival Canibus. This track here has LL revisiting his battle roots with the Rocky Balboa mentality(With the Victory beat) and he proceeds to smack his rival around silly. Knowing that Canibus’s debut album hit a brick, LL smelled blood in the water and continued to go after him on “LL Cool J‘ which has him taking a page from the late Notorious BIG’s Kick in the Door and addressing garbage rappers, haters, whom were dissing him.

The album hard tracks such as Ill Bomb, Queens is(featuring Prodigy), and U Cant Fuck With Me(featuring Snoop, Xzibit and Jayo Felony) remain as the albums main highlights while the tracks aimed for commercial airplay come across as flat. Plus LL bragging about how great he is can grow a bit tiresome to many. But overall this was probably LL’s last great album before he started following simple formulas
7.5 Rating outta 10


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