The 9th Legend- The Marvel Ancient 2 Review




Its been almost 3 years since Charlotte North Carolina’s own 9th Legend dropped his underground classic Marvel Ancient. Paying ode to the Incredible Hulk along with the sweet soul crisp sound that we loved from hip hop in the 90s.  9th’s delivery is very unorthodox  and it fits him along with his style of production(which he produces himself) well. He has since followed with singles, videos, and a album from albums Perseverance and Because I was Born to Stand out.

Marvel Ancient 2 leaves where the first one left off.  The Intro along with the first track Ceiling is the perfect intro to start the album. Ceiling where he describes a visual of life in his mental comic book. Sometimes is another dope track that speaks from the prospective of a individual whom is drained from the grind and question if they are really human or bulletproof. Its the type of track that would go well with a visual of the everyday working man/woman striving for perfection.

What’s impressive about Marvel Ancient 2 is that it parallels a great balance of feel good music which would be considered homecooked if you really been following 9th’s  catalog. He also knows how to paint pictures within his music which flows well with the theme of him being the Incredible Hulk of hip hop. He also provides skits and interludes(which is a lost art). Take Fight Um Outside which featured a skit from the Incredible Hulk as a introduction, Fight um Outside flows precisely well off of that. Shut Down which followed that is also built from a excerpt from the Avengers, So the whole album maintained a great structure.



My personal favorite track of the album titled Whats Happening is a audio description of the possible clash amongst heroes and villains. From the noises of chaos, the super hero style theme music and 9th’s vivid description involving Ironman, Captain America  and inserts himself as the Incredible Hulk. Considering the popularity of the Avengers today, This track would have been the perfect background music for the clash.

9th this time around seemingly wanted to focus more on his lyrical ability and he showcased those strong suits on Infiniti Health, Metal Man Wrong, and Sirens. 9th said the goal with this album was to out do the first one so like every movie sequel, It may not outdo his previous album, but it will definitely stand as a testament amongst the ranks of many of the stellar projects. This is one of the best releases of 2019 so definitely check it!

Vic Rating : 9.0 outta 10

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4 Responses to The 9th Legend- The Marvel Ancient 2 Review

  1. Chemical Washington says:

    9th is truly a professional at what he does, rather spitting bars or banging out beats. I’ve seen this young man grow from a boy to a man, as a person and a musician. It’s important for us to follow our dreams and I can honestly say that 9th has always follow his. Thanks for sharing your life’s hardships, up’s and down’s with us thru your timeless music. Salute my breadrin, keep striving for greatness.

  2. Quest says:

    9th is one of the hardest working mc’s/producer/videographer/graphic designer that I know!!! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several of his projects, as well as a collaboration album. All I can say is stay tuned for more!!!!

    Congrats 9th!!!
    Your brother from another mother, Quest

  3. The honorable says:

    This fire AF

  4. Nissan says:

    I ADMIRE this man right here! 9th Legend is a tru Hero in my eyes. Keep flying higher than the skys🤩

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