Nipsey Hussle-Victory Lap Review


Its been a long dedicated grind for Nipsey Hussle. From the Bullets Don’t Have no Name mixtapes to transitioning himself as a major entity in the Independent market., Nipsey through his lonely and solid team has created a movement which the industry hasn’t seen since JT the Bigga Figga and Master P. The Crenshaw mixtape made the Industry open its eyes to not only his hustle but also his talent. JayZ even bought 100 copies of Crenshaw which Nipsey was selling for a 100 dollars a pop.

Victory Lap showcases a rapper finally crossing the finsh line and ready to reap the benefits of his hardwork.  He’s also on the mission to show that he’s nowhere like alot of his peers and he lets it be known on the album’s street single “Rap Niggas”


Victory Lap showcases Nipsey at a totally different mindframe. He’s no longer the young gunner aiming at the top from the Bullets Got no Name series, He’s now one of the top earners in the game and the main concern was will Nipsey compromise? He got Puffy on the album, Will he go commercial? Nope. He remains the same ol Nipsey with more growth.

The Track Young Niggas featuring Puffy is a true representation of where Nipsey is at now as he told a visual audio bio-pic of his life coming up from the ground up to where he’s at. The track is self motivation at its finest as he revealed the insides of his hustle by boasting “he owns the masters of his tapes”.

Songs such as Million While Your Young is another favorite of mine where he claimed to have written this song with the intent of making a million dollars.  He also takes time to inspires and guide the youth to stay away from the street life: Streets aint for everybody, get yo grades up,  all that stuntin put a bullet in yo brain huh, you was in the house, not the runaway slave huh”

Between motivating the youth to acquire wealth and paying homage to the West Coast lineage that birthed him on songs such as Last Time I Checced and Blue Laces 2 which Nip talks about coming up in Crenshaw under a time where Death and Violence were the regular appetite for destruction. He also talked about how the system attacks Blacks for teaching and aspiring wealth

The theme of motivation, being self efficient and staying true is a occurring theme throughout Victory Lap. What makes the album so dope is that he doesn’t come across as preachy and corny,  He knew to pick the ride production, the right guest to help him run across the finish line. Musically thats what Nipsey accomplished.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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1 Response to Nipsey Hussle-Victory Lap Review

  1. Jeuron says:

    Nice review! This album was actually my introduction to Nipsey. It was this tape that made me go back and listen to his mixtapes. My fave tracks are Victory Lap, Last Time That I Checced, Rap Niggas and Dedication.

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