Eminem- Kamakze Review





Look at what you bloggers and podcasters started! After a year of his work being heavily trashed by the media, bloggers, music critics and even his own peers(Joe Budden). Eminem returned out of nowhere and released a new album title Kamikaze. He unleashed a whole onslaught on rappers, critics, haters, and former friends alike. The response to Eminem’s last album Revival had many people confirmed to believe that his best days were behind him.

While this isn’t Eminem’s best album.. This is the album that he NEEDED to release to let people know that he still have the chops to stay relevant and on Kamikaze, He’s commanding that respect.  Ironically enough he released this album on Joe Buddens(Eminem’s most harshest critic as of late) on his birthday.  On the album’s first single Fall.. He addresses all of his peers whom were taking shots at him. Joe Budden, Tyler Creator, MGK, Lord Jamar all got hit:


He unleashes more of onslaught on songs such as the Greatest, and Kamikaze where he takes aim at the current trend of mumble rap and Iggy Azella for what he felt was the worst freestyle he ever heard on Shade 45. I’m also feeling the track Normal where Em talks about how he wishes he can have a normal relatonship and paints the picture of a troubled relatonship he was experiencing.


Em also wanted to flex his lyrical muscle and show that he can still go with the best of them on the mic. Joyner Lucas received the best look of his career by teaming up on the rapid fast flow exercise Lucky You. He also reunites with his Bad Meets Evil partner in crime Royce Da 59 on Not Alike taking more shots at the current industry trend of mumble raps. When Eminem is angry and motivated, He’s at his best.


While this is the best Eminem put out in years… It still shows that he’s still musically inclined at times.. The beat choice and hooks on songs such as Good Guy and Bad Guy were just awful. It also seems that Eminem is still trying to prove that he can still rap and not focusing on creating songs. The rapid pace flow is cool but after a while it grows a bit tiresome.

Overall if Em would have released this as a 5 track EP just shitting on his critics and the industry then it definitely would have gotten a higher ranking. It has mishaps but this is still worth checking out just hearing Em sound motivated again.

Vic Rating: 7.0 outta 10


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