The 9th Legend- I don’t fit in because I was BORN to STANDOUT Review



Whenever 9th lets us know that he’s dropping a new project, I’m automatically ecstatic as a fan of his work, The reason is because he’s  been consistent for years. His unorthodox flow, his reality raps, his home cooked meal production all flows fluidly through all of this projects. From Marvel Ancient to Perseverance to his latest project titled  I Don’t Fit in because I was Born to Stand out. Listening to this album throughout, Its clear that this is possibly his most personal and heartfelt work to date.

If you’re a true appreciation of the soulful vibes of Pete Rock, 9th Legend, Madlib, MF Doom, RZA, Dilla then you’re gonna definitely love this album here. 9th takes you on a journey on his quest to standout.  In the midst of the belief comes strife and struggle. He talks about his influences, how his uncle gave him the game to pursue rap and gives a form introduction to who he is on Said and Done.

On Healing he talks about the personal struggle of helping with his mother whom is currently battling cancer(prayers go out) along with dealing with the everyday struggle of being a artist staying true to whom he is in a forever changing music business. He cleverly samples Nas on Failure is not a option which is where he reminds himself that he can’t fail and gives insight of how he was growing up. Relevant is one of my favorite tracks on here which is reminisce of that classic Little Brother sound. Clientele which features Mustafaah Ali is another gem which brilliant inspires folks to use knowledge as Clientele instead of hustling.

As for guest appearances, 9th reached out to Ila R Da Sandman for that NY flavor on Highway which is the best collabo on the album. MD is featured on Amazing  and Chilling both provided those laid back soulful vibes that 9th is respected and adored for. He lets folks know that he makes music for the people and if you want to sell a record, You have to find your OWN style.

Between losing his grandmother, his mother battling cancer, and battling the everyday heavy burdens a hip hop artist have to endure. 9th took the pain and turned it into classic art. Every project he seems to get more better. If you’re a true hip hop head then this album is DEFINITELY needed in your collection.

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

About Vic Da Rula

What more can I say? I enjoy Hip Hop, Sports, and living the good life! var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname = "Escobar300(Covering Hip Hop Culture, Sports, and Events)"; a2a_config.linkurl = "";
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7 Responses to The 9th Legend- I don’t fit in because I was BORN to STANDOUT Review

  1. Morio DeMello says:

    Once again another classic by The 9th Legend!!

  2. Mustafaah Ali says:

    Respect to my brother 9th Legend for the opportunity to bless the Clientele joint. I was going through when my Granddad was about to transition to the spiritual essence and recording that joint along with some other projects, I was able to get my mind of the sadness. Keep doing ya thing 9th, respect ✊🏾

  3. Michelle Edwards says:

    Awesome! Always on your grind with your music. Nonstoppble when you are in your zone. I Love You so Much am so proud of you.
    My One asms Py Son! My One and Only Son. Love indefinitely to the end sa

    Love, Mama

  4. J says:

    9th music is different from all other rappers. His music is real, raw and str8 uncut. No bullshit no fake shit. #realrap

  5. My nigga Q dog is the bruce lee of this game but wait till you here that MORE GRASS LESD CONCRETE.

  6. D’Anthony says:


  7. DJ WEELZ says:

    That’s my G..
    God blessed him and keep up the great work G..

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