Ila R Da Sandman- Strik3 Da Final3 Review



Strike3 Da Final3 is the final installment of the Strike series.  I’ve been knowing Ila R Da Sandman since 2012 and I’ve seen him develop his style on different parallel levels over the past 6 years. Every project he’s released has him showcasing a more versatile range within his flows, his ear for production and his creative wit.

I knew when I heard the first single Monster Among Men that this was gonna be a monster project. Sandman is a huge wrestling fan and he’s been one of the few cats whom were openlingly mixing wrestling lingo within his music. He’s done songs paying homage to monsters in the ring such as Mark Henry and Ryback in the past. This one this time around was for WWE monster Braun Strowman.



He also released the other single a year prior paying homage to Ryback titled Feed Me More where he metaphorically compares himself as a butcher out there to slaughter wack emcees in the rap game.



Sandman’s music is a true reflection of what the new New York should sound like. He gives ode to the NY flavor without trying to reinvent the wheel of boom bap. His partner in crime/producer since the beginning Sage Mckenze joins for a OTG reunion on Epidemic. You can also here those elements of that renaissance sound on Tear shit down,  The League, and Nobody Else when you can hear the chemistry between him and Sage has never left.


As for guest appearances..  The range of guests literally reached  from NY all the way to Russia on “International” which is a appropriate title because E White(originally from Snoop’s label Dogg house repping Long Beach and Nay 374 from Russia. All of these guys literally OBLITERATE this track. Mak Spread adds soulful vibes to We Litty and humor to Onions respectfully.

One of my personal favorite tracks is You Think You Know Me which sounds similar to that early 2000s Dipset production has Sandman experimenting with different patterns as well as Onions(as aformentioned) which follows that similar pattern. Overall There isnt a bad thing I can say about this album here. Ila R Da Sandman has evolved musically over the years and you can sense it within every release. We all hope that this isn’t truly the end.

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10


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