Dead Click Review


I was introduced to Dead Click through the Murder Master Music show this past summer. I knew if these guys were gonna stamp this album then I knew I was gonna be in for something special. The first thing I want to say is that I want to salute these guys for restoring the feeling. Alot of today’s music is full of mindless dribble and plus alot of the people whom try to rap “dark” don’t even sound right doing it.

Dead Click which consists of members Scratch LP, Jackboy D Payne, and producer D-Tag attempted to recreate the magic that was missing in today’s hip hop music and they masterfully excelled at it. You can hear the influences of the Death Row, Hypnotized Minds, Bone Thugs N Harmony and Cypress Hill sound throughout this LP. Note worthy highlights are A Nightmare a Dead Click Street, The UGS Cypher, and my personal favorite Keep a Secret which is reminisce of that Cypress hill sound.

As for guest appearances. The most noteworthy one is Gangsta Nip whom appears on interludes is his usually creepy self. I wish that he was rapping on some of the songs because its clear that he still has it in this day and age, But we’re pretty sure he has something special and lined up for us in the future.
There were also instances where some of the emcees partaking on this album sound alike at times but nevertheless if you’re missing some hardcore.. This is the perfect album to fulfill that void.



Dead Click’s Appearance on Off the Cuff Radio:

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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