DJ Quik and Problem-Rosecrans Review

DJ Quik Rosecrans

Just in perfect timing for the springtime/Summer.  The legendary DJ Quik teams up with Compton emcee Problem for a very funked out collaboration titled “Rosecrans“. Paying homage to the main street that runs through Compton and Los Angeles County. Quik and Problem released a 5 track sampler of the EP around this time last year which was critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. Pleased with the responses, The duo added more songs to the EP and made it an official LP and released it ironically on the same date this year.

What this album further proves is that DJ Quik is possibly one of the greatest producers in not only hip hop but music period.  The album has Quik providing the signature sound that we know and love from him: Sulky laid back grooves, paying ode to Rodger Troutman talk box, the P funk sound redefined with a fresh twist. One of the main standouts and possibly the best of the new songs is Bad Azz featuring Dom Kennedy and Bad Lucc:



Quik provides the funk and kept it strictly west coast.  With the exception of Move Something(which was a clear attempt at getting radio love) the rest of the album plays up to Quik fan’s expectations. From the titled track Rosecrans featuring Game, European Vacation featuring on and off again buddy AMG,  You are Everything,  and Take it Off One Time. They all flow cohesive.


But the biggest surprise of the LP is DJ Quik’s former dead on site rival MC eiht appears on the last two cuts of the album. This was possibly the first time we’ve heard these two actually do a song since Quik promised it in 1999 squashing the beef. Usually post beef songs are too vague and sound forced but these two meshed pretty well on Central Avenue and Funny How Niggaz gonna Things Change. Add Suga Free to add his pimpalistic type magic into it and you have all the ingredients of a classic in the making.

Overall this is the best Quik album since Book of David(which was his most personal). Quik seemed to be having more fun this time around and Problem did a great job at matching all the heat Quik supplied him. Problem also proved to not be a slouch on this LP and possibly brought the hunger back out of Quik for this album. This album is definitely worth copping.

Vic rating : 10 outta 10

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