The 9th Legend-Marvel Ancient review



If you’re not familiar with the 9th Legend, This is the project that’s sure to start making people recognize whom he really is. The Carolina’s have always been a melting pot when it came to hip hop talent and it’s always been the lack of exposure that has often eclipsed the deserved notoriety.  The Charlotte NC emcee have proved to be possibly one of the most diverse emcees/producers/video directors out there and his latest Marvel Ancient adds on to the resume’.


By listening to the presentation, You can tell he studied the blueprint of 9th Wonder, Pete Rock,  J-Dilla, without really copying their sound.  The Marvel Ancient concept brilliantly samples excerpts from the Incredible Hulk throughout the album and musically rich sounds could be heard on Vision, Shatter my Dreams10001 signs and the Wu Tang inspired Crazy. 9th’s smooth and at times unorthodox flow makes him stand from his peers and never allows the production to outshine him.

Theory of Man is one of my personal tracks which talks about the spiritual battles that the everyday black man battle along with HULK and Marvel Vs Lady both which played perfectly to the Marvel Comic theme of the album. My other personal favorite titled Midnight which a great ode to the classic soul sample mid 90s sound.


Between spitting real life bars, featuring hungry talent and supplying nice boom bap soul flavored beats. The 9th Legend provided a great recipe for this project here in terms of originality.  The album flowed together masterfully and played well to the concept of the album.  This is probably one of the best projects of 2017!


Vic rating: 10 outta 10



About Vic Da Rula

What more can I say? I enjoy Hip Hop, Sports, and living the good life! var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname = "Escobar300(Covering Hip Hop Culture, Sports, and Events)"; a2a_config.linkurl = "";
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2 Responses to The 9th Legend-Marvel Ancient review

  1. Propane says:

    This is Propane of LARecordz i been a fan and a friend for yrs. Keep up the dope work. Keep Hip Hop thriving. Conscious Muzik

  2. Morio DeMello says:

    This album is a quintessential Hip Hop masterpiece. Surpassing the norm musically, lyrically, and conceptually. The 9th Legend’s contribution to Hip Hop is uncanny!!

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