Venomiss All Eyez on V Review



For a long time, It started to seem that the concept of the “real” female emcee was becoming obsolete. If you weren’t rapping cliché hoodrat talk or showcasing heavy sex appeal that nobody was really gonna take interest in a female emcee’s music. It’s been a stigma that been haunting female rappers for over a decade.  Add the fact that it’s also challenging for them to “get put on” without sleeping with execs or a famous rapper, It’s a tough hill to climb.

But with the heavy attention that this Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj battle is getting, the world is paying attention to female emcees again. Including the ones whom been consistent since they started rapping on the mic. Starting here with New Jersey female emcee Venomiss and her sophomore release All Eyez on V.  I remember when I heard Time to Ride(Suicide) which is the first single of the album and thought she’s more focused than ever.

The first thing that should be attracting to the listener(aside from Venomiss herself) is her versatility as an emcee and how she’s not afraid to experiment with different flows and sounds. If you want strictly smack em over the head bars, She has them starting with the opening track featuring Joey Battz With You then follows it up with Watch which puts female haters and critics on notice. Maximum Pressure featuring Brooklyn emcee Nymrod brings back that hardcore NY 90s vibe with the Bonnie and Clyde type of twist.

But the album isn’t all about some strictly smash you over the head bars. Venomiss’s versatility is often her biggest strength. She actually knows how to put club anthems out. Clap off her first album Heiress of The Echelon gave her more notoriety and you can see the dance hall influenced In Due Time following suit.  My personal favorite track of the album is the very smooth Flower which features another NC standout  R&B crooner Lyrik G. This track here tackles the issues of Up and down relationships that many could relate too. Lyrik G also gets more a chance to shine on the Acoustic version which follows up.

Overall this is one of the strongest indie releases I’ve heard in a long time. Venomiss is breathing new life in not only the female aspect of the rap game but also the indie game as well. If you wanna check the album and download it. Here it is right here!




Vic Rating: 10 outta 10





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