Is Lil Wayne mad at the wrong people?


Its hard to believe that its been almost a decade since Lil Wayne basically took over the rap game. From 2006-2011 Lil Wayne was basically that “go to guy” whenever someone needed a hit, a hook, or a feature. Everything Wayne had touched either hit Gold or Platinum.  He carved his niche and escaped the shadow of his Hot Boy members Juvenile and BG and eventually became his own man.

To further his mark into the game, He used his leverage to acquire Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga to build his Young Money Empire. His follow-up to the Carter III(Which crossed him over into the mainstream officially as a solo artist) the Carter IV went platinum first week in, even out selling JayZ’s and Kanye’s collab album Watch the Throne. With so much success, so much money, new found notoriety, and respect in the music business, Lil Wayne signed a new four album deal with Cash Money. People would think that this would be the cream of the crop, What little may know that this was the beginning of the end.

Problems started to arose in the Cash Money camp when Wayne’s “health” ‘started going through bizarre changes. In 2012 and 2013 with him suffering from seizures which were caused from his lean/syrup addiction from the past decade. He allegedly slid into a coma before miraculously surviving the near death experience. Many claim that this was nothing but a publicity stunt to gain attention for his up and coming album at the time “I Am A Human Being 2, but as time went by, Wayne’s career went into even more bizarre direction.

When Wayne sent these cryptic tweets about feeling like a slave on Cash Money and wanting to leave, It sent shock waves throughout the music industry. He voiced heavy displeasure towards his “daddy” Birdman for refusing to release the Carter V. He sued Birdman and Cash Money Records for 51 Million Dollars claiming that he’s owed 10 million dollars for Carter V in advance and with held royalties owed to him for years. To make matters even worst, Birdman literally gave himself WRITERS Credits to Wayne’s solo tracks “How to Love,” “Gunwalk”, ” No Worries”.



Who really owns Trukfit?

Lil Wayne was smart enough to capitalize off his popularity by starting “Trukfit” clothing. The acronym meaning The Reason U Kill For IT“ hit stores in January of 2012 and they sold out everywhere. Wayne was smart enough to appeal the clothing to hipsters, skateboarders and jumped on that weird wave that was starting to emerge in the early 2010s. It became a strange transition amongst hip hop and Lil Wayne was one of the main faces of it so it was only right to put him as the face of the brand. But when Wayne’s financial issues hit the public, The truth behind who really owns Trukfit was revealed.

Trukfit is apart of a apparel line of Bravado which is a official merchandising company under Universal Records which is apart of that oppressive 360 deal that Lyor Colen created for conglomerates to profit from through artists merchandise and clothing. It was also revealed that Wayne is only the managing member of Trukfit, While a woman whom goes by the name of Susan Guerin( CEO of World FIner Foods) is the Chief Operating Officer of the line. The morale of the story: Lil Wayne doesn’t own Trukfit and has Universal are taking a chunk of his earnings.


2012 Warner Music Group Grammy Celebration Hosted By InStyle At the Chateau Marmont

The Puppet masters

While Wayne is currently going at it with Birdman and Slim. Its seems that the real guys pulling the strings are laughing all the way to the bank. Universal distributes Cash Money Records and been doing so since 1998. Universal to this day continues to put big money behind Birdman so the question remains is why didn’t Lil Wayne go after them? Its a scenario where the mice run the giants in the Entertainment industry. Doug Morris’s alleged mafia ties and ability to blackball artists would make many artists including the biggest gangsters on wax change their tune up. Morris’s pull on the industry is lethal. He literally made Nas censor his name from his his single Hero.



“Replacing his son”
In what looks to be a slap in the face to Wayne, Birdman has been planning his replacement for the now “departed” Lil Wayne. Young Thug was looked upon as a possible replacement for Wayne at first. Thugg is clearly a off spring of Wayne flow wise and copied the weird but his paperwork at this point is very messy. Thugga is currently tied with Lyor’s 300 imprint, Gucci’s 1017 label and Birdman himself to really be a threat to Wayne.

To add further insult to injury, Birdman has groomed another young artist whom goes by the name of Jacques as the “New Lil Wayne”. A talented artist and singer in his own right, It seemed that since he aligned with Birdman, He’s been going through the Lil Wayne transformation. Everything from Weezy’s tats, look, delivery, mannerisms, and style has been cloned:




Will the Carter 5 ever be released?

2016 would probably go down as a terrible year for Wayne. He lost his staying power in the streets and now seen as a “old head” trying to keep up instead of being a trend setter. He also lost a chunk of his black support with his with his disparaging remarks about race relations in America and throwing up a red rag on National TV. Then to cap things off, Hip Hop villain Martin Shkreli leaked snippets of the Carter 5 on his website.

At this point, The only way The Carter 5 would possibly make a splash is if Wayne’s legal war with Cash Money can be disputed. Either that or He releases anti Donald Trump mixtape to bring a lot of the people by his side. Musically he seems like he’s lost in a crossroads and apart of that is the drugs playing a heavy role. Do you guys think Lil Wayne can make a comeback in 2017? Lets talk about it!

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2 Responses to Is Lil Wayne mad at the wrong people?

  1. Paul J Brizan says:

    Music is very different and it’s going to be possible for Lil Wayne to win the respect of the Black Community after his comments BLACK LIVES DOESN’T MATTER. Wayne should of broken away from BABY and those Devil Worship record executives a long time ago. Right now Wayne should be the CEO of YOUNG MONEY distributing his own records, promoting his own artist, promoting his own clothing line, promoting his own tours, and putting his name on anything that will bring him even more money.

  2. Paul J Brizan says:

    Another thing I want to mention 2 when it comes to Cash Money and BABY, people think BABY got the most out of the business deal he has with Universal Records helping Cash Money become the household name it is today. BABY doesn’t control Cash Money. Lyor Cohen and Doug Morris controls Cash Money. He has to get the OKAY for any of his artist to get on radio and have there videos played courtesy of WHITE DADDY. Tired of stupid dumb ass niggers and others thinking Cash Money, Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy, Slip N Slide, Disturbing Tha Peace, Rap-A-Lot, Death Row, Ruff Ryders, Def Squad, and many others, was all control by BLACK PEOPLE and it wasn’t. If your Black Record Company needs a Parent Company like Universal to promote your records and decide which singles gets the time of day: YOU NOT A FUCKING BOSS!!!!!!!!

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