Z-RO Drankin and Drivin Review



Houston emcee Z-Ro finally released his first album after leaving Rap A Lot and he’s never sounded more better. Perhaps it was the lean addiction, label problems, beefs with his peers that kept Z-Ro distracted over the years. But with Drankin & Drivin, Z-ro seemingly have recharged his batteries and sounds more energetic than he has in years. When you listen to the opening track titled Devil Ass City. Its introducing the world to Z-Ro’s view of what the city of Houston became. He’s gonna represent it until he dies but he’s also aware of the snakes and crabs in the barrel that exists amongst it.

Krayzie Bone is the only guest appearance on Drankin & Drivin and he fits perfectly with the flow of the album. Considering Bone Thugs N Harmony opened up doors for harmonizing in rap, featuring Krayzie is fitting. Z-ro paints the picture perfectly of someone whom is going through  the grieving stage of losing a friend. Krayzie’s verse about being one of the last to survive is also reflective considering that he’s battling his own health issues.

The album sticks perfectly with the title theme. You’re being taking through a journey of the mind of Z-ro’s struggles, pain, and using different vices to get through the rough stages. Whenever it be Baby Mama issues on Baby Mama Blues or haters wishing for his down fall on Women Men(Where he ironically samples Many Men from former rival 50 Cent).  You have the feeling of Z-Ro using the drink to keep his mind from running off the track.

There are some slower cuts such as I Aint Gonna Lie,  Successful, and Hostage that slows the vibe down a bit. But its so soothing and addictive that it sticks to the listener and it ends up being the album’s high points.  You can feel the influences from his inspirations Tupac, Scarface, and K-Rino heavily on these songs.

Overall this was probably the sleeper banger of 2016. Z-Ro sounds more live and free than ever before and it reflected heavily on this album. Fans whom already know how Z-Ro get down should know what they expect, however this one would definitely help him gain more new fans.

Vic Rating 10 outta 10



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