Gucci Mane Everybody Looking Review


Gucci Mane being released earlier from prison than expected was a major surprise within the hip hop community. Despite him being away for a long period, his presence in the rap game is still heavily felt. Gucci has birthed and put on many of the hottest acts in the Industry and for certain Atlanta. You can hear a lot of his flows, his adlibs, his beat selection, and trap style being encoded in many of these up and coming rappers. He also kept the streets happy by having mixtapes being released while being on lockdown.

Gucci was released from prison and looks like a whole brand new person. He lost tons of weight, he grew his hair out, his speech is more coherent and his delivery is more crisp.  This led to many rumors of Gucci possibly being “cloned” and conspiracy theorist claiming that the real Gucci was killed in prison(which was absurd).

The album’s first street single titled “First Day out of the Feds” is the perfect introduction to the new Gucci. His flow is more clearer than before, He really improved on the technical aspect of his flowing and reveals that paranoia of being locked down and dealing with folks whom wanted him dead.

Going on to the album, Gucci completed this within a month in a half after being released and its clear that he’s more focused than ever. The album’s first introduction titled No Sleep is a perfect example direction of where Gucci is taking with his project and career as he compliments his work ethic:


Whats good about this Gucci album in comparison of his last two major retail ones was that he catered less to the radio and more so to his base here. Yeah he may had Industry heavyweights Drake and Kanye West rushing to jump aboard the bandwagon on respective tracks Back on the Road and Pussy Print. But fans shouldn’t worry,  He sticks to the recipe of what made him who he is.

Gucci allows Zaytoven and Mike Will Made it to handle the bulk of the production. Gucci and Zay go back to the days where Gucci was at war with Jeezy and being blackballed by the industry at the time. Even when Gucci could have allowed all hot of the moment producers to ride his new-found wave, He still gives Zay his position and name dropped him on the next potential hit Waybach: “I rather rock a Zay track than a Dre track”.

Guwop Home is a celebration of Gucci’s welcoming back on the turf, Even though Young Thug is just as horrible as usual, It doesn’t take too much away from Gucci’ performance on here. There’s tracks such as “Richest Nigga in the Room”, A least a M,  that celebrate his new-found notoriety and success.

Anybody that follows Gucci’s career knows he’s never no stranger to controversy. The track “My Children” which would be looked as a shot at the new generation of Atlanta rappers whom are clearly influenced by Gucci’s style(Migos, Future, Young Thug, ) Its catchy enough to be another hit and the cover itself is hilarious:

gucci all my children

Overall this album was a enjoyable ride.  People expecting lyrical acrobats and punchlines are gonna be heavily dissapointed because thats not Gucci’s lane. Gucci’s lifestyle change has eventually paralleled into his musical direction as well. He didn’t go too far into the Trap talk like he did on Trap God 1 and 2.  Its clear that he’s free, he has money,  respect, and now with Guwop Enterprise, He’s aiming for power moves.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10






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