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When YG released his debut major album two years ago, It was just the type of album he needed to show that he had a standing in the rap game. He carried on the tradition of the signature California sound and updated it for the young generation. YG also proved that he didn’t need a big West Coast co sign to really make it and he rapped about it on the album’s first street single Twist my Fingaz.   He let it be known that he was in the game to stay and boasted that  he made without a Dre or Snoop cosign with lines such as:

Hold up, I really got something to say
I’m the only one who made it out the West without Dre


The single was reminiscing of the early Death Row sound that folks known to expect from the young Compton rapper. On Still Brazy, He basically continued where My Krazy Life left off and this time around you see more in-depth into YG’s personal life than before. Just because he got a little money doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have problems. He showcases his paranoia on “Who Shot Me” where he addressed when he got shot in the studio last year.

On this album YG attempts to go more serious. He addresses Police brutality and racism throughout this album and they showcase some growth from the emcee. Songs such as the controversial FDT which is a scattering diss track to Republican Tycoon Donald Trump is making heavy waves in the streets and the secret service flagged him (There’s parts edited out the song) He also calls for unification between Blacks and Mexicans on Black and Browns.

Guest appearances consist of Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nipsey Hussle(Whom is featured on FDT). Wayne post Cash Money seems to show that old hunger like that of 2007 on I got a Question, Drake may have used his star power to give YG another hit on Why You Always Hatin? The song itself is pretty average but it would give him some spins.

But overall there are some instances where the sound gets a bit repetitive and YG still showed signs of being a one dimensional type rapper. He doesn’t have the charisma of Game, Snoop, or the heavy political awareness of Kendrick. But this is still a great sophomore offering.

Vic Rating :7.5 Outta 10

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  1. Sounds great, I need to pick this up.

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