ILa R Da Sandman- Da Silvabakk of Rap Review


ILa R Da Sandman has become one of the sharpest spitters Ive heard coming from the underground scene. Between his barbaric bars, his no holds barred approach, and clever mixture of Wrestling lingo and wittiness. He found his one niche, his own sound and draws that fine line between keeping it hardcore and being himself.

In hip hop, A lot of rappers love to label themselves shit: If they aren’t hustlers, killers, gangstas, pimps, the list goes on. ILa R Da Sandman on the other hand doesn’t limit himself to any subjective label, He’s an emcee that happens to love professional wrestling and hip hop. He says that throughout his latest release titled Da Silver Back of Rap and clearly, he’s taking out all comers.

This is the first project that Sandman has done that didn’t feature his producer in crime Sage Mckenzie. He wanted to prove that he can get busy with a variety of producers and he excelled that here. He also featured Jacky D whom hosted the tape and adlibs from the Iron Sheik for comic relief as well

Starting with Welcome which has Sandman experimenting with the quick laced flow and showcasing versatility as he has done on many of his previous projects.  Just Like Me has that early 2000 East coast vibe and he wanted to showcase his bars of fury. Serenghetti is possibly the most laid back of the cuts here but the bars are lethal and taking aim of weak rappers he felt are sabotaging the culture.

Guest appearances are kept to low minimum and its usually a great thing because we get to hear more of Sandman. But he’s joined by fellow BX emcee Kony Brooks on the heavy hitting BX heavyweights. This sounds like a retro from the mid 90s between the bars, the production and the aggressive content.

Kill Your Career is possibly my personal favorite of the whole album. The DJ premier like production provided on here was the perfect backdrop for Sandman to pounce on like a hungry lion.

Da Landlords is a clear attack on the current direction hip hop has takened and they attack with a vengeance. Clearly by listening to Silverbakk, Sandman wanted to polish his bars, his beat selection, and he sounds more ferocious than ever. He made it clear that he wasn’t gonna put out songs to appeal to the Future and Young Thug Demographic. This was paying homage to the roots he came up in and to put the rap game in notice that he’s ready to step in the ring.

This was overall Sandman’s best project to date in my opinion. Within every project, You can sense his growth as a artist and that he’s seasoned to be the next to come out of NY. This is definitely worth checking as boom bap hip hop fans whom miss that retro sound.

Vic Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Link to mixtape here:

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