Jadakiss Top 5DOA Review



Claiming Top 5 Dead or Alive in the very competitive art-form known as hip hop is a very vain and boastful statement. Since claiming that title on that Nas’s Made You Look remix 12 years ago, Jadakiss has made sure that every feature, every bar, and every verse he did was consistent. Many whom were following Jadakiss can possibly put up a solid argument that he’s deserving of calling himself Top 5 DOA.

Jadakiss has been in the game 20 plus years and have spit with the best the game has have to offer. He’s also went to war with New York’s giants Puff Daddy, 50 Cent, and JayZ and came out without a serious scratch in his credibly, and he knew when it was time to feed the streets with his The Champ is Here Series.

But on the flip-side, There were critics that claimed that due to the lack of having that “impactful” album on his resume’, Jada’s braggerous claims of being top 5 dead or alive remains vague. He’s always had solid to good albums but never that one album to catapult him into the success he was hyped to achieve. Now entering his 40s with experience under his belt, He hopes with his new album that he could silence all critics and prove that he’s a contender for the crown.

Most of them is lovin’ me some of them hatin’ me/Say he’s underrated dependin’ on whose ratin’ me”
Jada set the theme off perfectly with that line because he basically commented on his position and how he felt he’s the underrated favorite. He coasted along the smooth backdrop with his raspy flow and thats where he excels. He reunites with former adversary P-Diddy on You Don’t Eat where Kiss paint pictures of the hustle game and reminding the new generation of his resume by claiming “You heard my name on the last verse of Ether”

One of the main problems Jadakiss had in the past with his albums was that he always tried to cater to all audiences.
Take songs such as Aint Nothing New featuring Neyo and Nipsey Hussle. The combination alone comes across as very odd but it comes out surprisingly good. You also have the obvious attempt at radio play with  You Can See featuring Future,  Many including myself grew skeptical of Kiss actually rhyming over trap beats(due to the horrific Consignment mixtape). Jada finally got it together and possibly could have some hits off this album.
This comrads the D-Block are featured on Snenergy and Realest in the Game which feeds their street audience lovely. I always loved how Styles and Jada bounce off one another on the track  and  Senergy is everything that the D-Block core-base would love to hear. The Realest in the Game further showcases the truce between G-Unit and D-Block with Young Buck and Sheek Louch being featured. Young Buck shows why he’s one of the best spitters in the South and Sheek showed that he’s no longer a slouch.

Overall this was a solid release from Kiss. The bars are there, raspy flow that we known to love is still prevalent and the songs that would normally be forced radio attempt would possibly elevate him if marketed right. He may not convince the masses that he’s top 5 DOA but he showed here why he’s one of NYC’s all time premier rhymers.

Vic Da Ruler :7.0 outta 10

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