DJ Quik Rhythimalism sessions



His Solo

1) Intro
2) We still party (featuring 2nd II None and Peter Gunz)
3) So Many Wayz
4) We Still Party
5) Down, Down, Down
6) You’za Gangsta
7) I Useta Know Her
8) No Doubt
9) Speed
10) Whateva U Do
11) Thinkin’ Bout U
12) El’s Interlude
13) Medley For A V
14) Bombudd II
15) Get 2Getha Again
16) Reprise

Snoop Doggs No Limit Top Dogg

1) Doin’ Too Much
2) Bussin’ Rocks
3) Don’t Tell

Jermaine Dupris Life in the 1786
1) Three The Hard Way

SugaFrees Street Gospel

01. Intro
02.Why U Bullshyttin’?
03. I’d Rather Give U My bytch
04. Doe Doe and a Skunk
05. Don’t No Suckaz Live Here
06. Tip Toe (feat. DJ Quik & Hi-C)
07. I Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song)
08. If U Stay Ready (feat. Playa Hamm) (Produced with G-One & Robert Bacon)
09. Fly Fo Life
10. On My Way (feat. El DeBarge)
11. Secrets
12.Table Interlude
13. Dip Da (Produced with G-One & Robert Bacon)
14. Tip Toe (Reprise)

Luniz Luntic Musik

01. Just Mee & U (feat. Rapheal Sadeek)

2nd II None Classic 220

02. “Up “N” Da Club” (feat. AMG & DJ Quik)
03. “Don’t U Hide It”
04. “Whateva U Want” (feat. AMG & James DeBarge)
05. “Make ‘Em Understand” (feat. Mausberg)
07. “Back Up of the Wall”
08. “Y?”
09. “If U Ain’t fukkin'”
10. “Don’t Do Dat”
11. “Princess” (feat. James DeBarge)
13. “Got A Nu Woman” (feat. AMG, Hi-C, Playa Hamm & DJ Quik)

King T Thy Kingdome Come

1. Lets Make A V. (feat el debarge, and Kid Frosty)


This dude is a GENIUS! SPEAK ON IT!




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