Cash Money Records Exposed?

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Cash Money 1

Cash Money started off as a independent label back in 1991. They named their label after The Cash Money Brothers from New Jack City, interestingly enough, the apartment complex in the movie is called The Carter.

CM, before Universal bought them out for $30 million, was originally funded by Baby and Slim’s half brother Terrence Williams, who is now serving a life sentence in jail for being a heroin kingpin and conspiracy to commit murder.

Terrence was part of a dope dealing group called the Hot Boys, all other members of that group have been murdered. It’s also good to note that Baby’s first album was under B32 and called “I Need a Bag of Dope”. Here’s an entire song about doing heroin from the album.

Cash money 3

Murders of Artists on The Label, Murders Committed by Artists on Label, and Associated Deaths with Cash Money

– After several releases on CM, Pimp Daddy is murdered in 1994 after his final release on his contract

– Kilo G is shot and killed in 1997, 2 years after his final release in 1995

– Yella Boy was rumored to have killed Mystikal’s sister back in 1997 (Mystikal made a song called Murderer directed towards Yella Boy shortly after her death). Keep in mind this was during Cash Money’s and No Limit’s beef (Mystikal was No Limit back then). Baby is rumored to have ordered the hit and has bragged about it on songs back then.

– Yella Boy (from UNLV) is murdered in 1997 after his final release with Cash Money on his contract in 1996. He is rumored to have run up on Baby and Slim with a strap asking for unpaid royalties and shot up Baby’s truck.

– Lil Elt shoots and kills a man named Colon Cains, Terrence snitches on him later in 2008, but Lil Elt is found not guilty by New Orleans 60 Day murder rule. Baby is rumored to have ordered the hit.

– Shortly after collaborating with former Cash Money artist Juvenile in 2003 and producing a #1 hit record, Soulja Slim is found murdered in the 9th ward. A suspect named Garelle Smith is found and charged, but no witnesses are found and charges are later dropped. Smith is later murdered in 2011 (it is noted that the 60 Day Rule was banished around this time frame). This is probably unrelated to Cash Money, I’d just thought I should put it in.

-Lil Derrick/Bulletproof (a former Hotboy with Wayne, BG, Turk, and Juve) left the label early on, even before the Hotboys ever released any albums. It is good to note that Lil Derrick is Baby and Slim’s nephew. In 2003, he releases a joint album with Kayotic under Undisputed records. The album has several features from former Cash Money artists Turk and BG, and has a large buzz in New Orleans. Soon after, Lil Derrick and the CEO of Undisputed records are murdered.

– Magnolia Shorty, a former Cash Money artist is found shot and killed in 2010, her boyfriend is found dead months later.


Heroin Dependency
Both Turk and BG were addicted to heroin in the 90’s. BG, Turk, and Wayne were all signed at extremely young ages by Baby (13, I think 14, and 11) before they even made a name for themselves. It is rumored that Wayne snorted heroin too in the 90’s.

Here he talks about snorting stuff that’s white. He has no clue what drug it is, he says he just did it.

Although never confirmed by any members of the group, it is very well possible that Baby was supplying the heroin from his half-brother. Baby has admitted that the last time he touched a K was in 04.

Cash Money 4

Molestation Allegations and Overall Suspect Behavior:


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