Classic Memphis Tapes for Download

I’m gonna be looking out for all of my supporters with this one. Shoutout to for posting it up!




1. Inkmatized (westhaven smoke one)
2. Skinny Pimpin Hoez
3. Skit
4. Psychopathic Lunatic
5. Lady B – Boom Dat Shit
6. Killa feat Lil Sko and Lil Gin
7. Skinny Shouts
8. Dirty Tramp
9. If U Didnt Know Bitch
1. Intro
2. Slob On My Knob
3. Niggas From The Hood Ain’t Changed
4. Interlude
5. Kick That Shit
6. Bass
7. Interlude
8. 8 Ball
9. Nasty Little Girl
10. Kill A Man
11. Phone Calls
12. Fuck That Shit Mix
13. Ain’t Barring That Shit
14. Mixing
15. Where They At
16. Eastbay Gangsta
17. Little Did He Know
18. Shouts Out
19. Outro
1. Intro
2. Sweet Robbery pt 1
3. Suck A Nigga Dick Part 2 [Homicyde, Skinny Pimp, Lord Infamous, Lil Bcuk & DJ Paul]
4. Fuck DJ Squeeky [Skinny Pimp]
5. Glock N My Draws [Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac]
6. All I Have In This World Mix
7. Take Care Ya Bizness [Lord Infamous, DJ Paul]
8. Bonafied Playa [Mac A]
9. Whats Up Mane
10. Long & Hard [Lord Infamou & DJ Paul]
11. I’m Chucky
12. 1000 Blunts [Lord Infamous]
13. Wheres Da Bud [Lord Infamous]
14. Back Broke
15. Six Minute Get Buck Mix
16. Shouts
17. Liquor & Bud Intro
18. Liquor & Bud
19. Lick My Nutz [Lord Infamous]
20. Suck A Nigga Dick
21. Take Yo Ass Off
22. Outro
23. Quit Fuckin Wit Da R.A.N. [RAN]

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