Rick Ross- Black Dollar Review

Rick Ross blac

Rick Ross has been making alot of headlines for the past several months and it hasn’t been through music unfortunately. He was detained in a Georgia County jail for kidnap and assault of a carpenter, his beef with 50 Cent re-cooked once again, he’s in the middle of a Wale/Meek Mill/Drake feud and currently had to call off an engagement.

However these changes of life events along with conversations with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan played a heavy role of his mixtape titled Black Dollar. He opens up with “Foreclosures” which he speaks heavily on the importance of group economics in the black community and puts the younger artist on game about publishing contracts designed to keep brothers enslaved.

He gets more personal with addressing the serious issues on We Gon Make it which is a protest record addressing the Baltimore Riots and police brutality as a heavy issue as a whole. Icon’s is where Ross reflects on his music career and put his resume’ down by letting it be known that he’s self made and didn’t have to rely on a co sign:

Did it by myself so it took me some time
No Dr. Dres, no Eminems, no Neptunes, no Timbalands

He breaks down alot of his personal problems on Take Advange which features the current hip hop king of crooning Future as the two share their personal stories with Future looking for his ride or die and Ross with his current trials and tribulations:

in fed, county jail
Three kidnapping charges, DA denied me my bail
Two million in cash, the property totaled for six
No bonds were needed, I got papis, they’re holdin’ my chips
These labels be fake, Atlantic a lake
Want you well and run dry, but these levees’ll break
But I’m goin’ for broke, so far from me sellin’ my soul
Decoratin’ my home with statues of gold

But the Black Dollar album isn’t full of Rozzay’s personal diary being on display. Theres instances where he goes back to what brought him to the dance and thats putting out street bangers. Money and Powder has Ross going back to “Hustlin Mode” while taking shots at his adversary 50 Cent by taunting him for filing for Bankruptcy:

All these other niggas broke and trust is more than just a rumor

He plays up to that “Boss image” on 2 Shots and Geechi Leberech where he did the unthinkable of hip hop and took shots at the man he copied his image and look from, Freeway Ricky Ross:

Get up on my level if you say you a boss/Everybody seen, and we now that you soft/Heard you went and got a lawyer, you niggers is soft/If they say I’m not the biggest, you tell them they false/I’m out in Vegas and I’m drinking off/Out in L.A, Freeway Ricky Ross (rats)/Testified on over 40 dudes/I seen the documents of who he wanna sue/He testified for a state allowance…”

Aside from songs which are clear attempts of radio play and wider demographics such as She Wanna fuck, Drive a Nigga Crazy, This is possibly Ross’s best well balanced project since Teflon Don. This is certainty worth checking.

Rating 8.5 outta 10

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