Da Mafia 6ix- Watch What U Wish Review


Da Mafia 6ix- Watch What U Wish Review

When the Three 6 Mafia(now known as Da Mafia 6ix) resurrected it on Halloween of 2013, It was one of the biggest highlights of the year. The group reunited on the request of the late Lord Infamous to see if the group still had the chops left to deliver a solid product. When they reunited and finally released their mixtape Da Six Commandments, It was the release that many of their hardcore fans relished. DJ Paul took it back to the horror-core Mystic Stylez/ Chapter Domination days and even though Juicy J was missing, The album created just enough punch to certify a serious comeback and the 3-6 was re-born.

But the reunion was short lived as the founder and long time member of the group Lord Infamous passed away months later of a heart attack. Gangsta Boo  seemingly fell out with the group, Project Pat and Koopsta were beefing over Juicy J’s lack of involvement, so it seemed like the family reunion was slowly disbanding once again.

In spite of the in-camp turmoil, DJ Paul is continuously trying to keep the Mafia brand moving. The See No Evil mixtape which was released on Halloween of last year was a great appetizer for the album and While Watch What U Wish still delivered.  It’s clear that the group is sorely missing Boo, Juice, Project Pat, and the energy of Lord Infamous throughout the album.

Not to say that this  album doesn’t have any bangers; Former No Limit Soldier  Fiend(whom was recruited by the HCP and currently working with Paul on a album) appears on couple of the album’s hardest cuts.  The singles Dat Aint Inya and Forever get High remain true to the Hypnotize Mind’s sound alongside with High Like an Eagle. Fiend’s gruff delivery blends perfectly with Paul’s horror-core style so a album between the two would totally match him.

Paul made it clear that this album was for their fans and the streets.  The album stays true to the sound that made them standout throughout the 90s. The horror-core vibe from Mystic Styles to the When the Smoke clears era is evident here and it shows that the crew are staying true to what brought them to the table. The presence of the late Lord Infamous spreads throughout on songs such as We Be Goin In,  50 bands,  Gimmie Back my Dope, and Back on Dat Hype.

The album tends to drag a bit during the middle of the album. Some of the songs started sounding a bit repetitive as they continue  to loop classic songs and courses that they have done in the past.  This is where they are sorely missing Juicy’s soulful ear to balance their sound. The female prospective of Gangsta Boo is clearly needed(Even though La Chat did her thing), Project Pat and the rest of the HCP crew to balance out the flow.

But nevertheless Watch What U Wish still contains enough bang for the buck to satisfy their base. We can only hope that a REAL reunion between all the members can eventually take place.

Vic Rating: 7.0 outa 10

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