Doughphresh Da Don- All Disrespect Intended Volume 2 No Apologies review


Looking within hip hop culture today. Theres very few that take pride in their pen game and developing their craftsmanship of emceeing. The whole philosophy of “I’m a hustler first, Rapper second” has been the main focal point of many emerging rappers. It’s gotten terrible to where the listener’s pretty much have to dig on different online outlets(not Industry plant oriented) to find an emcee whom is capable of resetting the bar. You’re gonna have to dig through a bunch of trash to find treasure and that treasure ended up being an emcee from Louisville KY named Doughphresh Da Don.

Through different sources, I was introduced through his music. Through different video freestyles and tracks he would submit to promote his project “All Disrespect Intended 2“, what also impressed me was the key element of him having so much knowledge and appreciation for the culture.The stigma many within the outside state of NY were of “country niggas don’t know real hip hop”, they only like that snap and pop music” Doughphresh pretty much understood these stereotypes and with this project, He pretty much silenced all doubters and critics of him and fans whom don’t reside in the East Coast.

The visual cover alone is a draw and parallels with the content of the album with perfection. The Dr Dre World Class Wrecking Crew picture, Suge Knight disrespecting Diddy, Pac spitting on cameras, Kanye interrupting Taylor swift, all historic moments within the culture were on display and a reflection of the no holds barred lyricism that were gonna be showcased on this project.

He opened up perfecting with Feature Presentation where he showcased his fierce punchlines and opened the door to all challengers and new comers, He’s takened a break, he’s recharged and he’s ready to snap some heads. Welcome 2 The City is one of my favorite tracks on here and a perfect opener. Giving fans a tour guide visual of Louisville KY that it gets gangster out there and there’s heavy pride and sense of the culture out there.

The album keeps a nice balance of deliverance of emceeing, catering to the streets introspective and keeping it fly and fresh for the ladies. He paints visual of the graphic street life on the tracks Mobbin like a G, Yellow Tape, and shows that there’s heavy trapping going on in his city on Money. He mellows the flow a bit on Beat It where he expresses strong desires to bag his object of desire, the song would be a good followup to grab the female demographic.

When the album gets deep is where All Disrespect Intended Volume 2 reaches its peak creatively. It show’s that Dough is aware of the hardship that’s currently happening with the world and within the game itself. He addresses this on Days are Shorter, painting vivid but graphic pictures of the everyday struggle people deal with. It’s a cry for voices to be heard and quest for change. Especially when you hear lines of :”Teenage boys is wild, They steady banging steel/ Young Girls are shot right off their training wheels.

Yungry and Studio showcased a hungry emcee that’s eager to take the number one spot which proved that he looks at emceeing as a sport. This was overall a well produced and put together project. It wasn’t your typical industry album, It was a story to introduce Dough and fit the theme of no hold bars lyricism. This album is definitely worth copping!

Vic Rating: 9 outta 10

About Vic Da Rula

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3 Responses to Doughphresh Da Don- All Disrespect Intended Volume 2 No Apologies review

  1. Michael Snoddy says:

    Doughphresh Da Don is truth……. stay putting on the city ….. can’t wait for his music change the landscape of hiphop!!!

  2. Stanley says:

    love your work man…a great read.MF Doom?

  3. MadTatter says:

    Dope ass review!!! #saluteit

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