Drake Exposed?

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The topic of “Ghostwriters” have always been such a touchy subject in hip hop . Dating back to 1997, when Richmond Virginia based emcee Mad Skillz dropped the controversial track “Ghostwriter”. It was rumored that this was the song that had Skillz blackballed from the industry, on the song Skillz made reference to many big time stars at the time as them using his assistance to pen their songs. Following that, many emcees over the years have faced accusations of hiring writers for their albums; The latest now being one of Hip Hop’s biggest stars Drake.


The issue started when MMG’s Meek Mill tweeted a bunch of jaw dropping accusations about Drake not writing none of his raps. Anytime an emcee faces accusations or claims of their pen being questioned or their stories been written by someone else, It’s a total violation to the culture. Theres nothing completely wrong with ideas, hooks, or lines being passed around here and there, No project comes out 100 % responsible on behalf of the emcee. It’s however a problem when one of these major emcees constantly gloat about how he’s the best out, he’s the greatest of his era and crowned as “King of Hip Hop” by many hip hop publications.

Feeling the pressure to really say something, Drake whom normally don’t engage in battles on wax, finally took it to the booth with his “diss record” titled Charged up at Meek Mill and his critics. Drake taking aim at Meek’s character, record sales, and his on-screen infatuation with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. The track was lukewarm by hip hop standards but with today’s climate it was perfect to satisfy his stanbase.

But it was the Back To Back diss record that pushed Drake’s credibility amongst hip hop heads to the forefront. He was clever enough to use the machines whom were backing him as resources to further humiliate Meek Mill. Social Media had a field day with the Drake/Meek memes and it ended up being the biggest track of the summer.

Back To Back ended up being another hit record at Meek’s expense. Fly by night rap Fans, hipsters culture vulture publications and radio stations all took part at trying to bury Meek Mill’s career. Industry peers, Restaurants, wrestlers, celebrities, all were already eager to give Drizzy the W to make all of this go away as quickly as possible. Meek Mill was fighting a losing battle and released a lukewarm response titled “Wanna Know” but fell flat. Drake ended up defeating Meek in “battle and Apple Inc were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

There’s no denying that Drake is great at what he does. He can make catchy club bangers. He’s made songs that even the most disgruntled backpacker couldn’t even deny liking. Drake has already developed an heavy female following so he’s pretty much not gonna worry about mainstream appeal or acceptance. He’s pretty much solidified on levels to where he can possibly sneeze on a record and have a instant number 1 hit.


With all of these accolades, hits, instant success, gorgeous women, and being the number one hit maker in the music industry, Why would Drake even care to even be the best emcee? That’s because it frustrates him that he’s not respected as many whom he’s idolized. As Tupac would say, He wants to be “immortalized in pictures” and wants to leave a legacy. For years He’s have been trying his hardest to earn respect by hardcore pursuits within the hip hop culture(Like that Wu Tang forever disaster). He’s expressed heavy interest in wanting to engage in battle rapping against Murder Mook in the past, He’s done interviews showcasing frustration of being stigmatized as a “Emo rapper”. Lets not forget the whole Kendrick Lamar Control controversy where he ducked battle.

Despite numerous attempts to shut Meek, Ross and anyone whom speaks on Drake’s stature as a emcee out, The accusations are continuing to swirl like wildfire and more writers have since emerged and claimed credit for many of Drakes hidden pen game. He’s already survived dodging battles, survived stabs at his credibility, survived humiliation just by his perceived soft mantra. But now Meeks accusations are becoming more truthful as emotions are slowly becoming eased away and the dust is settling.

There was already suspicion of OVO producer/rapper Mike Zombie writing for Drake:

Now Funkmaster Flex have leaked reference tracks from Quinton Miller:

Now more writers have come out of hiding claiming that Drake and the OVO camp have treated the whole working environment like a concentration camp” and never were properly credited on any of his work.

And more recently, Moe-G whom was allegedly writing for Drake has come out in the open demanding royalties’ for work he’s done. Moe-G went on a ANTI OVO/Drake smear campaign claiming Drake is a fraud, and how he was mistreated by the OVO camp only to have got viciously assaulted allegedly by Drake’s team for exposing possibly too much of the in-house dirty secrets


Is Drake being set up for a heavy fall?

As of now it seems that the Drake machine isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Everything he touched has went number 1 or platinum so as of now. His fan base are quick to dismiss anything regarding the culture ethics and could careless as long as the hits keep coming and asses continue shaking. its gonna take more than a battle with a Philly street rapper and some unpolished rappers to stop his momentum. But if these accusations are continue to prop up, Drake gonna have some serious explaining to do.

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