Links to Off the Cuff radio featuring my interviews with artists.


Without these two and without Sky Jackson and Joe Paradox There wouldn’t be no Grid10 or no Off the Cuff Radio. It was these guys that believed in my talents even at times where I doubted myself. They encouraged me to do radio when the thought of it at that time had me SHOOK to death.

This show here was a milestone for these guys because they officially put out their OTG group album and it was only right to celebrate! We also talked about the Mayweather/Pacquaio fight and played cuts from the album too — with ILa R DaSandman and Sage Mckenzie.

esco 2

This was a honor to have the legendary West Coast emcee Cpo Boss Hogg on our show recently. Thank you brother for taking the time and chop it up with us. Great show!

Esco 3

Shoutout to my boy Madison Jay for showing love. The story about this shit was that I was looking for some cats whom loved to mix wrestling with hip hop tunes in their raps. I just typed up Rap and Wrestling on youtube and this cat’s name came up.

What grabbed me about Madison was his documentary.He KNEW his wrestling shit to a T, He wasn’t no fairweather fa and He wasn’t ashamed of being a fan. Then I checked out some of his raps and he would cleverly mix the wrestling language with heavy barbs

It was also great to know that he’s from the area and lived here so the link up was easy and the rest was history! Shoutout to him for chopping it up with us



Our interview featuring AnnMarie Fox. Ann was a sweetheart and she fit in with our program like a glove. She also presented us some tracks to play and professed her inner nerd side as well as clowning that confused moguel Dame Dash(which was funny as hell) Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

eSCO 5

This is Our interview with Brad MrMugg Worley and shoutout to ILa R DaSandman for the discovery. We caught some flack about “being racist due to our coverage of the whole not supporting Iggy Azalea scenario(Which was a crock of shit) so not only did we wanted to feature Mr Mugg to show that we’re diverse. We also wanted to feature Mr Mugg because he’s WICKED on that microphone

It was great chopping it up with him and his Tennessee Butchers camp, We also went HARD on Lupe Fiasco on here lol

Esco 6

Our interview with Nina Brown from last year. For some reason and even Nina would tell you, You would think that Nina is one mean muthafucker. I myself didn’t know what to expect but when we sent her the memo, She showed that she wasn’t only down with her craft but also willing to get down with our movement.

She’s a very sweet person and dedicated artist. We also touched on hatin internet nikkas, Lil Wayne joining the Zulu Nation, Soul Train Awards and others. Shouts out to ya Nina!


Our episode featuring Hashim Trends Locario is right here! Hashim was originally supposed to been on Breaking the Ice episode but he got caught with his schedule so he agreed to appear with us here.

We learned alot from Trends, He was on I Love NY, he was a aspiring rapper, He done became a life and dating coach, he’s working on seminars and giving game out to alot of young cats out there. Great show!

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