The Notorious Howard Pappy Mason story


Hip Hop fans and natives to Queens New York know who the legendary Pappy Mason is. He isn’t Italian, he isn’t Cuban and he’s not a creature of myth. While his reality these days is that of a poop slinging, 24hr lockdown lunatic serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole, Pappy Mason was one of the most dangerous gangsters to have ever held the streets of New York.

The legend that is Pappy Mason is that of an enforcer and muscle who studied the doctrines (a whole lot of Scarface and The Godfather reruns), hated cops with a passion and never broke omerta. He was a crime boss’s wet dream because of his loyalty and he served his boss Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols with Samurai loyalty. Pappy Mason was successful for one single solitary reason, he was respected out of fear. His volatile nature and bull-like aggression made it easy for him to commit murder when he deemed it necessary and this included the very police officers that he hated.

Pappy was said to have shot druggies if they made any remarks about his bosses product. He was theAl Capone to Fat Cat’s Johnny Torrio, the Sammy Gravano to Cat’s Gotti – well before Gravano betrayed him, you get what I am saying, he was the Black Hand bodyguard to a crack king. Due to Pappy’s ruthlessness Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols had a life of luxury, endless riches and invincibility. Looking at the Cat wrong would get you killed by Pappy and for this his boss rewarded him with his own corner. This led to Pappy forming his own sub-gang known as the Bebos.

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