YG My Krazy Life Review

1. Momma Speech Intro
2. Bpt
3. I Just Wanna Party
4. Left, Right
5. Bicken Back Being Bool
6. Meet the Flockers
7. My Nigga
8. Do It To Ya
9. Me & My Bitch
10. Who Do You Love?
11. Really Be
12. 1Am
13. Thank God
14. Sorry Momma


When Game first debuted 10 years ago on Aftermath/G-Unit, It was the fresh face that the West Coast rap scene truly needed to open up new doors. Game resurrecting the West Coast would open up doors for many of the young up comers to actually eat off the banner that Game re-introduced. Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, and now Y.G.

The Compton Rapper was making wave throughout 2010 with club bangers Toot it and Boot It, Bitches aint Shit, and Beat the Pussy Up. When the hip hop heavyweights started appearing on the remixes of these songs, It’s where YG caught the attention of Jeezy and signed the young rapper to his CTE imprint. Jeezy seen YG’s appeal. He could make club bangers that could cross over and he also grabbed the streets with songs such as Heavy Hitter and My Nigga. DJ Mustard(whom produced Jeezy’s R.I.P.) was anointed to produce the entire album and the results were quite surprising.

DJ Mustard’s style of production is considered repetitive by many but throughout My Krazy Life he surprisingly provided a nice variety while keeping the California sound prevalent to the youth.  The opener track BPT is a great introduction of who YG really is, Where he’s from and whom he represents.  He’s showed that he’s trying to carve a niche instead of being another rapper trying to cash in on a quick buck. Bickin Back Bool is another banger that paints a graphic picture of the constant gang violence thats still going on in Compton.



The influence of the 90’s Death Row west coast sound is evident here and that  would most likely draw the older fans to My Krazy Life . Everything from the skits and how the album is sequenced is reminisce of that of the Chronic and Doggystyle albums. One of my personal favorites is Do it To Ya featuring a catchy chourse from  where Mustard puts a new school twist to the classic Dogg Pound single Lets Play House and pay homage to the Pound with the Nostalgic video.



As for guest appearances. The cast pretty much hold their own and carry a load considering YG isn’t the best lyricist out there.  The Drake featured Who Do You Love would have been possibly one of the strongest verses he’s ever came with, That is until it was revealed that most of the portions of his verse came from Rappin 4 Tay’s Playa’s Club. The track nevertheless  has been heating up clubs all over the country and gave him mainstream flare.

Kendrick Lamar does a superb job on assistance on Drankin and Smokin which goes into the paranoia thoughts of YG’s everyday dealings with the street life and his reliance on Drank and weed to keep him sane from his problems. West Coast Young Gunners Jay Rock and School Boy Q turn it to a gangsta party on the funked out I Wanna Party.

There are instances where the production sounds repetitive and YG’s simple flow and at times struggle raps are at times unbearable on certain songs but this was surprisingly a strong debut from the young emcee from Bompton. Fans of West Coast hip hop should check this out


Vic Rating: 8 outta 10



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  1. Goo says:

    YG’s songs are very good…

    by GooPag

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