Sign a Petition for a Retrial of Wrongly Convicted Black Man

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In 2002, my husband Alfred Robinson was convicted of a crime that he did not commit and sentenced to 33 years to life in jail. The year prior, Alfred testified in a criminal trial in which he had no involvement, but was believed to be an eyewitness. Alfred was given specific instructions by the prosecutor to say that he saw something that he did not see. Unwilling to do so, he spoke the truth under oath. Doing so cost him dearly as the DA helped to jail Alfred based on a vendetta against him.

<strong>Over the years, evidence has come out to prove that Alfred did not commit the crime. The District Attorney’s office has possessed this newly discovered evidence since 2007, but has never offered Alfred a hearing to review it. Nor has anyone followed up with the person who confessed (he is in jail).
Alfred deserves a fair hearing to prove that he didn’t commit this crime. I’m calling on the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and our local District Attorney William Fitzpatrick to give him a new trial. And I need your help to do so — please sign my petition!

The DA in Alfred’s case was known to do whatever was necessary to win a case. He often instructed witnesses about their testimony like he did with Alfred. In this case, the DA relied on several witnesses’ “testimonies” in exchange for giving them lighter sentences. Alfred’s trial attorney also did not create a defense for him, despite the fact his alibi could have been confirmed since my son was born the night before the incident.

Witnesses, including the victim, came forward with sworn affidavits recanting their testimony in 2007. The person who committed the crime also gave a sworn confession giving details of the crime as well as the location of the weapon. I have all of the signed affidavits to prove it.

<strong>Alfred has been in jail for nearly 13 years, since our son was two days old. It breaks my heart everyday to look at my son knowing that he may never get to experience a relationship with his dad outside of prison walls. It is my hope that getting this petition signed by enough people will get New York State to grant Alfred a hearing, or even better yet, a new trial.

WE ALREADY HAVE 75K signatures! Lets bring this brother home!

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