Lil Wayne Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Review


The Cash Money Empire is currently in serious jeoprady of crashing down heavily. Between Tyga has shown public disgust for the Cash Money/Young Money imprint, Nicki Minaji resorting to putting out semi porno videos and Drake being smacked up by Diddy in nightclubs. 2014 is looking like the end of a era and despite Birdman’s and Mack Maines efforts to minimize the obvious tension, It’s showing no signs of slowing down. Especially when their flagship artist Lil Wayne posted up cryptic tweets about wanting to leave Cash Money and was unhappy at the label.


To further add more speculation of tension amongst the camp, it seems as though Baby has focused more of his attention on Atlanta Rapper “Young Thug” whom is clearly a moist version of Lil Wayne and actually a clone. Young Thug also seemingly has Lil Wayne’s spot within the mainstream.

With Baby currently managing Thugga and spending more time with him, Wayne seemed to have had enough and focused more on the sequel to his Sorry For the Wait series which is an apologetic approach to deliver his fans new music when the label are stalling.

On the Opening song Coco Wayne wasted no times to let off the shots at his former employer.
Who kept this shit together Nigga me thats who
Who was there when niggas left, It was me thats Who
Cash Money is an Army and I’m a one man Army
If them Niggas coming for me Im going out like Tony

The shots continue throughout the scathing track as he refers to Birdman as the “Ugly Duckling” while showcasing that he can still rap. Its a great way to set off the tape and sure to leave people talking.

Sorry 4 the Wait II is basically a continuation of the Weezy tape series of him taking hot of the moment beats and putting his style to it to make them his own tracks. Wayne is spitting more aggressively and his flow is more energetic than ever. One of my favorite tracks off the tape is Trap house where he aggressively attacks the track like a ferocious tiger. The opening lines to the track shows that he’s also socially aware with whats going on and he tackles the issue briefly of Police brutality and Obama’s incompetence to speak up:

These crooked ass cops still winning/ Black Man Family still mourning/ Black President aint do nothing/ We need a real nigga in that office.

Although Wayne stayed away from the topic for the majority of the song, It’s still flashes of the Lil Wayne from the Drought 3. He continues to bring that energy on songs such as Hot Nigga(which throws more darts at Cash Money), Dreams and Nightmares, Try Me, and Selsun Blue.

What many folks would probably find very odd about this tape is how Wayne constantly using “Young Thug’s sound” throughout the tape. Whereas many people believe that Lil Wayne is possibly either biting. It should be noted that this was Lil Wayne’s original flow and that Young Thug along with many have takened many pieces of Wayne’s style from his previous work and tried to make it as their own. He actually showcases why he’s the originator on the songs Hollyweezy and You Guessed It which could also be takened as a direct shot at Thugga by telling him I can take your style and make better songs out of it.

As for guest appearances. Its kinda of what brings the tape down in replay value. Aside from Preach featuring 2 Chainz has that nice early 2003 trap music type of vibe to it could have easily fit during the Carter 1-2 era, The rest of the guests don’t really bring much into the equation. Songs featuring the Young Money artists such as Get Use to It(Featuring Drake), The really god awful remake of Drunk in Love(Christina Milian) and Admit it(featuring Shantell) doesn’t help matters either. It’s the same stuff we’ve heard from Weezy from years and with everything thats going on, You would think he would have more to bring into the table other than the typical Money, Drugs, Pussy, and Gun talk.

But nevertheless, this is possibly the best work Wayne has delivered in years. He showed that he still has the aptitude to actually put out good music when motivated and proved there was a reason why people gave him praise as a top rapper during his peak. He seemed to have felt that his back was against the wall and that he had to prove not only to the game but also himself that he can still put it down like before.

The tape still has bright spots and the shots he threw at Cash Money is sure to keep people talking for a long time and with the current lawsuit he filed against his former label. It’s not looking to be appearing to die down any soon.

Vic Rating: 7 out of 10

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  1. Dough says:

    Good accurate review I agree with this 100%

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