Future Prospects(Mister Mugg and Dough Fresh Da Don)

Hip Hop has always been a melting pot in terms of Underground talent, We forever so often get distracted with whats going on within the mainstream that we often overlook how the music scene under the radar is thriving full of Young, Hungry and unheard emcees who have potential to bring the game back to prominence. With me being a contributor to the Grid 10 Website and being a host of Off the Cuff Radio which is a Underground Hip Hop Podcast alongside Ila Da Sandman And Sage Mckenze, I’m often exposed to more new talent and Here are two emcees whom I discovered not too long ago.


I’ve had Mr Mugg on our show recently and he’s a very humble cat representing the heart of Tennessee. Mugg’s Analysts on Professional Wrestling was what drew us to his You Tube channel but what We didn’t realize is that Mr Mugg was also a emcee who could actually get BUSY! The Track I wish I Had Money Like You takes aim at hip hop’s obsession with cliche money songs about strippers, clubbing, blowing racks and having nothing to show. He’s a huge advocate of the hardcore aspect of hip hop and actually lived what he rapped about. He also apart of an clothing brand and production company titled the Tennessee Butchers so he’s really looking forward to crossing to different levels in 2015. Check out the the interview We did with Muggs recently along with his music, Clothing lines and projects that he has lined up. Information is on the bottom:

For Mr Mugg Music:

For Tennessee Butchers Merchandise:

Our Interview with Mr Mugg


black rebel muziq

The Second Prospect I discovered residing out of Louisville Kentucky(Home of the Legendary Muhammad Ali) is Dougpresh Da Don. When you listen to Dough’s music, You can tell that he’s not only a real fan and observant of rap culture but he also took time to really build his craft. He’s becoming more of a well rounded artist and showing that Kentucky has alot to offer to the Culture as well. He touches on all the elements that many of these so called Keep it Real rappers are afraid of touching and thats reality. Up and Down Relationships, Crimes occurring in the streets, Racism, and the important aspect of bossing up. Instead of running to labels, He created his own movement and President of Black Law Rebel Muziq so stay in tuned for All Disrespect Intended Volume 2 in March!

Link to his music:


King Eric Da Ruler

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