Vic’s Top 5 Underated Diss Tracks Part III

On the Set of "State Property 2" - March 12, 2004

5. Beanie Sigel-Your Average Cat

This came across as a shocker at the time. Over the years JayZ fell out with many of his peers whom helped build and maintain the Rocafella empire. Everyone from Dame, Jaz-O, Biggs, , along with artists whom were under his jurisdiction have aired their grievance about Jay’s character and business practices. But when Beanie Sigel whom remained neutral and even loyal to JayZ during the breakup took it to wax and aired out his former Mentor/Friend. It was considered a shocker and revealed that something has to be shady within Jay’s character for one of his loyal soldiers to air him out like this. Average Cat wasn’t your typical diss record, It was an anger filled letter of a man whom felt betrayed by someone whom he had alot of love and laid down his life for.


4.Kendrick Lamar Control Verse

This wasn’t really a diss record but more of a roll-call to his peers to step up to the plate and out rap him. Considering today’s Politically Correct environment and how rappers today are on some BFF shit. Kendrick calling out his peers to compete breathed fresh life into the culture. Instead of reaching for Top 40 hits, Rappers were trying to OUT RAP him and that was healthy.

Kendrick ruffled alot of feathers with his King of New York line(mainly Papoose) and hurt alot of feelings(Drake) Pusha T answered the roll call and jumped on the track with Kendrick, Many others replied back but hardly a peep from the people he called out(Drake, Mac Miller, Wale’, Tyler Creator, ASap Rocky, J Cole)


3.Meek Millz-You’re Next Kendrick(Cassidy)

Kendrick Lamar reignited the competitive flame in the rap game in the summer of 2013 with his jaw dropping verse off Big Sean’s Control track. Calling out alot of his peers for a battle or to out do him on a record, Many of the names mentioned refused(Drake, Wale, Mac Miller, Tyler) and that opened the door for many irrelevant rappers to come in and answer the challenge thus derailing alot of the momentum. But Philly Rapper and battler Meek Mill answered K.Dot’s roll call and responded with You’re Next Kendrick which addressed the challenge and mainly responded to Cassidy’s Raid diss record.

Raid was looked upon as the record to have sealed Meek’s fate and Cass was looked upon as the victor.Meek surprisingly came out of nowhere with this a VERY strong comeback, He ripped through the classic beef instrumentals from Hit Em Up, Either, Who Shot Ya,,.Cassidy’s comeback was decent and seemed to have been thrown off guard. His comeback drew out too long and He seemed to have aired out too many of his bullets on RAID.

Hardest lines:

This verse is gonna hit you than that Car Crash that you should have died in and I’m mad that you survived in

50 cent TIA TOLD ME

2.50 Cent – Officer Ricky

When Rick Ross threw a shot at 50 on his street single Mafia Music, This was all that was needed to awaken a sleeping giant. 50 before the Ross issue was baiting rappers left and right only for his peers to ignore him because they know there’s no gain in going to war with 50. When Ross threw the first shot, 50 unleashed an onslaught of diss records, cartoons, skits, and had Ross’s crew members beatdown and mashed in the streets.

50 was deadly before but with him having more options and money made him more deadlier, He made it a mission to destroy Ross as a Man and thats what he did with Tia Told Me.

Sampling the classic Michael Jackson Never Say Goodbye track, 50 took his taunts to the next level by bragging about sleeping and taking Ross’s baby mother shopping, 50 threw more shade at Ross’s phony Kingpin image, Cop background and how he’s really in the hole.

Ross survived 50’s wrath and didn’t get Ja Ruled but the stigma from 50’s wrath is felt today as Ross hasn’t even touched platinum despite million dollar pushes from Def Jam.


1. Pusha T-Exodus 23:1

Lil Wayne and Pusha T haven’t seen eye to eye for over a decade and been trading shots for a minute. Things came back to a head after things cooled off when Pusha released Exodus 23:1 which seemed to have went at Drake at first but since Lil Wayne jumped in with a quick reply titled Goulish calling Pusha’s name, It became full fledge again.

Due to the fact that Kanye and Wayne work together, The battle would have been considered bad business and the situation became resolved. But with revelations of how Lil Wayne is currently fighting for his career against Cash Money, It seems as if Pusha T spoke of Prophecy and predicted Wayne’s future fate as an artist.

The hardest lines:


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