Non-Phixon-The Future is Now Review

This was possibly one of the most unique releases of 2002. What drew me was the production lineup that these guys recruited for this album. All of the Boom Bap heavy hittters from DJ Premier, JuJu from the Beatnuts, Pete Rock, Large Profesor and Necro(whom formed a cult like underground following with his Brutality style music) were contributing to this project so these kids would have to really be nice for them to get that impressive lineup correct?

When I finally gave this project a listen, I was surprised by how well all 3 of these emcees meshed together. One of the rappers named Oretex is more of that brash brutal In Your Face type Emcee, Sabac is more conscious and political with Ill Bill being in the middle. One of my personal favorite cuts is CIA trying to Kill Me which touches on Government corruption and Sabac’s flow is extraordinary. A nice mixture of sounding paranoid and also being informative. The Artwork is a true reflection of whats brought to the table with this album’s content. When listening to songs such as Black Helicopters, Suicide Bomb, and Cult Leader, You can feel how it ranges from Futuristic to rebellious whenever it be lyrically or Sonically. Cult Leader is very insightful as they dig into the perspective of a Jim Jones Cult leader. Whenever these Bars were heavily drug induced, Preached expression of Anarchy and political awareness. They do a superb job of following up with the representation of what the album cover represents.

They also have some bangers for hip hop heads as well: Tracks such as Its Us, If It Got Love and Rock Stars gives Boom Bap fans something to sink their teeth into and all 3 of these guys do a magnificent job of not allowing the production to really outshine them. I wish they would have featured some guests here and there to really pounce on some of the hard hitting sound-drops(Royce, Freddie Foxxx, Kool G Rap, Ras Kass would have done wonders here” But this was possibly one of 2002 finest releases and a absolute surprise banger. Definitely worth checking out if its not out of print!

King Eric Rating: 9.0 Outta 10

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