Joe Budden- Some Love Lost Review

Joe Budden

Joe Budden is a very strange character. What makes him unique is not only his candid wordplay, and Cleverly executed punchlines but also the fact that he’s possibly one of the most brutally honest amongst this generation. Rappers try to maintain a image, Joe Budden’s life is a open book for the world to see.  You know when he’s happy, You know when he’s sad, You know he’s depressed and he knows how to appeal to the regular everyday person.  There isn’t many rappers that are willing to put their insecurities out on display for the world to listen and this is what made Budden a standout and rejuvenated his career after he got dropped from Def Jam.

No Love Lost was Joey clearly happy. Some Love Lost is Joe battling through his demons, insecurities, and showed trepidations of the cards that is thrown in his life. The EP is a very somber journey of Joey’s current mental state and Joey’s pain has always brought the best out of him musically as evident on the Mood Muzik series. The Vibe throughout Some Love Lost is that of somber, and dark. The album’s first track The Way You Love Me is the introduction to the dark times of Joe Budden, Very candid and honest to where he claimed to have known “How Robin Williams felt” which revealed suicide thoughts and the pain his up and down relationship with Tahiry caused him.

Only Human is no question the best track on the EP. This 8 minute journey is a open book of Budden’s testimonies and revelations that he’s been hiding from the masses. From being more detailed with his Suicidal threats, current legal problems and drug addictions, Budden clearly takes his art as a form of escapism and this is where he excels.

The rest of the album flows through the roller coaster course of Joe Budden’s depressing mental state.  On Poker in the Sky He speaks on dealing with his Grandfather’s battle with Cancer while he tackles how  how he felt when Tahiry rejected his proposal on National Television on his Ordinary Love series with the 4th Installment titled OLS4.

Overall there isn’t a bad track within this whole 6 track EP. You may listen to this project feeling that Budden is a Sycophant that brought alot of these problems on his self. But as he stated, He’s Only Human and trying to find his way in the puzzle of life. Many are feeling like Joe at this stage, He just happens to put his personal battles out on display which has also made him such a remarkable emcee.

King Eric Review:9.5 outta 10(Its not a 10 because he left out Devil in the Room)

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