50 Cent-Get Rich or Die Trying Soundtrack Review

50 cent

Rewind back to 2005. This was the time period where 50 Cent was officially a made man. From surviving the wild streets of South-side Jamaica Queens to getting shot 9 times to being black balled and fighting his way through the politics of the music industry and beefs within the streets. 50 capped off 2003 with possibly the biggest selling album of the year and grabbed the rap game by the choke-hold. He held on the grip tight and released his Sophomore album The Massacre which broke monster first week numbers doing 1.4 million the first week.

50’s business acumen was not only that of a rapper but he wanted to build a empire. With his magic touch, He made sure guys within his circle Lloyd Banks, Game, Young Buck went platinum and took time to focus on G-Unit Records by signing Mobb Deep, M.O.P, Spider Loc, Oliva in a attempt to give them a opportunity to shine within their own light and in cases of M.O.P. and Mobb Deep rejuvenate their careers.

The beefs with D-Block, Terror Squad, Nas, Game did little to slow down 50’s momentum within the mainstream as he took advantage of his star power and became a prime example of “striking while hot”. If it wasn’t littering the streets with mixtapes, He was releasing clothing, sneakers, Inking deal with Vitamin water and closed the year out in starring in his own Bio Pic titled Get Rich or Die Trying which foretell 50’s rise from the streets to rap superstar.

Following his buddy Eminem’s Footsteps, 50 wanted to craft a soundtrack that not only captured the feel of the picture but he also wanted to use the soundtrack to showcase other members on the G-Unit roster. The GRODT Soundtrack showcased 50’s improved ability to really craft songs. You can hear the artistic growth on tracks such as “What If, Things Changed, and When it Rain it Pours where 50 tackled the hardships of 50’s character Marcus over a very somber and instances depressing Dr Dre beat .

Hustler’s Ambition remains as one of the album’s best track and possibly one of the best 50 has done in his entire career. The song sets the theme of the movie with perfection. 50 writes from the prospective of his character(which parallels with himself in instances) whom is heavily ambitious on coming up from the slums and want the finer things in life.  This was what many consider 50’s “Lose Yourself” Window Shopper is another highlight which would be considered disrespectful and braggadocios. 50 also found ways to master the art of crooning and delivering addictive hooks which is evident on Window Shopper.  The soulful production which cleverly sampled Bob Marley’s Burning and Looting provides the perfect musical backdrop for 50 poke fun at his adversaries for being broke(Fat Joe, Nas, Ja Rule would be omitted from the retail version).


Even though 50 was the star of this album, Its his G-unit Comrades that shine the brightest throughout the soundtrack. Young Buck show’s total repugnance against the Police before it became trendy on Don’t Need No Help and on the very Rowdy I’ll Whip Yo Head Boy to show and prove that he was willing to shine in the midst of Game’s then departure. Buck throughout that time period also wanted to prove that he was more than just a “temporary replacement for Yayo”. M.O.P. brought arm and hammers to the very cinematic Death Around the Corner and Lloyd Banks still proved to be one of the nicest to come out of Queens on Born Alone Die Alone. Officer I Don’t Know is where 50 gives Mobb Deep, Spider Loc, and even Mase their time to shine. Surprisingly Mase has the best verse on here and threw shots at Dipset and Fabolous.

There were some misfires on here, Songs such as the Nate Dogg assisted Its a Party comes across too lazy. Between 50’s quick verse and just chanting GGGG GGG Unit along with a mediocre performance from Prodigy and a bland beat from Fredwreck.  Best Friend, We Both Think Alike and Talk About Me  are obvious commercial attempts ranging from Average to disappointing. But overall This was a superb release from the G-Unit camp. Many may argue that 50 started to spread himself too thin around this period but he still proved he had enough in his tank to deliver musically.

King Eric Review rating: 8.0 outta 10

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  1. AO says:

    Funny, this album is on my list to review for the upcoming year–it’s been a decade since it dropped.

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