Historic Day in hip hop: April 11th 1997

ice cube common

Many people today aren’t familiar with this date. Well This will always be remembered  a very important date amongst the Hip Hop culture. It was the day that the Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation Of Islam organized the “Hip Hop Summit” inviting all of the rappers whom were at the time engaging in “beefs” to air out their grievances and make peace. It was the day that whole “East Vs West” got put to rest. Shoutout to Davey D for the coverage:

Minister Louis Farrakhon and the Nation Of Islam for their continuous behind the scenes work with the hip hop community… For those who don’t know.. last Thursday, April 3 1997… Key figures in the rap industry were summoned to the NOI Chicago headquarters for an in-depth pow wow. The meeting was the result of several preliminary meetings which had taken two weeks prior.. Two were held at the NOI Mosque in Los Angeles.. The other was held in New York and the other was held in Atlanta.. The main thrust was to put an end to this so called East/ West rivalry and to point out the outside forces that are hard at work trying to fuel it.. As the Minister noted in his address a lot of the strife going down within hip hop is the result of an ‘unseen hand’ and lack of communication. On hand were artist like Snoop Dog, Tha Dog Pound, Ice Cube, Bones Thugs And Harmony, Channel Live, Nate Dog, Mack 10, WC, Too Short, Willie D of The Geto Boys, The Goodie Mobb, Fat Joe, and Chuck D to name a select few… One key player who wasn’t there was Sean Puffy Combs.. but his full support of this meeting was communicated to the folks in attendance. The end result of this meeting was the burying of the hatchet so to speak… In short the East/West Coast war is over and hip hop is about to embark on a whole new direction…

 The meeting to say the least was quite inspiring, beautiful and very spiritual.. It was the same type of vibe that existed during the Million Man March. Many of the artists who were in attendance did a lot of soul searching and dropped their egos and pride and reconciled whatever differences they had with one another…Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound got up and offered an olive branch to Bizzie Bone of Bones Thugs and Harmony… When the two embraced you could hear Bone saying..’Man I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time…’.. It was incredible…witnessing everyone just recommit themselves to uplifting and furthering hip hop…

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