(Our Newest show interviewing Stackz)

Let me be the first to thank EVERYONE who made my blog possibly one of the most viewed within the past couple of years. I’m almost at 500 post deep and I want to thank everyone who took time to phrased, write, and share my work because putting this site together required TONS of work. Even the haters because yall made my site circulate!

05/03/14 will forever be a memorable date for me because it was the first time that I came out of my shell and decided to want to do Hip Hop podcasts. As you can tell from the first couple of minutes of my first show, I was VERY Nervous, I’m not afraid of admitting it because this was my first time coming from behind the pen, the boardroom and into the airwaves.

The Original idea was me actually hosting a show by myself and interviewing different Indie artists while playing songs that radio are afraid of playing and not focusing on the mainstream side of things. But since alot of people claimed that My chemistry with BX Indie Artists Sage Mackenze and Illa Da Sandman blended masterfully, I thought I allow these brothers to co host with me and name ourselves the “Guillotine Team”

sandman and sage

What makes this show so special is that we not only debut exclusive songs, b-sides, the latest from rappers whom don’t get regular play but our show offers great insight on the Music Industry, The latest in Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Social Commentary of whats going on within our Communities and delivering solutions

Let me be the first to say. We are NOT Politically Correct. We don’t bite our tongues for ANYBODY. We speak on phony rappers, politicians, sellouts, as well as phrasing those who deserve phrase and respect.

Special shoutout to the Grid 10 team for allowing me a platform to use my craft, my voice and possibly introducing a new movement for hip hop. For those who haven’t checked out the website covering Sports, Politics, Music, Culture, and Latest News:


King Eric Da Ruler

About Vic Da Rula

What more can I say? I enjoy Hip Hop, Sports, and living the good life! var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname = "Escobar300(Covering Hip Hop Culture, Sports, and Events)"; a2a_config.linkurl = "";
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