The Tragedy of Jodeci


Jodeci’s rise and fall played out as another rags to riches tales we’ve heard many times within music . This was a group that had it all; The money, the fame, gorgeous women platinum records only to lose it all.  Jodeci’s story played out like a tragic Behind the Music special with them attempting to rise again and I felt that it should be told with the corded truth.

Many media publications wouldn’t give Jodeci their fair share of credit for some odd ball reason, Their story should be shared throughout because  you can learn from it. With this blog/write up here, I’m gonna go in full in-depth behind what possibly could have caused the downfall of one of R&B premier groups of the 90s.

jodeci 2

The Beginning of Jodeci
Jodeci came together as a group in the early 1990s emerging out of Charlotte N.C..  The group members consisted of brothers Kci and JoJo Haley, Devante Swing(whom was looking for work as a producer) and Dalvin Degrate. What come across as a surprise to many whom are familiar with Jodeci’s raunchy material is that these four inspiring singers started off as Gospel singers for Pentecostal Church in Charlotte NC. They originally pursued the Gospel route. They released Gospel songs and albums as Little Cedric and the Haley Singers. Dalvin’s Father was a minister so there was always a mutual interest of pursuing music. Devante left Charlotte N.C. at the age of 16 for Minneapolis Minnesota  in hope to work for Prince(whom was his idol). Prince turned him down and it hurt his feelings for little bit. But it didn’t stop his ambition as he returned to Charlotte to revamp his craft. JoJo recorded a song with him which brought along Kci and Dalvin shortly thus forming the group Jodeci was born and the four started on their journey for success.


Signing with Uptown and recording Forever My lady.
The group knew that in order to find success, They had to go outside of North Carolina. New York was where opportunities were endless and  their best chance of getting signed to a label. The Group  took their 29 recorded demo songs and took a grueling drove up to New York City to shop label deals. Things didn’t turn out as planned because they were rejected by almost every label executive. They had recorded the album over and over and tried submitting them to no avail. This wasn’t until Sean Combs(now known as Puff Daddy) start giving them guidance on song direction and took the talented trio under his wing. This was Puff’s first opportunity to really make it big and he saw a serious diamonds in the ruff.

Puffy was the type of A&R that the group needed, He was hungry, he was aggressive, and he knew Jodeci had superstar potential, He started by pushing for the release of Gotta Love and was facing the risk of being terminated by Andre Harell if the video and song didn’t take off. Puffy took a 100% control of the direction of the single, If it wasn’t dancing in the rain, directing the video himself or even shooting a side video for Stay which would be the group’s potential next single.

The interesting aspect about the creative process of the single Forever My Lady was that it wasn’t even supposed to have been even a single. It was actually a interlude which transformed into a song. The Controversy about the song at the time was the opening line of Forever My lady where Kci sung “You’re having my baby ” which drew concern because they were pretty much teenagers at the time. Written by Al B Sure! Kci felt uncomfortable in singing it and Devante resented it but it made sense business wise to go with it and it became the smash hit the group needed.

Stay was another interesting single because it wasn’t even a Jodeci song.It was a song written for AL B Sure! But he didn’t want it so Devante changed the whole entire sound of the track around and added the rest of the group on the re-arranged track. Al B Sure! also has a version titled Stay on his 2nd album but He also wanted to keep the track Touch You so it wouldn’t be no confusion amongst the releases. Come and Talk to Me and the I’m Still Waiting Remix were more sexually charged and officially crossed the group over into the mainstream. Both of the songs reached #1 on the Billboard which followed sensuous remixes. These two songs were what made Jodeci certified sex symbols and officially put the trio from Charlotte North Carolina on the map.

jodeci 4

Jodeci started working on their second album titled Diary of a Mad Band after the success of Forever My Lady started to wane and it grew more anticipation. Devante started to become more of a hermit in the studio as the pressure to excel expectations grew much bigger than their previous. He knew the group needed new sounds and new creative energy so he recruited future superstars whom were  then unknowns Missy Elliott, Timbaland  for direction. From January 1993 to August 1993 The camp worked extremely hard at creating Diary of a Mad Band. Resulting in close to 96 tracks. 20 of them were keyboards and another 20 of them were background vocals so that was really most of Jodeci’s sound, keyboards, background vocals and really loud drums.

The direction of Diary of a Mad Band was more experimentation. The up-beat New Jack Swing sound of Al B Sure! was obsolete and more replaced with updated hip hop like sounds(As you can hear on the track You Got it With Redman) and Wont Waste You) The Group also found that perfect balance of balancing sexual grooves with  Grown and Sexy Love Ballads which showed the group’s sensitive  side as well. The Tracks such as  Cry 4 U, My Heart Belongs to You, and What About Us were sultry enough for audiences whom loved Neo Soul and the more clean cut R&B styles.

They also knew how to push their image of being R&B Bad Boys with sexualized  songs such as Feelin, Ride and Slide, and Sweaty. Diary of a Mad Band  became Devante Swing’s blueprint as a producer and really certified him as a official Musical Genius or as Prince Charles Alexander(The groups Audio mixer, engineer, and studio musician for the album) would say, A “Charlie Parker” in the making.

Diary of a Mad Band would be critically acclaimed as Jodeci’s best overall album to date. The Group dodged the sophomore jinx and sold even more copies than their debut with 2 million sold all across the U.S. and Worldwide. The album’s singles Feelin and Cry for You would become instant classics which made Jodeci’s stock sky rocket. Devante Swing started to become the go to guy for work next to Dr Dre and Teddy Riley during that time period as well. Producing for acts such as Usher, Changing Faces, Al Green, Tha Dogg Pound, H-Town, Tony Thompson and the late Tupac Shakur.


Drunk in Success

With two smash hit albums under the group’s resume within a 2 year span. The Crossover notoriety became new to the band and they were exposed to a different lifestyle that was totally the polar opposite from their upbringing:  Gorgeous Women,  lavish cars, homes, millions of dollars in their bank accounts, The Group was finally living the dream that they have sacrificed and worked hard to achieve. But what they would soon find out is that with the success comes a heavy price to pay.

With the success of Diary of a Mad Band came controversy. Kci formed a intimate relationship with fellow star singstress Mary J Blige and while they sound great on record together(Their chemistry was amazing). It was the polar opposite of what they were presenting to the public. Constant Drinking, Drugs, KCi’s affairs with different women along with rumors of alleged abuse from both sides pretty much plagued their relationship and became R&B’s new version of Ike and Tina Turner.

While Kci was battling his own intimate problems, That also increased alot of his drinking as well as JoJo’s whom both have a history of alcoholism that runs into the family. The Group would also run into serious controversy when Devante and Kci were accused of raping a female fan, but it was later thrown out of the window due to misrepresentation of evidence. The group were clearly influenced by their new industry peers(Mainly Suge Knight and Death Row) and started to act out more in public. Shortly They were found guilty of gun charges but were reduced to community service. Despite the troubles, it didn’t slow down the groups popularity one bit as they continued to get work throughout the industry and Devante continued to be in high demand for work.


The 1993 Robbery, Affiliation with Death Row and The Show, After Party and Hotel

The home invasion attack of Devante Swing in the summer of 1993 has been the heavy topic of questioning for many years. Many even put the blame on Suge Knight for possibly orchestrating the attack. But whatever happened that night literally changed Devante’s life forever and he clearly was never the same person. Intruders broke into Devante’s home in New Jersey and robbed him at gunpoint for 20,000 worth of Jewelry along with pistol whipping and assaulting him. Rumors even went as far to claim he was even “sodomized” during this attack. Its clearly something occured during this event because he traumatized him and his erratic behavior since the incident would show signs of that. It seems that he wanted to showcase his masculinity to hide that harsh reality.

The group along with Mary J Blige at that time wanted away from Puffy’s direction and Suge Knight was the one that was willing to offer top bidder for them. Devante would do production work for the Above the Rim and Murder was the Case Soundtracks along with future projects with Death Row artists, This was also the best time to push the groups image to the max with them being considered the “Bad Boys of R&B”. With Suge Knight and Death Row Records basically cosigning them, It gave the group more of a street edge than before.

There were rumored incidents of Suge literally trying to punk Devante out of production credits like he has many artists and writers during that period. It gotten bad to the point where Mike Tyson allegedly had to intervene and take up for Devante whom at that point was on the verge of a  psychological breakdown. The Haley brothers were swimming even more into the pool of drugs and Alcoholism but the hits kept on coming so nobody really saw it as a serious issue.

The group started to work on their 3rd album titled The Show, The After party and Hotel during the summer of 1994 and released it the following year in the summer of 1995. This was the album that showed the direction of a slowly but surely breakdown of the group. They strayed away from the church influence of their first album and the love ballads of their second which gave them that support This album pushed the explicit envelope to where it was considered tasteless at times with the skits. The Death Row influence was heavily involved with more of a West Coast flow structure for the majority of the album.  It comes across very crass and showed a group drunk within their own fame and indulgence of the Industry lifestyle The album did pretty well on the charts and remains as one of the best sellers of 1995. But little did the fans know that this would be the last Jodeci album.

Devante vanished out of the limelight shortly after and put alot of his energy on developing new and hungry talent. Devante had so many potential  stars under his jurisdiction  that its a shame that he didn’t even remain a player in the Industry. He put together next level talent such as Missy Elliot, Ginuwine, Tweet, Timbaland, Magoo, Sista,  and Static Playa would be known as Da Basement.

Devante played the role of teacher, father figure, drill instructor, and handler to the group. But there was times where Devante’s demons would start to get the best of him and his erratic behavior would lead to him shouting at the group thus intimidating them many times which further led him to becoming very distant and very unapproachable.

Da Basement crew felt torn. They felt that they owed their lives to Devante for teaching them and grooming them as artists but felt they had to stray away from him somehow Devante’s personal demons and his obsession to keep them under his thumb  was also keeping them from reaching their true potential. Devante would put out one more single from the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack titled Gin and Juice which clearly showed the decline in Devante’s creativity as a producer. He would disappear and fade to black while Da Basement members would land record deals as solo artists and producers.


KCi and JoJo on the other hand would enjoy success as a duo. They were featured on Tupac’s biggest records How Do U Want It, and  Toss it Up  on Death Row and continued to affiliate themselves with the Death Row camp. However due to Tupac’s tragic death, Suge being incarcerated and the company become directionless. Death Row’s empire crumbled in late 1996.The Brothers decided to take a different musical direction and it took a huge risk.  The KC and JoJo albums were critically acclaimed and did well. It showed that the two has matured and showed more growth as men. Mr Dalvin would produce tracks on those albums and would release his own solo album in 2000 titled Met.A.Mor.Phic. The solo projects kept the group members name out there but it’s the Jodeci album that the crowd wanted.

jodeci reunion

Since their bizarre appearance in the BET 2001 awards, The group has been promising a “reunion” for almost a decade in a half. But judging by Kci and Jojo’s public struggle with alcoholism along with Devante Swing’s downfall from grace(which was evident in 2010 when he was video having a breakdown at a Subway in LA). It was evident that the Industry lifestyle swallowed these four up and spat them out. They really lived out their image of being the Bad Boy’s within R&B and it seemed to have caught up with them:

There were still instances where a reunion was highly possible, Jodeci as a collective would do shows together and appear on tracks for local artists but nothing official for a new album. Devante even reunited with KC and JoJo and did a track with H-Town titled “Knocking Your Heels off “thus building more anticipation for a possible reunion.

Just recently Devante took pictures alongside Timbaland and Mr Dalvin giving fans a glimpse of hope that a new album which would be close to 20 years in the making is on the horizon. Many long time fans are souped but at the same time very doubtful that the album is gonna come into fruition unless the guys have their heads and spirits together

jodeci LEGACY
Their Legacy

To see the demons that these four battle overtake them and send them on a path down destruction made a great rise and fall type story for that of a bio pic. Jodeci’s story should be told because when they were on top, They pushed creative boundaries, made timeless music, and inspired many to follow their blueprint. Their downfall  were mainly caused by  the vices of sex, drugs, fast money, alcohol and hard living. It’s usually the story of many groups of Jodeci’s stature.

Fans of the group are still holding on and hoping at this point that they can finally rid themselves of the demons and  come together one more time as a collective. Many groups have ripped their sound, their style, their image and it should be the time for them to come back one more time and let them the new generation know why they were considered the best group of the 90s.

Vic Da Ruler

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87 Responses to The Tragedy of Jodeci

  1. Myke Wayne says:

    That was excellent

  2. Sherrell Martin says:

    Really wish they would come out with a new album.

  3. The downfall of Jodeci, especially Devante, is one of the saddest tales in modern music.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Especialy when this cat had billion dollar talent in his camp

    • Amatullah says:

      Clearly something emotionally devastating had to have happened to him to cause him to breakdown like that. I believe the story regarding the home invasion. Lets us know the dark and evil presence that exists in that industry.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Something had to happen to dude.. he started acting and looking more bizarre since that incident. Getting more tattoos, pushing more sexually charged songs on his albums. It seems like a attempt to show his masculinity

  4. Shan says:

    Wow, what an eye opener. Never knew all that stuff happened to Jodeci especially Devante. The groups a legend!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I honestly didn’t know the group individually until reading this article which broke everything down. I have seen recent photos of De’Vante on Instagram, people making fun of his image because of his most recent appearance on BET. I was curious to know just who this man was and why everyone was making fun of him, now that I know I feel horrible and wish that people wouldn’t be so cruel! This is a nasty world we live in and people, especially our people, will do anything to bring one another down. Watching that video of him in the restaurant was just so sad to me. You never really know what people are going through behind all of the fame and fortune.

    • Yonni says:

      Everything You Said … So True. It’s Just Awful. No One Can Live Peacefully.

    • Keva Sterling says:

      Very well said!
      My heart goes out to him. I wish him courage, strength and endurance through his rough times. God be with you and bring you peace!

  6. Yonni says:

    DeVante’s Story Was So Sad And Tragic. I Mean I Wouldn’t Even Know How To Approach Him Afterward. How Do You Move On From Something So Awful Like That. Must Be One Hell Of A Drug. #DeVante

  7. JodeciFan4eva says:

    As a Jodeci follower and fellow NCarolinian, I have always said that DeVante is a musical genius. I would still put him up against any producer today. Just listen to his production on the Jodeci albums. I hope the new album reflects his writing and creative production abilities b/c dude is bad to the bone! I am so happy for them…

  8. Ken says:

    Insightful but poorly written. As a writer/blogger you immediately lose credibility with your audience because of your inability to effectively communicate. Poorly constructed sentences and fraught with grammatical errors ; it was difficult to read through to the end.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Considering the fact that my blog is growing more and more by the day, I’m connecting pretty well despite your claims of my “Inability to effectively communicate”. But thanks for the feedback. I wrote this at 4 in the morning and will have editors to post the article on our main page in the future.

      • Cali Gal says:

        He.s right. It was awfully written. It was difficult understanding your sentences. Sooo many grammatical errors. I had to GUESS what you were trying to say. If you are pursuing this industry, AT LEAST know your job. You need to go back to school. You don t have a clue how to write.
        Just because your blog is “growing” as you claim, it doesn’t mean not stupid A.F. Remember that!

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        You care to play grammar police and actually edit my shit? Otherwise shut the fuck up. I wrote this shit at 4 AM in the damn morning and I currently have people editing it for me so I can transfer it into a blog for the future page for our website.

        And who is you to tell me how to do my shit and Ive been doing this since 2000? Wheres your resume’? wheres your blog? what do you do? How much traffic you generating? Show me statistics and Ill respect your opinion

      • evangeleine says:

        Who’s ever concept or concerns this is not about you it’s about making sure that things like this don’t happen to the one’s you will raise in the future and I PREY that another person who is with you see how stupid your mantality is an leave your ass for some one else to raise your off spring

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        What in the hell are you talking about?

      • evangeleine says:

        I APPOLOGIZE IF.This remark about what I wrote had problems with reading it IF IT WAS NOT ADDRESSED TO ME I DO APOLOGIZE

      • evangeleine says:


      • Vic Da Rula says:

        OK I misunderstood what you meant. My apologies go out.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree that credibility was lost bc of the poor grammar.

  9. Swiftdevine says:

    Dude you need to remove the alleged ‘rape’ comment. That is ridiculous! Go to the 9:00 mark within the attached link. DeVante talked briefly about the ‘robbery’ less than 2-months after the robbery took place. That dude isn’t ‘tramatized’. People will write/say anything for viewership.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Dude, Member of Sista said that Devante’s behavior was erratic and bizarre when he was working with them. If you re-read the article(Which I truly can tell that you didn’t) I only brought up that it was RUMORED, I never said it was a factual.

      Of course he’s gonna downplay the robbery. Dudes have reputations to protect.

  10. Corvette says:

    Great story I am always glad to hear someone is still checking for Jodeci who was my favorite RnB group of the early 90’s. I hope they have their heads on straight and are ready to reclaim the throne because together they are amazing! Hope to hear more about them soon with the release of their new cd which I will be buying!

  11. Keysha says:

    Interesting article. There are a ton of grammatical errors, but the story itself was quite insightful.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      I’m getting it edited soon as I get time. I did this writeup at like 4 in the morning

      • Ellen Cheej says:

        Why are people worried about the grammar is that all they got at least you took time out to tell the story.

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        Its just folks wanting a reason to be a critic instead of soaking information.. You know how many shit punctuations be in these magazines? I can respect the criticism but folks talking that “I can’t really read it” are full of it.

  12. Theruggedchild says:

    I miss Jodeci. I hope somehow they can come together and make a new album. Everyone that knows Jodeci knows that “sound”. I don’t know if it was the old 808 with there voices, or what?… But It’s unmatched. They truly are legends.

  13. Well the Lord works in mysterious ways and they need to forgive and let pride go .

  14. leslie says:

    What tragedy are you guys talking about? We should give people a break. They have been in the business for years. Of course they have they’re ups and downs just like most people have whether famous or not. They have a new album out called, Past, Present & Future. I suggest you guys take a listen, it’s the same Jodeci. They really haven’t gone anywhere. When I first heard the album I felt as if they just turned right around and went back into the studio from doing they’re last album. They also have been performing live recently. We should be glad they’re back; thanks to the incredible talent of Devante Swing especially, his brother Dalvin, K-Ci and JoJo. They are legends in their own right and trendsetters. :).

  15. says:

    Good stuff here. Only minor item was that Jodeci began backing up Father MC prior to their 1st album. Again, minor. Great job!

  16. Love Music says:

    Thanks for the write-up. So many things I didn’t know about Jodeci. My only thing is the typos and the song “Feelin” should be “Feenin.”

    A quick way to spell check is to copy all of your written material and paste it into a word document and look for the corrections. The list of songs for each album will come up in a quick google search or by checking your music library. (I actually still have their albums)
    I’m happy they are back and I’m praying they can stay on the right path. I support Jodeci 100%.
    Let me know if you need an editor to review your posts before posting. (Especially for those 4am posts).
    Take Care and Keep Writing!

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      I sure definitely can use one.. I’m gonna email you about that!

    • danille says:

      It bothers me when a person can state a problem and not have any solutions. If you are the better writer what are your pointers on ways it could be improved. I just get tired of the lack of love and support for each other. I appreciate the story. I learned that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This group had the better part right there at that Pentecostal Church, protected from all this mess. The same people that praised them while they were high are the same laughing at them and tearing them down now. Many Sharks are out there in that industry, they use you, abuse you, and throw you away like trash. The cars, houses and females on tap just doesn’t last, and it’s definitely not worth your soul for material gain that’s now gone with the wind. Very talented young men. It’s a tragic story, only God can turn a tragedy into a triumph. The guy who gave the errors and how to correct them. I appreciate you

  17. Toni Warren says:

    Jodeci has made another c.d I think everyone should show them support The c.d sounds good to me Regardless of the falls they’ve been through they are still a good R&B group Who needs motivation and support from the fans that have brought them this far Help them keep up the good work Pray for Jo Jo hopefully the next c.d will feature him This c.d still sound good But you know A good voice is what it is

  18. Kelly Ro says:

    Jodeci s a quartet not a trio. Trio means three people in a group. As we all know Joseci is made up of four individuals meaning quartet. Also the song is Feenin not Feelin. I liked the article but please in the fact check and spell check before releasing material.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      You can’t even spell their name right and you telling me to spell check?

      • Debora says:

        I loved the article..there were some minor changes or corrections to be made..but i look@ it as being little attention getters..those who can do..those who don’t talk about those who do..i loved the music then..even more so today..THE GROUP JODECI ARE PEOPLE TOO..imperfect humans with beautiful talents in music & voices..I wonder if they would consider doing a Back to Happiness album with songs to live by?

  19. Nay says:

    Come on Jodeci! We miss your sound. You definitely can do it bring it back please. Peace.& Blessings to you all until I hear your soulful voices again.

  20. Tina says:

    They are very talented group. I hope to hear some great music from them.

  21. Evangeleine says:

    I can’t get over that in order for others not to be in danger he had to let them go to start there own or they’re life would have been different he new what they had planned and he wanted better for them a real man knows when he has to let go that’s real love it was not a putting money in his pocket it was about a new beginning for others not to be tooken advantage of so that many more could fly like I said that takes a real man with lots of love in his heart thanks devonte that took a lot out of you much love back to you D D -♡U WITH ALL MY HEART FOR A NEW GENERATION YOU NO IT ONLY TOOK ONE TO STAND TEACH LET GO AND RELEASE THAT LOVE TO THIS EARTH WITH OUT YOU THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT UP AND NEVER CHOSEN AND THERE EXPERIENCE WITH YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN HEARD THANKS AGAIN FOR RELEASING ♡ LOVE AND MUCH MORE TO U. EVANGELEINE

  22. Miz says:

    Why is that fat sick fuck Shug still alive?! with all the senseless deaths and murders, when will the world be rid of that demon! #IHATESHUGNIGHTWITHISFATBULLYSTANKASS

    • evangeleine says:


  23. evangeleine says:

    I was one who watched a rise but not a fall if people yes you the public could stop with the critisim and let people be who they are you already no how others feel when things happen like this it truly has happened to us all one way or another instead of criticism why not take it to another level by doing what he did by taking that anger and protecting others so it would not happen to them he had a chance at all that money but he did not take it if he took that road he would have put them in danger but instead he talt them how to do there own thing and set them free BE LEAVE IT OR NOT BUT THAT’S REAL LOVE OVER MONEY just thinking before we speak could make a lot of difference in some one elses life what I AM SAYING IS IT REFLECTS ON YOUR UP BRINGING MAKING U LOOK STUPID? SO ARE U

  24. Long prong Willie says:

    Commas, periods , exclamation points, ALL FREE NIGGA! gott damn! Learn to write!

  25. Vic Da Rula says:

    My point is this for those whom keep complaining about grammar. I did this article at 4 AM in the morning. I have a HEAVY plate. I run a business, I do radio, I do promotions and advertisement so I don’t have the time to sit behind a lap top and edit articles 23 hours all day.

    I edit to the best of my ability and for all yall who feel that they “can’t read it” heres my email: Get at me and Ill have you play grammar police and perfect my shit. Other than that. Quit bitching and moaning about grammar or not being able to “read it”.

  26. Cynthia Coley-Stokes says:

    Wow remarkable, just saw them tonight on the Apollo with host Steve Harvey. Seeing them brought tears to my eyes. I’m gonna be praying for them and pray that someone will reach back for them and extend another chance. THEY DESERVE IT! THERE IS MONEY AND FAME AWAITING THEM, FOR SURE!

  27. CL says:

    I appreciate your blog.. You represented Puffy, but he wasn’t the one who got Jodeci in the door at Uptown. It was Heavy D (RIP) who got the group in front of Andre Harrell and had them sing live for him. Puffy got involved as their A&R once they were signed and worked with them on their look. The talent was already there, the songs were already there. Al B. Sure! deserves a great deal of credit working with Devante on the production front and helping to restructure their demos.

  28. CL says:

    What I liked about Jodeci, was they didn’t seek crossover appeal. They sought to make Black Down South Soul Music that you could feel, Boyz II Men were created to for crossover appeal and Puffy worked to keep Jodeci street. I appreciated Boyz, but their music didn’t vocally move me, you knew KCi and JoJo came up in the church and you felt their voices. I really liked that about them, it was a shame to see them not take advantage of the momentum of The Show, The Hotel, The Afterparty and keep developing.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      That’s what made them standout.. I understood the mature approach they wanted to take after The Show, After Party and Hotel but the time was right in 2001 for a new Jodeci album and they never capitalized

  29. Mary Thomas says:

    I wish the group could realize the great extent of their talent and continue to rebuild their image as legends of hip-hop, grown and sexy music. Their music will live forever just like Frankie Beverly and Maze. Their music inspires couples, and express love, and degrees of relationships. Jodeci should consider performing in smaller venues, reaching back, touching upon your spiritual beginning, and recovery. Not being defined by their past but by their presence and their future. Give the glory to God. Using this approach and working together supporting each other on stage can elevate this legendary group into the atmosphere of success again . Being inspired by artists such as Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Gladys Knight , and making amends with Mary J Blige. Also consider approaching movie directors to use some of your music in movies . Tyler Perry might have some suggestions . Prayer, forgiveness, and love will keep this group together because with God all things are possible . I love the music so stay encouraged .

  30. Crystal says:

    Where’s the movie? I think it should air on VH-1 and it should be a 3-4 day event because they still have fans that would like to know what happen. Everyone else did a movie I think it y’all turn. Maybe the people who produce and/or directed New Edition should do Jodeci. Think about it we will be waiting.

    • Aisha says:

      According to Mr. Dalvin, VH-1 is in the process of producing the Jodeci biopic, it is scheduled to air on television in Spring 2018 🙂

  31. You did a lovely job Vic…Eric?. Just always put your best effort out to the public then you won’t have to put out excuses and reasons instead. But I enjoyed it, clearly a lot of work went into this post.

  32. Lovelace says:

    Excellent written pie e on Jodeci. I loved jodeci; during that time I was older teen and enjoyed the sexually charged/loved ballads and the hip-hop, gangsta songs. I definitely agree that the album “the show, after-party and hotel” was gonna be their last. It was definitely a good album but they looked drained and kinda unhappy. You felt that the energy wasn’t the same. And yeah, I totally heard that Devante had legends in Da bassment and he really messed that one up. All he needed was the right guidance and he would’ve built an empire but getting caught with Suge Knight wasn’t a good decision. Overall, their presence was so integral in the music industry. Their story needs to be told. I am totally still a fan of theirs and wish them success and internal healing.

      • Aisha says:

        This is a great story. There is no other talented 90s R&B male quartet other than Boys 2 Men than Jodeci. Devante and Dalvin were (and still are) musical geniuses, they could play every instrument. K-Ci and Jojo both have that rich, church sound that breathes life into their songs. I miss their music, I really do because they came out during an era when people actually SANG, and songs had aim and purpose, I’d rather listen to Jodeci than listen to that auto-tune bullshit that’s being played on the radio nowadays.

  33. Jenny says:

    Wow!!!!great article! There is a beginning and an end in all things!!!Star system is hard..nevertheless they are awesome!!Great artists!!!!!!

  34. Marilyn page says:

    ……..where may a video of jodeci 1995 concert at the Apollo theatre be found?!

  35. Minyonne Straughter says:

    I love jodici… I was happy to see they did a reunuion tour… I enjoyed seeing them perform the award show. Even all the guys in the audience sang along with the group.. I love u guys… Keep singing together. From a Detroit fan Minyonne straughter

  36. Yolie says:

    Vic don’t respond to the trolls, I enjoyed your article do your thing. If you feel there’s validity in some of the feedback thank the reader for it and let em know you’ll consider it. Done. The key is not to sink to the same level as the trolls.

  37. Jus says:

    Thank you for the article, some interesting history I’m sure many (as teenagers then) were not aware of.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to see Jodeci in L.A (Jan 2017) at the Rewind concert. No Devante, but everyone else turned up. You could hear the damage to the voices of Jojo and K-Ci, but when those Devante tracks dropped… you really couldn’t ask for more. Not being from the U.S, I never had a chance to see them live so it was a case of seeing them 23 years late, but it was well worth it. Listen to some of the tracks on Diary of a Mad Band and the dreamy sounds in the production of My Heart Belongs to You, then you’ll understand the talent that Devante had. I wish them all the best.

    Boyz II Men came on after them, as nice as it was to see Jodeci, it was a completely different level of performance. Seeing three men who have taken care of themselves over the years, looked after the vocal gifts they’ve clearly worked hard to develop and displying a level of showmanship second to none. Jodeci getting caught up in living the life of bad boys caught up to them, sadly. Their music will live forever, which is their gift to the world.

  38. Dee23 says:

    ” It comes across very crass and showed a group drunk within their own fame and indulgence of the Industry lifestyle The album did pretty well on the charts and remains as one of the best sellers of 1995. But little did the fans know that this would be the last Jodeci album.”

    Yeah, until the Jodeci album that they would release until 2015. Lol. Didn’t see that one coming did ya Vic?

    The Past, the Present,the Future was a pretty good album with songs like Sho Out,Jennifer,Nobody wins and Every Moment. I actually enjoyed more of the songs on the newest Jodeci album than I did on “the show, the after party,the hotel”. Jodeci made 4 albums each featuring some of their best music, spanning from 1991 to 2015. That’s some feat.

    There will never be another Jodeci. Dru Hill did try but they couldn’t really fill the void left after Jodeci’s 3rd album. The K-Ci and jojo albums were the closest fans got to hearing Jodeci music with songs like slip and fall until they finally made good on their promise and released their 4th Jodeci album which in my opinion did not disappoint. Every moment is up there with love you for life and cry for you in my opinion which is testament to he staying power and longevity Jodeci had as a group. In spite of their of stage drama and the demons they battled they still made some of the best music in their genre.

  39. sharon says:

    I read it for what it was….and I enjoyed it!! Don’t sweat the re-edit!! Your article was on point!

  40. Herb love says:

    My name is herb love from the group one-of-a-kind in Flint Michigan Jodeci was one of the hottest groups in the 90s when I heard Jodeci I was like damn these n***** is bad as hell I love their music hopefully one day Jodeci and one-of-a-kind can get together and do a song Dayton Family Ira Dorsey was going to have Jodeci do a hook on his death before dishonesty album but instead he got my group one-of-a-kind to do it and we also rocked it would like to see Jodeci back I love them guys

  41. Yes I thank you for that destrivtive insight for I love kc/ JoJo brothers regardless they voices raw and uncut I missed them but I’m good now please keep me in tune with them I would love too speak write are anything with them mad respect.

  42. S huntajones says:

    Believe us now the pain has not come pe
    Ace be with y ou s.d.jones a.t.l

  43. Randal Cousins says:

    Good article, loved their music but questioned their image some times, questioned why they never won Grammy or star on Hollywood Blvd. It’s a shame this is one of the greatest groups of R&B. Devante looking like a gang member instead of an r&b crooner. Image killed them and unfairly held them back in terms of Fame

  44. Jon Tschopp says:

    Great story and answer to my net question. One more of many reasons to hate/greatly dislike Suge Knight. A ” way to bad” in my heart for them. I was and always will be one of their biggest fans. I wish the best for them as people, their talent can never be taken away.


  45. ♟Qing Mrs. King♟ says:

    As an AVID, DAY ONE FAN of both these gospel children’s groups in the mid 80s, MANY of ur “facts” are out & out DEAD WRONG & MISLEADING. For example, Sean Combs was NOT an A&R, he was an internet, who worked in the mailroom at Uptown Records. He did give the group & the actual professionals a lot of advice that they put to use. The guys coin him as the 5th member of Jodeci. Also, they did not go shop their demo to multiple labels, all their favorite artists were on Uptown, so with about $140 left in their pockets, when they made it to NYC, they found Up towns address in the phonebook, played their demo for 1 A&R who wasnt feeling them, sung live for another & were signed THAT DAY!!!! THAT’S THE CORRECT STORY‼‼‼

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      You claim MANY of my facts were in accurate but yet you only pointed out one portion of the article that wasn’t factual in your wholle entire rant. Clearly you didn’t real the entire article at all.

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