Hip Hop needs Dame Dash


This writeup may come across as a surprise to many. But people underestimate Dame Dash’s impact amongst Hip Hop and I feel he doesn’t get his proper due as a business man. Dame has fought, scratched, and crawled to protect the Rocafella Brand and keep it out of the hands of Corporate interests within the Roc’s rise to the top in the mid 2000s. But due to ego clashes and creative differences with his Business partner and former friend JayZ, The Corporate sharks saw this as a opportunity to destroy Rocafella. Luring JayZ away into the guarantee of bigger money, success, and proceeded to semi Blackball Dame from the Industry.

As we seen guys like Dr Dre, P-Diddy, and JayZ Cross into the Billionaires Club with their newly found please everybody images and their willingness to make themselves wealthy first and putting the Culture whom have made them who they are second. Hip Hop as a whole have suffered from that destructive mindset which is currently why the musical landscape has become a unbalanced broken home..

Its a huge coincidence that Corporate Interest have wavered guys like Suge Knight, Dame Dash, 50 Cent, Irv Gotti, Prince J, away from the scene in favor for guys like Puff, JayZ, Dr Dre, Steve Stoute and many other brothers who are more willing to play the game, follow the script and continue the cycle of Corporate interests maintaining their chokehold amongst HiP HOP.

But as of late, More and More are speaking out. Suge Knight was on Aresnio Hall explaining the Slave Record deals that Interscope were giving to Game and Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent took his resources and became Independent, and Dash has been on a tear as of late. Calling out Punk executives and Corporate suits that sucked the blood out of hip hop while many are tap dancing for them. Witness the words of wisdom from Dame Dash along with his interview on the Combat Jack Show responding to Funk Flex and defending his statements:





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