Michael Jackson Xscape Review


Xscape is the album that TRUE Michael Jackson fans were yearning to hear from since his death. What made the first Post death Michael Jackson album “Michael” such a disaster was the fact that some of the tracks didn’t even have Michael even singing them! The album was panned by critics, fans, and even Micheal’s family members as an atrocity to Micheal’s legacy. But when word got around on April 1st that Sony was releasing a new Michael Jackson album, It was deservingly met with so many doubts and rightfully so.

But soon as I heard the Album’s first lead single “Love Feels So Good” It took me as the listener back to the magical time where Michael ruled as king. The Groove had that feel good Disco feel reminisce of the “Off the Wall days” and showed why Michael Jackson remains as the King of Pop. Even though Justin Timberlake is featured on the cut, He is easily over-matched by Micheal’s prowess. “Love Feels so Good” set the album off with perfection which is led by cuts that sounded like they were recorded between the late 80s and throughout the 90s. But the production doesn’t come across as outdated, If anything it comes across as fresh thanks to Super Producer Timbaland, Stargate, and Darkchild.

Listening to how the songs flow with one another, You can tell that they actually put an effort in creating a Cohesive project instead of a simple cash out. The Timbaland supplied Chicago comes across as Vintage MJ with portions similar to Billie Jean. There are songs that also shows MJ’s at his finest when it come to deliverance of the slow ballads. “Loving You” isn’t too sappy and meshes perfectly after Chicago. The album’s deepest track Do You Know Where Your Children Are(Bad title choice) showcases Micheal’s consciousness of serious issues. The track where he vividly paints the picture of a sexually abused young girl may rub people the wrong way based off the content and considering Micheal’s history.

My personal favorite track off Xscape is no question Slave to a Rhythm (The album’s 2nd single in which was performed with Micheal’s Hologram). The Track is heavily reminiscent to Blood on the Dance Floor era in terms of Sweaty dance grooves. The Hologram performance brought more this track more to life and showed why Michael was at his best at creating slick dance grooves that will heavily catch on.

Even though there were only 8 tracks originally(The rest of the album were OG versions of the songs), I wish there were more tracks that they could have released from the Vault. But this is definitely classic material on here which did Micheal’s legacy alot of justice.I’m hoping for more polished tracks from the vault in the near future from the King.

Vic Rating 9/10

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